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Googleshng - April 23 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I spent most of yesterday rushing through Arc 1, and will most likely get to Arc 2 later today. Quick thoughts on Arc 1: It reminds me of Shining Force. It has the most streamlined interface I've ever seen in a TRPG. It's a bit on the easy side.

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More about Xenogears/Xenosaga

What? Someone questioning Google's omniscience? I must protest! Google wasn't wrong about the Xeno storyline. Don't be afraid to read on, I've marked when spoilers begin and end.

I must be masochistic for trying this. I don't think Dan has actually read Perfect Works. Anyway, those of us with PW books are still finding ways to link the new story with the old one, but he didn't even try. I'll get into that in a moment, but here's a few inconsistencies we now try to sort through. According to PW:

1. Episodes one and two are separated by at least a couple hundred years, if not more than a thousand (can't remember the exact number at the moment). Now, with the new story, episode two follows episode one immediately.

2. For this reason, a lot of events that took place between eps 1 and 2 had to be cut out.

Here's the problems with what Dan said:

Begin Spoilers

1. Dan said there is no Deus whatsoever in episode one. Just because it isn't mentioned doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

2. Dan spoke of how the colony ship (I'll assume he meant the Eldridge) does not crash into the planet, but Proto-Merkabah does. Well, according to PW (which may or may not matter anymore) the Eldridge doesn't crash into the planet until episode two.

3. Abel doesn't get much attention until the end of ep 2 when the Eldridge takes the dive and he is the lone survivor.

End Spoilers

All of these events that didn't happen in ep 1 didn't happen for a reason. He assumed that they were all supposed to occur in ep 1, but they were intended for ep 2! Of course, if they don't happen in ep 2, that means that the team is bent on rewriting the story and the PW book is worthless. Until ep 2 shows itself, however, we won't know for certain. If they do rework anything, then Xenogears will be altered to fix continuity errors when the remake comes out.

In short, Xenosaga and Xenogears can currently be linked together because they don't overlap. Episode 2, on the other hand, is a whole other story.

The Crusader

Another loyal minion

I suppose I'll just let people argue over this in letters I'm not reading until the game comes out here and I can give my own thoughts.

Arc 1

I also just picked up a copy of Arc The Lad. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was the last to pick my copy up, I didn't get a watch. =( Oh well.
So how do you like it so far? I'm 12 hours into the first one, near the end, and leveling up like crazy. There is however one small matter of a fifty floor optional dungeon. Are you going to do everything in the first Arc (optional dungeon) or speed through to play Arc II, which has been hailed as far superior?
I'm really enjoying this game so far, and I can't wait to play Arc II.

Yeah, by all accounts, Arc 2 is the game worth buying, and 1 and 3 the nice freebies thrown in. So, as much as I've always loved the concept of a 10 hour game with a 99 floor optional dungeon (yeah yeah, it's technically 50, but you have to walk all the way back out), I'm just plowing through to get to 2.


Hey'a goog.

First lettin' u bknow that i'm not joining your minions as tempting as it may be.

However I have a question U know how there is a difference between the consoles in america all except game boy have a diffrent system than the ones i europe. well my question is if the ntsc and pal systems are beeing applied to gameboy advanced to or if the games from northamerica will be playable on the european version too??

Thanks on beforehand.

// Katten i tzatzikin

The whole PAL/NTSC thing relates to differing standards in the way TVs display images. Handheld systems don't display images on a TV, they display them on a built-in LCD screen, so PAL compatability isn't an issue. Plus, since Nintendo's handhelds have never had any import lockout measures, there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from playing any GBA game on any GBA, regardless of what country either comes from.

More about Arc

"And finally, for those faithful souls who've preordered Arc The Lad Collection, they are given TWO handsome, well crafted silver pocket watches."

No, just the one watch. Repeat, one (1) (count them, 1) watch.

"You know, if I didn't know that nobody at Working Designs reads these columns, I'd swear you worked for'em."

I was reading this before I started working at WD, does this mean I should stop? :)


Heck no. The more people working for game publishers reading this column, the less likely I am to be wrong about something for more than 24 hours. Of course there's also the risk I run of having my name show up in unexpected places.

Back to the watch bit though, I have 2 of them, since I got one at E3, and for all I know that person yesterday got two by some shipping mishap, but yes, most people just get the one.


Yo Goog my man!

About your comment "music with lyrics doesn't work as background music",you must consider Faye Wong's "Eyes on Me",her infamously overmarketed contribution to the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack.

The Webmaster for your fanclub,
The Vigilant Sidekick

Read what I said again. "Oh, and if you want non-progressive rock, that's not going to happen, because music with lyrics doesn't work as background music regularly." There's plenty of songs with lyrics in games, but if you had a game where every single track had lyrics, it would get very distracting and annoying very fast. Especially since songs with lyrics don't loop very nicely.

Some random silliness

Goog -

Man, don't you think slimes have been portrayed in a bad light in RPGs for too long? I mean, not only are they portrayed as evil malicious blob of goo, but a pathetically weak glob of protoplasm. Slimes has been used as kiddie chew toys for destined teenage heroes for too long! Games such as Lufia series, Breath of Fre series, Dragon Quest series, and now Arc The Lad series are all guilty of slime-ists.

As a slime, don't you feel you should do your part in fighting this injustice? Slimes are Earth's creatures too! So, Goog, I ask you this, Metal Slime Draws Near. COMMAND?

Secret Asian Man

P.S.: How the fup do you get those treasure chests in battle in Arc The Lad I?

Ah, but you forget. In the later Dragon Quest/Warrior games, and Lufia 2, the biggest baddest monster in the game is a giant slime. So really, that balances out.

Oh, and assuming you're talking about the chests in the swamp early on, just hit'em with a damage spell. If you aren't, a high enough jump stat will let you hop over walls, and one of the monsters you can summon later can make flat ground.

The Last Laugh:

Time for me to finish Arc 1 and dive into Arc 2 now.

Googleshng "Ah, TRPGs. What would I do without them?"

Arc must find the Ark to stop the Ark! Multiple names make things much simpler you know.

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