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Googleshng - April 24 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Nice spring day. Blistering summer heatwave. Frigid winter morning. Cool spring day. Back to that heatwave.

Smurf the grandkids! Someone go fix Climatrol now!

And other references nobody gets...

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Some people call him... The Sheep

Hey Googleshng,
I was wondering whatever happened to Ted Woosley? He always seemed to do a great job on translations, but then he just disappeared. Where did he go?


He went and formed Crave. Crave made Shadow Madness. You can see why people don't talk about him much these days.


Hey Goog,

I was wondering, in arc 1, theres this fighting arena in Neidel, and you can collect prizes. After the first few for 10 and 20 fights, they go up to 40. Then once I got to my 200th fight, the announcer said: "good luck on your 1,000th win! The last prize I had got was pretty sweet, a phantom glove that adds +50% to your offense, so I cant even imagin waht the 1000th win prize might be. Thats 800 more fights. Thats a LOT. You wouldnt happen to know it the prize is worth going for, or if there's prizes after 1000?

Also, I was wondering, exactly what gets transfered to Arc 2 when you start the game using the arc1 save? What extra charcters show up, and do they keep their stats and items?


I don't know of anyone who has spent nearly that long messing around with the arena, but I'd hope it ends with 1000 fights. As for what transfering data gives you... well, everyone from Arc 1 is still around in Arc 2, so you send over their levels and some equipment and such. So if you actually spend the 10 or 20 hours fighting in the arena 50 times, or going through the 50 floor dungeon, you can keep the rewards for doing so longer than the hour or so left in Arc 1.

More about Arc

I just went out and bought my awesome copy of Arc The Lad, and i can't contain my excitement. It's too bad i didn't get the pocket watches (i'm a really big fan of collectables like that). Anyway i became highly interested in Arc The Lad since i first saw the anime series (actually i'm still watching it). I'm currentlt at episode 18 of 26. It's so cool, and it's kinda telling the story behind Elk and his point of view and his life. ANyway i was just wondering if you've ever seen the anime or if i've just completely ruined some of the game from wathcing it...

I haven't seen the anime, but there is a weird trend of anime series based on RPGs to not suck, so I might one of these days.

Chrono Cross Crestion... eh, came close!

Greetings, Slime-Slime.
I think that I've seen two versions of Chronno Cross- one with a single CD, and a Greatest Hits version with two CDs. I might also remember a single-CD GH version. What exactly is the difference (besides the obvious "one's got an extra CD!")?
In addition, is there any strategy at all to the "boxing" minigame in the Gold Saucer, ort is it completely luck?

Ipslore the Red
"I pronounce it 'Google-shng!'"

Well, Chrono Cross is a 2 disc game, and always has been, so are you sure you didn't just see the soundtrack somewhere?

As far as Gold Saucer boxing goes, I seem to recall that was paper rock scissors, which equates to luck against a computer... except in Alex Kidd.


will suikogaiden I or II ever be released in the US?


Is Breath of Fire II (GBA) out in stores yet? On EB's website, it's available, but it's not in any of the stores where I live. So, have you seen it yet, Google? (and should I chalk this up to BOFII not getting to Canada yet)


Well, I know someone who has it, so I'd assume it's out now.

Since I managed to get you and at least one person somewhat riled up over my Xbox letter, why don't you and I put together a small debate Even Step(v)hen style? I think it would be alot of fun.


That sort of debate? 8)

Hey,google, I've been hearing rumors lately about Blizzard currently working on a Diablo 3. Is this true or just a rumor?????

That's just a rumor. However, it should be noted that many rumors turn out to be true.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, John Z. will be guest hosting again. To yoink his guest hosting seat, just offer up an import copy of Love Hina Advance, or a US version of "Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile, Ogre Battle (SNES or PSX, doesn't matter), Rhapsody (so I'm a masochist), Super Mario RPG, Parappa 2, or Okage."

Plenty of choices in there, and the closer you are to the front of the list the better.

Oh, and throw along plenty of questions for tomorrow too, ideally on SNES and PSX RPGs.

Googleshng "Il fait... hot. Hey, at least I recall the grammar!"

Five years of french followed by 5 years of non-French=very little French.

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