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Googleshng - April 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

"There MUST be more to ballet than a bunch of people in tights and tutus prancing around for 2 hours, right? I mean, nothing that boring could possibly last as a form of entertainment for hundreds of years, could it?"

As it turns out though, that really is all there is to it. I think last night was actually the first time I've ever been so bored that I almost passed out.

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Google I just need you to verify something for me. I heard some very unsettling news. I have heard that Dragon Warrior IV for the PS is not going to be released here. I need to know if it's true or not. I've been looking forward to it ever sicne I heard about it. Also I've been wondering, whatever happened to Mythri?


As we mentioned in a news story a month ago, the PSX version of DW4 won't be appearing in the U.S.
As for Mythri, well, at the moment it's sitting around in limbo.

Sticking to one world.


I've never played the Tactic Ogre and Ogre Battle games (but someday... I hope...) and I was wondering: is there any links (story, characters, world, ...) between them or are they like the FF games?


Yes, all the Ogre Battle games share the same world, and they have various recurring characters. The same can be said for the Phantasy Star series, the Dragon Warrior/Quest series (although they do 3 games in one world then change to a new one), the Lunar series, the Lufia series...

The FF games are honestly part of a very small minority.


(Happosai pours cold water on Googleshng, turning him into JapaneseSchoolgirl.) Hey! You took my statement out of context! But I forgive you (glomps JS's busom) Ahhh...

Oh, and the quote on the main page is from FF6, when an enemy literally freezes a character (with ice, no doubt!). Especially annoying in the final battle.

"Why do I hear schoolbells?"

Yes, that would be where last week's quote is from. Of course, people guessed that over a week ago, so no tildes for you.

GBA recommendations

"Several hours of watching people dance around? Joy... Well hey, it MIGHT be good..."
Um, modern version of Pride and Prejudice?
Yeah, right...


Anyway, um... while reading about the proliferation of GBA games which are coming out, I was wondering, which games would you buy, or better said, which are going to be the better buys? A slime only has so much money... Withhold no prejudices!

Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactic Ogre, Lufia, Golden Sun 2, Phantasy Star Collection, Magical Vacation, Fire Emblem.

Let's pretend these are your only choices...e-hem...or not.
Okay, thanks!
~ Greg

OK, I suppose you want me to rank these then?
1- Phantasy Star Collection: One of the greatest RPGs of all time, and 2 of it's sequels which aren't half bad either.
2- Magical Vacation: I haven't played anything from the makers of SoM in quite some time, so I'm really looking forward to this one.
3- Golden Sun 2: Most people loved the first, so the sequel should also be spiffy.
4, 5, 6- The 3 TRPGs: FFT is the easiest and least new, FE is the hardest and newest to US audiences. You can rank'em on your own from that I hope.
7- Lufia Gaiden: Well, Lufia: tLR ditched the cool puzzles in favor of random dungeon crawling, and I'm under the impression LG will follow the same lines. Ick.

A big multiparter

hey google
got a multiparter i guess .

1. they had a dance dance revolution machine down at the local arcade but it only got used a few times by kids with their parents helping them or something and drunk people .. plus people complained of the noise .. its crazy how some things just dont catch on .. i was almsot gonna play it but people gave you that look as you stood in front of it ..

2. I'm getting hyped up for ffxii way to prematurely .. im in australia so i have to wait awhile after the european release but i still cant wait .. apart from an actual release date .. i was wondering if there might be servers in australia or at least europe when we actually get it.. or if we will have to join in on servers with character that had a sort of "head start " on us ?

I would guess there would be servers specifically for the PAL countries, and probably an option to play on whatever server you wanted. Of course, it tends to take only a few months for people who aren't extremely dedicated to get sick of most online RPGs, so either way the result is about the same in terms of people you can play with.

3. Ive played a few tabletop rpg's but msotly ad+d over the years .. and enjoy roleplaying a character well .. and i remeber there was a sort of a movement to roleplay your character more often in UO to make people fit more in its setting .. what kinda roleplaying trend do you think final fantasy 11's setting may inspire ? .. is this a good or bad thing at all ?

Well, the FF series has more appeal with mainstream, non-RPG playing, AOL using American highschool students than any other RPG series out there, so expect to see a bunch of characters with names like SEPHIR0TH842559 typing in all caps and asking for nude codes and so forth all over the place. Expect a very small percentage of players to actually get into character or anything like that.

