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Googleshng - April 11 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

"Why do bad things happen to good people? Simple. Because God left dangling pointers in the universe!" - The Programmer's Guide to Philosophy.

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Hey Google!

How are you doing? Me you ask, I am doing good, but I have a few quick questions for you.

1. Are they going to release secret of mana onto game boy advanced?!?! Hahaha just joking, I have heard you answer that question alot of times, and your reply would be try Magical Vacation.

2. I dont know if you have been asked this yet, but here it is; for the GBA version of BoF2, I know the super nintendo version had a horrible translation, and i was wondering are they going to redo the translation? Because that would be really great.

I think thats it for now, ill think of some more stuff some time later ^_~

see ya


Unless I missed a huge announcement, no, Capcom won't do a new translation of it.

The 7 Deadly Questions

Hello you,

An intro is undesirable to me so I'll be asking some first rate questions now.

1)Can you recommend a novel to me? Any novel really, just a favorite of yours. I like Orson Scott Card stuff.

Well, I assume that rules out everything by Orson Scott Card, so I'll have to suggest you go track down a copy of the Chronicles of Amber.

2)Is Resident Evil an rpg by any stretch of the imagination? Do you enjoy the series?

Nope. It's a mixture of action and adventure. I do however love the series, largely because quite frankly, I love any adventure game that doesn't suck.

Spoiler Warning

3)In Final Fantasy 3 where does Banon go in the World of Ruin? I love that man.

Well, seeing as the world was pretty much destroyed, and he was honestly at about the epicenter of that, one is forced to presume he unceremoniously kicked the bucket.

4)In Earthbound where does Everdred go after you find him sprawled out in front of a bar? I also love that man.

I remember so very little about that game honestly.

5)Is Hoshigami enjoyable? If it's too hard then I'll have none of it.

I wouldn't say Hoshigami is TOO hard. I mean, granted, it's pretty hard, but mostly it's just mean. Very very mean. No saving for 5 hours stretches and random permanent character death mean.

6)How do you find the key in that place? (amazingly vague joke question:check)

Explore carefully and kill everything.

7)Are you reading the New X-Men comic? Morrison really brings some spice to the book.

Ya I'm done. Any non-hacker PSO players can mail me at

Bye now,

Shoeless Joe

I don't read comic books, but hey, it's not like I hate them or anything, I just don't have access to'em, money for'em, or time to read'em.


Goggle, you realize that it's actually IMPOSSIBLE to go through Grandia without taking any damage, don't you? Unless you used a gameshark to make all your characters lvl 99, thus always hitting the enemy first and always killing them in one hit. Even then, what about the bosses? Just admit it, you took lots and lots of damage(like the rest of us) you just never died(like the rest of us).


Uh, it's VERY possible, and your level doesn't really factor into it at all. Early in the game, nothing should be able to touch you thanks to that whole get attacked, get your attack delayed bit. Then once you start getting specials and spells, you hit a point where you can kill things before they can blink. Killing things before they can blink with spells gives you a truckload of spell experience, thus better spells, and more MP. This starts snowballing FAST. The last boss is particularly pathetic because it only has 9999 HP, and by that point, there's no excuse not to be doing a good 5000-7000 damage with your best attacks. So if even 2 of your characters get to attack before the boss, and they will if you get those specials/spells maxed out, even that won't have a chance to touch you. If you took lots and lots of damage, then quite frankly, I'm rather curious what it is YOU were doing, because everyone I've ever talked to about Grandia was in the same boat as me.


How do you pronounce rapier?


Hey-Quick question-Is FFXI headed for pc as well?


Is Thor ever going to work here again?


Well, I seem to recall him mentioning once or twice that he'd like to if he ever gets a real place to live, and he left here on good terms, so I'd have to say "Maybe."

Hey Googlething is RPGamer in danger of shutting down like The GIA?

Uh, no. We're successful enough to be self-sustaining, and even if we didn't, we have enough dedicated people on staff that would be willing to take a second job just to pay server costs.

The Last Laugh:

Lot's of quick little questions today, weren't there?

Tomorrow, John Z. will be guesthosting, so be sure to send in plenty of questions, particularly on GameArts stuff, the Wild ARMs series, and various SNES games.

And of course, if you'd like to guest host... importers can throw out Love Hina Advance, and meer mortals may choose from... "Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile, Ogre Battle (SNES or PSX, doesn't matter), Rhapsody (so I'm a masochist), Super Mario RPG, Parappa 2, or Okage."

Googleshng "Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh! Yeah yeah! YEEeeeAAAaahhh..."

Of all the themesongs of a major villain to have stuck in my head...

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