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Googleshng - April 29 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When in doubt, quote The Tick. Advice more people should follow.

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Hi, I was just wondering now that Square is with Nintendo again, will they (Square) stop developing games for the PS2?

And when is the next wave of RPGs going to come out for the PS2? (it seemed like there were alot at the beginning when it first came out and they have been dwindling off.)

One more thing. Are those Arc watches really that rare? I've been seeing them on Ebay for like 30 dollars....and all I did was put mine on my keychain.


"I swear, I didn't know you needed a Playstation memory card to save on a PS2 when playing a PSOne game..."

Well, I CAN say with confidence that a day will come when Square stops making games for the PS2. I can also narrow down the cause to one of two things. The PS2 dying, which modern science can predict will happen in the U.S. some time in 2005, or the Cube gaining such an overwhelming market share that Square no longer wants to go to the trouble of making PS2 games. So, the only way Square would ditch the PS2 in favor of the GC would be if the GC manages to seriously overtake the PS2 within the next 3 years.

As for other RPGs on the PS2, well, looking at our release dates database, we see that the rate of PS2 RPG releases is honestly pretty steady, but between past and future releases, there's about 3 RPGs for it tops anyone cares about.

Oh, and Arc watches- I can't label anything "rare" that first hit the market about a week ago.

The topic that will not die.


In response from yesterday:
Rock music was brought up, yes. But it was progressive rock that was mentioned, music that is mostly instrumental and changes style several times throughout a song. Castlevania: SOTN was mostly a soundtrack of rock songs such as The Tragic Prince, and people hail it as a great soundtrack. Some notable Progressive Rock bands are Queen, Dream Theater, Rush, Yes, and Symphoney X.

A Comment:
Dungeon siege is good, healthy hack n' slash fun, if you dig that type of game, it's not a Diablo killer, but really doesn't try to be.

Spoilers Ahead
A Question:

Did Grandia 2 seem unreasonably short and cut off to you? I have no problem with short games, as long as the story comes to a natural conclusion. But in Grandia 2 you spent most of the game tracking down 5 parts of Valar and, get a mundane plot twist, go to the moon, and the games over. I spent about 15 hours getting the 5 parts, and most of the game took place then. It just doesn't make any sense.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Uh, progressive rock was brought up by ME the day this topic started. It's how I'd describe Valkyrie Profile too.

I can't comment much on Grandia 2 though, because I've played about... oh, 20 minutes worth of it. I'll have to get back around to it one of these days I suppose.

Release Dates

I reserved a copy of Arc when i first found out about it... a YEAR ago. Every time the release date gets pushed back, you guys or some other game site says that this next release date is pretty stable. I understand that s**t happens, but this is ridiculous. What could possibly be so wrong with the game that they would have to hold it back for more than a year? Any information regarding this game's release would be more than welcome. Thank you.

Here's the thing about release dates. Except for the last one ever given obviously, any release date you ever hear is, quite frankly, a complete guess. I can say the reason Arc took so darn long to get out the door is that for some reason, Sony Quality Assurence kept it held up for 3 months after it was ready to go. I'm almost positive though that Arc was never slated to be released a year ago, and I'm completely positive that it was released a week ago, so I don't see why you're griping about it NOW...

Despite appearences, this is not from Imperial Mog.

Hello google,

Hey I was on IRC for the game but I was 20 minutes late and you know why?(not that you care) because a game that been anticipated for so long arrived I was sucked into its dark realm of influence. Yes, the ARK err Arc, new releases DO end lives ... or maybe just put them on a hiatus until you pass out from exhaustion. I kinda wanted to stick up for zolgumetsu(my memorys' phonetic spelling) as you referred to him as a doubly fake in slayers when she called on him and it counted he never let her down. I know it was never overt but maybe just maybe there WAS a zolgumetsu that protected her he just did it in a round about way:). something piers Anthony once used. So anywho can you recommend any other anime(perferably trigun style I really liked that one)? next week I'll be on time. This letter isn't meant to be printed but if you feel like I wasted your time and public humiliation is a good form of punishment then well dang. Do you kow any girls named jake? never know.thanks for listening.


ps were you joking about the 'bribe' thing for ranting? If not out of curiosity how much would it take to get a rant thrown up, you know "what's it gonna take to make it worth your while?"


I'm so odd :)

OK, let me filter the questions out of here...
Non-existant god from Slayers: Zomelagustar.
Anime for someone who likes Trigun: Hellsing is a safe bet, but at the moment you can only find it fansubbed. Escaflowne's always a good choice too. Those WHo Hunt Elves is worth seeing. That enough choices?
Girls named Jake: I seem to recall hearing of one once actually. I've also heard of guys named Leslie and Lani. Some parents are just plain evil that way.
Me putting a rant up: I've been meaning to for the last couple of weeks now. The problem is I am a devout follower of the church of procrastination, and I keep forgetting Saturday night is the last night of my weekend lately. So do most people reading this column it seems actually. My mailbox was practically empty last night until about 1 or 2 AM. I'll make sure I get one up this weekend though.

Always fun getting CC's mail.

I do not know how much working knowledge of the Bible you have, but God is not "She", but instead, He. I am interested in knowing why you would think o God to be referred to in a female state? Just curious, and if you can't respond on the actual website, I would be interested in receiving a private response, whichever you can do. Thanks!

First off, you sent this letter to the wrong person, because I didn't write yesterday's column. That said, I'll answer it anyway. Since we're talking about Christianity here, there's only one god to deal with. If there's only one god, that god can't have any kids with any other gods. Therefore, said god wouldn't have a gender, and so you could say he or she and they'd both be equally inacurate, so it just boils down to whether you feel like making a Dogma reference or not.

In any case though, it's pretty odd you'd get upset about pronoun use in yesterday's funny little closing and nothing else. I mean, if God is all seeing and all knowing, why even have a VCR?


When when when when is the aRc review going to be posted? when? when? im stupid about stuff like that and i need a review.
Dave the dude

Let's see... maybe a week, maybe 2. In the meantime, here's a mni-review: Arc 1 isn't bad, and Arc 2 is really spiffy.

The Last Laugh:

Another thing on that whole "She" but from yesterday. They say "God created Adam in his own image", but can anyone find a physical description of Adam in the bible? For all you know, Adam looks like Kuja from FF9! 8)

Googleshng "Back to Arc I go!"

Word of advise: Never try talking theology with people who get most of their Christian rhetoric by way of Japan.

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