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Googleshng - April 9 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This weekend, I got a lot of stuff done that you most likely couldn't care less about, including running an RPG session where less than half the PCs could make it. So the other half asks if I'll run a catch-up adventure on Tuesday. So I say sure, then continue with my busy weekend.

So now it's Tuesday. I have to write a column, an adventure, some other stuff, and then another column. I guess this is why people have those stupid appointment book things.

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A very long letter on a very specific subject.

To set the record straight about Yoko Shimomura's part in Super Mario RPG's Soundtrack, here is a list of songs that she did not do:

Koji Kondo:
Disc 1, Song 2 - Let's Try (File Select music) - A slow mix of the SMB Overworld
Disc 1, Song 3 - In The Flower Garden - Another slow mix of the SMB Overworld
Disc 1, Song 7 - Super Pipe House - SMB Overworld mix
Disc 1, Song 16 - Invicible Star - SMB Invincibility music mix
Disc 1, Song 26 - Let's Play "Geno" - SMW Overworld 2 mix
Disc 1, Song 30 - From Inside The Earthen Pipe - SMB Underworld mix
Disc 1, Song 37 - Long, Long Ago - SMB Overworld music
Disc 1, Song 38 - Heart Beating A Little Faster - SMB Overworld music (fast)
Disc 2, Song 15 - The Axem Rangers Drop In - Fast SMB Underworld mix
Disc 2, Song 22 - The End! - Sleepy SMB Overworld mix

10 songs from the OSV

Not on the OSV:
8-bit Game Over - SMB Death music
Grate Guy's Casino - SMB2 (USA) Slot Machine

Nobuo Uematsu:
Disc 2, Song 7 - Fight Against Culex - Final Fantasy IV Battle
Disc 2, Song 8 - Victory Over Culex - Final Fantasy IV Victory
Disc 2, Song 9 - Conversation With Culex - Final Fantasy Series Prelude (single instrument version)

3 songs from the OSV

The OSV has 61 songs. Out of those, 48 are by Yoko Shimomura, 13 are by Kondo and Uematsu.

Oh, and another fact: The singer in the vocal songs for both Xenogears and Xenosaga is Joanna Hogg (although I may be misspelling her name).

P.S. What does it take to bribe you into letting someone do Monday Q&A?

Ross Bemrose (Powerlord)
Former RPGamer Music Guy

I don't even remember the SMRPG soundtrack coming up this weekend, but someone must appreciate that. The Xeno singer I have wondered about for a while though. More to the point, where'd they find her? I mean, I haven't seen any 60s folk singers since the early 80s! Is there a preserve somewhere or something?

Now, as far as Monday columns go... I gave'em to Brad because he asked nicely, all other Q&A hosts inherited them thusly, and then Aegis got'em... also by asking nicely... so evidently that's all it takes! Of course, now that he's stepping down, mondays go back to either me or Chesh, because 3 people doing Q&A in a given week just seems to confuse everyone.

FF9 questions. Been a while...

Greetings, Google. Though I haven't e-mailed you before really, I'm a big fan of yours. Bah, enough sucking up.

1) WARNING: POSSIBE FFIX SPOILER!!! (though probably not really)
Why is it so fruiting hard to steal decent items from bosses in FF9? I mean, I can sit there for something like ten minutes, constantly stealing, and get a Potion for my trouble. I have the Bandit ability on. I think the game just doesn't like me...

I never had any real trouble stealing... go up a few levels?

2) In your opinion (I'm not sure whether you've played FF9 extensively or not), is it worth it to go to MogNet Central? I'm delivering mail like crazy, along with the occasional kupo nut, and I keep wondering whether or not it's worth it, even if only for the fun/humour factor.

Well, aside from a big wad of nuts, you eventually get a protect ring, which teachs all sorts of spiffy abilities like Half MP in addition to making you take half damage from pretty much everything.

3) Not RPG related, but can I be another of your katana-wielding minions? I'm Canadian, so that gives you a foothold in the frozen north. Though I'll admit that, with my massive troll stature, my katana's more like a no-dachi (big two-handed version of the katana). It's a cool one, however, edged with living crystal.

Well, that's all for Q's from me today. If this doesn't get printed, I might send it again. (It's kinda late as I'm typing this.) If you do decide to print it right away, just ignore the second one entirely.

Rez Dawg

Sure! Heck, Mary there just started signing letters that way, so it's not like there's an enterence exam. So, that makes a katana and a nodachi... now I just need minions with a broadsword, saber, rapier, sledgehammer, halberd, and longsword!


