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Googleshng - April 18 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I appologize ahead of time if I seem a bit off today. I seem to have misplaced my soul...

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Happy Birthday to Stu! Get Bigger!

Hi Goog! It's my birthday today! To celebrate, I have a few questions for you.

1)All things considered: technology, game library, other factors, which did you think was a better console, Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis?

SNES. No contest really.

2)This isn't really a question, but isn't it neat that Arc the Lad Collection (which I've been waiting a long time for) is being shipped on my birthday?

It shipped yesterday... oh wait, you sent this letter yesterday. Darn time travel involved in writing a column...

3)Since most people seem to like Final Fantasy X, and being that it's VERY similar to FF8, do you think people will give FF8 a second look?

You'd think so, but they haven't been.

4)As you may have guessed by the last question, I'm working on Final Fantasy X. I already know about Grandia 2, but what other traditional style RPGs do you know of coming out for the PS2 that might be worth a look?

Uh... WA3?

5)Have you ever played any old Sierra games, like King's Quest, Space Quest, Quest For Glory, or Leisure Suit Larry? Along the same lines, have you ever played any of the old Infocom all text adventures like Zork, Enchanter, or Planetfall? Highly recommended if you haven't.

Well, that's it for me, time to go have cake.

Robust Stu, signing off

Respectively: Maybe, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, and no. All pretty spiffy. The only adventuere game I've ever played and disliked that I can think of was Myst.


Wow, I bet I'm the only person who got what you were saying about Fallout. At least it seems that way. Nobody plays Fallout anymore. Just recently, I have been having a strange "Fallout binge" and I have been rabidly playing both 1 & 2, trying to get all the sidequests and alternate endings. I wanted to ask you a few questions concerning Fallout and a few other things:

1. Did you enjoy Fallout 1 and 2? If so, which one more? I thought Fallout was an extremely good RPG that was sadly overlooked by many people who prefer Japanese RPGs. Oh yeah... and did you like Fallout: Tactics? (Blah)

Black Isle has the amazing ability to make PC RPGs that console people don't hate. They REALLY deserve a cookie for that. Anyway though, I haven't played enough of either to pick a favorite.

2. Will anyone in the RPGamer staff be attending the huge upcoming anime convention Project A-Kon?

If so, they haven't told me, but I think a few are hitting ACen this weekend. Not me though, too broke.

3. How did the whole Final Fantasy remake rumor get started concerning the old PSX FFs? I thought it was official, but apparently it isn't (at least not anymore).

Well, it started by Square publicly stating they were going to do it. Then they kinda changed their mind, so the project is "on indefinite hold" now. Which basically means, they might remake them some time on some system, but don't go holding your breath.

4. Did you hear they were making a Fallout game for the PS2 called Fallout: Fantasy? (Not a rumor, it was confirmed to be shown at E3 by whatever stupid new company was making it.) I don't think it will be any good considering Tactics sucked because it wasn't a Black Isle game and console conversions of PC games with advanced battle systems tend to get watered down.

I hadn't heard that, but the prospect does not seem pleasant.

5. What do you think of the Armored Core series? I think it is wonderful. Armored Core 3 rocks the casbah.

I think I've never played any of them.

6. Where do babies come from?

-Neon Dingo


Remember, white space is your friend.

Hey Goog, one of your loya... err, well, one of your minions anyways, here. I've got a few comments related to yesterday's column. First off, please post that url, I would like to look at that. Please? Second is an actual question: what is Mother? Lastly, I agree, stupid lawyers, however, under the 3rd ed writeup for halflings, they do not have furry feet. This of course does not mean that if you want them to they can't, I just tend to notice small technical facts that don't matter a bit. And lastly(again), since I'm too lazy too look for myself, is the Star Wars RPG refered to SW:Galaxies? If so, it's being an MMORPG is reason enough to completely ignore it, if not, interesting, though I do agree about Lucas. Wow, that was long, sorry dude.