4. in regards to the suikoden 2 comment you got earlier .. if didnt like suikoden 1 then you will not like half of the games charm (returning characters etc.. ) its not worth picking up anyway if thats not your thing .. its like someone who was getting me to buy bubblegum crisis 20?? (hehe .. the new series .. on dvd ) when i had seen one episode on tv and not liked it..he siad it wasnt a good representation of the series .. so its just a matter of opinion

Good point. I do tend to have a problem with the whole concept of having more characters than hours of gameplay. Oh, and speaking of BGC2040, I ended up seeing a lot of that recently. Starts all dark and edgy, but turns into a long series of dull predictable filler episodes surprisingly quick, and then just sorta stays that way.

5. have you played seen the latest pool of radiance on pc .. i have it an im suprised by the lack of character generation flexibility and equipment and stuff like that .. any other games that have a better tabletob feel to the gameplay .

Generally speaking, I don't play any PC RPGs. Everyone seems to love the Baldur's Gate games and Planescape: Torment though, and then of course there's the upcoming Neverwinter Nights with its GM mode. Hard to get a better tabletop feel than that.

6. not a question but about ps on gba .. im wanting them still but if you think its not worth picking up something old when there are new games coming out all the time (what you said about suikoden2) , that should include the ps games because a port doesent mean a new game

thanks n stuff


p.s that included .. People dancing , Uh... something... , GBA PS ( again )

My main point actually was that I didn't want to go digging through used game stores for something everyone else is over and done with. 3 PS games in one cart is a different story because A- getting ahold of them isn't hard to do, and B- most people out there in reader land have never played them before, so I'd have to grab them to see if they changed anything once the questions start rolling in. Mostly it's just B.

Purdy Pictures

Well...It's been a long time since I e-mailed you:p Here's a drawing for you:p I made a sketch of it a long time ago, but yesterday I decided to "remake" it:p Tried to make it look as genderless as possible:p I tried colouring with Photoshop too...but I'm not very good,sorry:/ Hope you like it (and you don't have mouth or nose. Thought it would be cute like that:p Maybe you can take a job in another FFT looking like this:P) It's kinda of a easter gift:p
Another thing...was that FFVII GBA port true or an april fool's day joke? Just can't believe my eyes0_0 Gotta get a GBA,but it's really expansive around here0_0(i'm in Brazil:P) I'll get a job just to buy it0_0 FFT and FF7:D~~

Well that's it. Hope you like it^^
Daniela "Agrias" Farias
PS: As always, sorry about my english:p

I'm always amazed at how much mail I get from Brazil, and how people who appologize for their English being bad always write so much better than native speakers. Anyway, spiffy picture, and yeah, the FF7 thing was a joke.


Quick question: are you going to put the googleshng fanart back up on the site? Also, would you accept any more renderings of your imaginary form? Thanks.

Last I checked, I never took them down. I'll have to look into that again...

why don't you switch to os x?

I won't be switching over to OSX until well after all the programs I use do... or I start using something OSX exclusive. Besides which, that screenshot yesterday was taken on my larger, older computer, that doesn't have enough RAM for OSX.

Greetings Google,

So you really are the man. I may be getting ahead of myself, but from the screenshot of your mailbox, it seems you use an apple computer. If so, then I thank you. I am not the only intelligent rpg loving person who uses one. You have just brightened my day.

-Red Mage
"Hmmm....looked like OS 9.2"

8.6 actually. Suppose I should bump up to 9 some time or other. Anyway, I'm surprised there's still people out there who didn't know I used a Mac. Thought it was pretty common knowledge.

After looking at the image of your mailbox yesterday, I absolutely must ask the question, what's in the EVIL folder? Or how's about the Cool Crud one?


Ah yes... the whole world gets to see a portion of my super-crowded desktop. Evil contains all my scary pics, and the raw materials I made'em with. Cool Crud contains over 600 megs worth of random images, movies, and other such things which I find amusing.

Is it possible that ffix will be out on PC???

As I have said many many many many times, no.

The Last Laugh:

There's the column, hope you liked it. Tomorrow Kamikaze will be here one last time it seems, so be sure to send plenty of letters.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzzzzzz"

Ballet.. too... boring!

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