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Googleshng - April 25 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Lo, by the light of day, the column appears! Actually, it's a grey dreary day today without much light, but you know what I mean.

John Z.: \Ver*bose"\, a. [L. verbosus, from verbum a word. See Verb.] Abounding in words; using or containing more words than are necessary; tedious by a multiplicity of words; prolix; wordy; as, a verbose speaker; a verbose argument.

I'll keep this one shorter, I promise, but a few links I think you should check out-- here is a nifty chat room, and here is weirdness unnamable. Word to my homies, yo.

Last delay-- let me know if you're interested in doing the trade for the guest host spot. Love Hina Advance gets the spot immediately, but I can handle any of the other games mentioned yesterday.

Ready, then? Lock and load, we're going in.

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In reference to Rahlious' letter yesterday, Breath of Fire II is out, in Canada as well. Either that, or I was hallucinating in Future Shop again...


John Z.:
I would hope it's out. Otherwise, I'd be seriously disturbed that I'd spent the last two days playing something that didn't exist. By the way, for those of you (like me) wondering who exactly the scantily-clad girls on the packaging are, it turns out they're character art for the Shamans. Go figure.

Isnt that about what I said yesterday?

There's a special place in hell set aside for people who do this.

So like.... recently I'm replaying all my RPG's, and I'm on FF6... I just sacrificed Mog to get a Golden Hairpin... does that make me a sick person?


John Z.:
No worse than someone I know who restarted FF7 when he was at Disc 3 specifically to get the Barret date.

One of the best characters in the game vs. a relic that halves MP costs. Is running out of MP really that much of a problem for you?

More about singing

"music with lyrics doesn't work as background music regularly" What about Sonic Adventure 2? Just about every song on there has lyrics.


John Z.:
I disagree... Primarily the "headliner" stages have lyrics, like City Escape and Knuckles' stages. Most of the Sonic/Shadow and Tails/Eggman stages are instrumental jams. But, that's neither here nor there.
In my opinion, actually, I would like to see SOME songs with lyrics used as recurring themes in an RPG. For example, I think Luna's Boat Song could have been used a couple more times to great effect. As repeating BGM, however-- yeah, it would get old after a while. I spent half an hour in one of Knuckles' stages looking for that %@%# Emerald piece and got plenty sick of the J-hop. So a compromise-- first trip through the music has lyrics, then repeat the instrumental only. Sole exception would be battle music-- no lyrics at all except for boss fights. Again, just my opinion.

The issue here was having a hard rock soundtrack in an RPG not working, and last time I checked, Sonic is NOT an RPG. Crazy Taxi isn't either. Getting through a level in a Sonic game takes like a minute. Getting through a dungeon in an RPG takes like an hour. You can't listen to a song with lyrics for an hour without it getting dull, or for that matter with it being interupted after minute or so for another song, also with lyrics, when you get into a fight.


Hi there,

I ran into something today that I figured needed to be known by as many gamers as possible, so I'm sending it to you.

Star Ocean anime-- many of your loyal readers should be interested in this.

John Z.:
Petition! Yay! And for Star Ocean! Double Yay!

I'd point to the big No Petitions policy RPGamer has, but you're talking about anime so I suppose that slips. Anyway though, the real problem with petitions is that there are a LOT of people in the world who sign any petiton they see without reading it. For example, just this month someone in my town got over 300 people to sign a petition that'll cause taxes to go up to pay for someone whining about missing out on a free dinner, and that's it.

Also, I have a couple of questions...

1. I think you've said some positive things about Shadow Hearts-- would you say it's worth $50? If not, what about Grandia 2? I'd like to get another PS2 RPG, but there isn't a whole lot to choose from. I have FFX & I've seen enough of some RPGs to be unimpressed w/them-- Dark Cloud, Summoner, etc. GOt any recommendatons?

John Z.:
Personally, I've rented Grandia 2 twice and never had any ambition to progress beyond the first half-hour or so. I mean, yeah, it's the same style of game as the first Grandia, but the story just doesn't grip me the way the first one did. My advice is stick to PS1 RPGs until a few more worthwhile ones come out-- of course, I can't say anything about Shadow Hearts, so I'll leave that to der ubergunk.

I can't afford a PS2, so I can't tell you how Shadow Hearts is firsthand. I'm told it's good though. Grandia 2 on the other hand I have seen. It's really nothing to write home about.

2. I know you're into tabletop RPGs, so have you ever played Spelljammer?
It's AD&D in space, w/some neat ideas thrown in, & it is a great way to link other D&D campaigns together. Have an interesting character on 1 world, but now you've got a campaign on another-- time for Spelljamming!
I have just joined a campaign-- we're the most charismatic group I've ever seen: A bard (CHA 16), a swashbuckler (CHA 16), & my mage (that I actually play like a rogue/bard-- I routinely sing better than the Bard CHA 17)-- it's a pretty neat game.

John Z.:
To tell the truth, I've wanted to get into this, but could never find any of the sourcebooks. Another recent (and somewhat failed) space RPG was Alternity, but again I never found much in the way of books or people willing to try it. Ah well, such is life.

Spelljammer is one of the more interesting AD&D expansions, but I seem to recall it was left behind by 3E. Same with Planescape and Ravenloft. WotC needs a smack for all that I think...

3. Do you know much about Gamesharks? I was wondering if there are any backwards-compatible PS2 gamesharks available or if that is even something that is possible to use.

Thanks for all you do at RPGamer,


John Z.:
I know that Gamesharks are the true evil behind video games and not kids with guns or satanic messages in Al Bhed or whatever. As for your question, I believe the PS2 Gameshark can affect PS1 games, depending on how you use it. As I've never used one, I can't say for sure. Oh, and at RPGamer, I pretty much just use up all their oxygen.

All I know about Gamesharks is that it made more sense when they were called GameGenies, I look down my nose at people who use them for anything other than grabbing particular screenshots or movies on the fly, and they operate by forcing user defined values into variables. That last bit though would suggest to me that a PS2 gameshark would be backwards compatable.

On yesterday's intro...

About the Climatrol from yesterday...maybe Mother Brain felt a little bit fruity...that's what happenes when you have a slumber party with Dark Force(s).

John Z.:
I'll never turn to the Dark Side! NEVER!

Wait, wrong Dark Forces. [waves hand] You did not hear that joke...

Actually, I was making a reference to the inferior PS3 there, hence the bit about grandkids.

More obscure references!

Jake has got the magic fetish.

John Z.:
Black mages are made of people! PEOPLE!

Ah, the SNES Shadowrun. Spiffy game that. I just wish you could take the shades off to scare the people at the morgue some more. For that matter, I wish they were spiffier shades.

Hey, I know that name.

Do u Know why Cid is in every single Final Fantasy game? Is he the inventer of FF games or something?

John Z.:
If I may be permitted to rip someone off...
By the way, the whole Cid thing needs no explanation. It's like BASF-- nobody knows why it's there, just that it is.

Cid is just one of the many proper nouns Square just plain likes to recycle.

The Last Laugh:

John Z.: Playing through Breath of Fire 2, I noticed something very unique and marginally disturbing about Katt. She is probably the only humanoid RPG character who does not wear pants. No, really, I'm serious. She's perfectly clothed and decent above her bellybutton, but once you go south from there there's not a stitch 'til you hit boots. I'm not sure what noticing this says about me, but hey. See you all next week.

Google: Actually, there's those leg wraps before the boots there. Anyway, I could name at least 50 RPG characters who don't wear pants off the top of my head. I won't do it right now though.

Googleshng "Dona dona dona dona..."


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