1. I was reading Xenosaga 2 information about online play and some thoughts came up to me. I don't think they can include a lot of Online aspects of the game considering it is the second game of a six piece series. If they decide to turn it into a MMORPG and that is a big if, that would disrupt the storyline considering MMORPG allows it to do anything. However, if it plan to be a Online game similar to PSO, then that is a different story considering you have friends to complete the story with and all those things. So I think the online will have little impact or maybe more than what we think.

I'd bet quite a lot that Xenosaga 2 won't be a MMORPG on the grounds that that seriously wouldn't work. I doubt they even have anything like PSO planned. I'm personally thinking along the lines of SoA. It's a non-online game with downloadable extras. Only time will tell though.

2. Lufia Gaiden pictures shows a bar that says IP. It is pretty obvious that they decided not to drop the Ancient Texts or replace it with a similar format. I thought it was something different. I am not very observant person but I just happened to be that moment.

aww, a two parter, couldn't get up to six. Hope I will have some more next time.

Hobbes Lionheart

Uh, the Lufia games have ALWAYS had the IP bar. In the earlier ones, IP powers came from your equipment.

Homer sez "Increase your wordiness!"

Could you please tell me what the technical terms bump mapping, texture mapping and cell shading mean or where I could go to find out?

Bump/texture mapping is when you put textures on a polygonal model. When you don't use it, everything looks like Tobal #1 or the original Star Fox. You usually hear the term when people are complaining. For example, people complain about the texture mapping in Front Mission 3 all the time, since during plot points, you get close-ups of buildings and can see how horribly smeared the walls are.

Cel shading meanwhile is when someone makes a polygonal graphics engine that supports very few colors, in the hopes that it will make everything look cartoony. Usually it doesn't, and you just end up with something that looks like the cutscenes in those old rotoscoped games (like Out of This World), but with sharper corners. The new upcoming Zelda game actually manages to make it look good though.

Dispelling myths


Why are people always bowing down to you in their letters?

'ALL HAIL GOOGLE, KING OF SLIMES' or some other such banter. Does this bother you? Does it make you more likely to print their letters? Or is it some clever ploy to take the place of an introduction?


That's one of the bigger myths about getting letters printed. I completely ignore the introductions and signatures of letters. Another big myth is that I'm more likely to print multi-parters than single question letters. It just looks that way since people send in mostly multi-parters.


Hey Goog.
What are your thoughts on the Arc the Lad trilogy? I'm thinking of getting it when it comes out, but i'm not exactly sure what it's like. Is it like Lunar in any way? ~Joey~

Well, it's like Lunar in the sense that it's translated by Working Designs, and comes in a big gaudy box full of stuff. Any further similarities would be purely coincidental. I'd go into more depth, but our review copy is on the wrong side of the country for me to have more info for you.

The following is a joke.

Hi Goog! Got a big multiparter for you!

1)Is the GBA REALLY capable of playing SNES games? I mean, I know it's a powerful console, but it's a handheld, would the games be watered down?

2)Is Final Fantasy 9 coming out on the PC?

3)On a related note, do you know when the PS2 ports of FF 7, 8 and 9 and Dragon Warrior 4 for PS are coming out?

4)I know you love emulation, so I sent you a link to a cool emulation site with EVERY rom EVER! You can post it if you want, or just keep it for yourself. (heh heh)

5)Is Seiken Densetsu 3 coming out on GBA now that Square is developing for them again?

6)Where do I get the glove?

OK, that's it for now. I'm from New York, so please excuse me if my english isn't that great. BTW, I KNOW WHERE THE QUOTE'S FROM!!!! It's from FF6 when somebody freezes you! Do I get a tilde?

Robust Stu

Darn. My head didn't explode when I read that. I think you might have missed one or two though, so hey, better luck next time!


Just one quest. Who or what on is Mary-Alice Davies? Ever time I see the name mentioned up here I have absolutely no clue what you mean by it.


Uh, I never mention Mary-Alice Davies, but I do recognize the name as a reader prone to pointing out errors.

how can i get final fantasy 11 so i can play online.?

Uh... wait for it to come out and then buy it?

You are in fact, my Gr. 11 history teacher, Mr. Smith. Since I have discovered your secret identity you must give me a 100% on our next test or I will tell all!. Thank you.


Nope. Actually, come to think of it, I don't even KNOW anyone with the last name Smith. That's pretty strange.

The Last Laugh:

OK, that's one item off my list. 3 more to go...

Googleshng "Days need to be longer than 24 hours. How about 30?"

Sure, they wouldn't match up with the sun that way, but it'd be worth it!

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