Xarls Taunzund

Yes, that was refering to SW:G yesterday. Now... what else do we have here... please post url... what url? ... and ... what's Mother? Ah, that I can answer. Earthbound is Mother 2. The first one was only released in Japan on the NES. Oh, and could everyone who just started to say "Shouldn't that be Famicom?" slap themselves? I'm too tired to track you all down. 8)

Cattle mutilation

I don't think this one has EVER been brought up before, in fact; correct me if I'm wrong in that assumption.
Anyway, after watching my sister play through Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, I realized that these were fun little games. However, you were always forced to assume the role of a male protagonist and marry some chick. I know across the Pacific, they released a "Girl's" version of Harvest Moon--I can't find too many details on it otherwise. Wondered if you knew anything about it? (yeah, wrong person to ask, sorry)


I don't recall ever hearing that, but I do know the Game Boy Harvest Moon let you pick a gender. However it also removed the whole dating/getting married thing, which means, to my knowledge, there is still no game out there where the main character is pregnant during actual gameplay. What's really creepy though is that I'm actually bothered by that fact. Just because it's about the only thing I've never seen in a game.

Your money or your life

Heya, Google-sama! I have an extremely unimportant dilemma that probably only applies to me and no one else:
I've been torn apart for a couple weeks on whether to purchase Breath of Fire or Mega Man Battle Network (the originals, not the sequels). On the one hand, I have a classic RPG I should've gotten around to playing when it was new, and on the other hand, I have a new RPG that looks pretty kewl. I finally decided to purchase Mega Man Battle Network. So I go online to make a purchase when I notice that every major online retailer either doesn't carry it or is out of stock. I figure I have three choices here. I could:
1. Wait for a store to get more copies of Mega Man Battle Network
2. Look harder for Mega Man Battle Network
3. Purchase Breath of Fire
Which option do you recommend? You seem to know a lot about GBA games. And is Breath of Fire's random battle problem really as bad as people say it is? Thanks a bunch! I'd be your minion, but I feel that trying to take over the world is morally wrong. But that's just me.

BL Alien

PS: To that guy yesterday: I think I read somewhere that Lucas canned the whole N'Sync thing after a bunch of Star Wars fans complained.

You can also wait for a guest host to ask for a game you have, give it to them, and ask for MMBN... which is honestly what I might end up having to do. As for whether you should get MMBN or BoF though, I'd base my decision solely on my opinion of Tron. I'm weird that way.

It's like checking webmaster@...

Hey'a google.

One simple question. Is'nt it possible for rpgamer to maybe start a new section called Petition or something similar? Beacause I just took a peek at th ff wsc screens and decided that I can't stand by and let that game slip through my hands without a fight. I bet there are lot's of people besides me and my buddies who think the same so would u consider it??

Best wishes Katten i tsatsikin.

RPGamer has always had a policy against dealing with petitions, thanks to the fact that, contrary to popular belief, (in this industry at least), companies flat out ignore them as a rule. If you want FF remakes on the GBA though, wait a couple months and you'll most likely see them announced.


I once played a game like this but i can't remember its name. i only remember feeding the capsuled animals fruit so they would get stronger. do you know what game i'm talking about.

Normally I have nothing to say to this sort of thing, but you're thinking of Lufia 2. A darn fine game.

Hey, my letter could've been worse. I could've allways shouted something like XBOX roXORS your BOxors!

Hehehe. The funniest part is, if you did, I know a bunch of people who'd just criticize your capitalization of Xbox... which for the record is just smurfed up. That indicates it should be pronounced as one word, like "ksboks" or something.

hey googleshng,
just a quickie for ppl who preordered arc collection from working designs directly we got the game tuesday. man is it nice to finally have it.

Lucky you! Wonder where my copy is right now...

The Last Laugh:

Still no sign of that soul... I guess I'll just go to sleep and hope it wanders back on its own. Meanwhile ask questions of the cat.

Googleshng "You can always tell your soul is missing when you can't blink."

See, I sneezed, and there was nobody around to say "Bless you" so out it went.

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