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Googleshng - March 28 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Power: Check! Internet connection: Check! Hands: Check! Brain: Check! That's everything! Now just to connect to RPGa..mer... DOH! This just isn't the week for you Q&A readers is it? The weekend host takes a two week vacation, and the weekday host gets beset upon by a bizarre streak of catastrophes delaying every column. At least the server going poof for several of the wee hours of the morning is externally observable so I won't get any "UR JST MAKING EXCUSES CUZ UR TO LASY TO UPDAT" letters today. Or maybe I will. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of logic behind such things.

ANYWAY, on a much better note, recently all sorts of interesting news has been cropping up, so while it's a tad behind schedule, today's column should at least be an interesting read.

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How'd I forget THAT?

Google, just to add something: you said the only games you remember that have a night/day cicle are the Breath of Fire series, Diablo 2, and some Dragon Warrior games. But you forgot Seiken Densetsu 3 (excellent game BTW, I'm hoping it will be ported to the GBA like I've never hoped for any game before).

- Moriya

I can't believe I forgot that one, especially with Kevin being my favorite character and all. I also forgot the more recent Pokémon games and various clones thereof.

Speaking of FM3 though, I'm told it's practically the only game to ever make use of the SNES' higher resolution mode, and at that only used it horizontally.

Someone's jaded

phantasy star on gba ..can it be a good thing ? .. do we really want to trudge painstakingly through those nauseating dungeons again ..and no word on ps4 which is really the only one worth re-releasing ..
most people keen enough to play the first 3 nowadays Might have probably Emulated them or had some access .. its not gonna be fun on a handheld system without some sort of upgrade being administered to the series . phantasy star 3 is a mindless Quest for reproduction .. with mindless maze crawling fighting ... from sega consoles to nintendo handhelds . and wasnt there a saturn re-release or something ? . its going to be one questionable piece of plastic .. repackaged and redistributed . who do they think tehy are .. mcdonalds ?

p.s im not bagging the games just the chice of them for a GBA game .. i loved the games except 3 really.. too dodgy and unrelated .

You know, you could make the same statements about the DW and FF remakes, but they're doing just fine. Anyway, where to begin here?

All 4 PS games were indeed wedged into a compilation disc on the Saturn, but only in Japan, whereas we're getting this one.
As long as there are grizzled old nostalgic freaks and people curious about older games, there will always be a market for remakes.
I'm not going to defend PS3 much. It was made by a different development team and was only thinly connected to the main series. Of course, I personally don't own a copy of it at the moment, so it would provide the rationalization for me buying such a game bundle.

Now on to the main point. Where did you get this direct port with no improvements idea from? Last I checked, Nintendo actually has a policy that nobody can port anything to a system of theirs without improving it in some way. So, aside from obvious things like PS1 making use of all those extra buttons, I'm fairly sure you could at least count on improved graphics and a new translation that'd be consistant with pronouns between games.

Square Ogre


"Of even greater interest to fans of strategic RPGs is Square's acquisition of the rights to the Ogre Battle Saga series ... Square will be producing and publishing all future entries in the series."

Why must God forsake me?

While it is a very interesting development, I am filled with a certain sense of dread about it. First off, I'm worried that Square will make "changes" such as injecting it's style of both gameplay and aestetics into the series. Especially trying to put more FFT elements into the series, something I definatly do not approve of. FFT was the sorriest of a tactical RPG ever (at least it was until the horror that was Hoshigami was released). I'll grant that the OB series is not without it's flaws in the games, but nothing compares to FFT in that department. (I know that I'll get flak for this, being in the middle of Square-ville itself. And don't say your site doesn't have a heavy bias toward to Square because it does, mainly because of the community).

Second, will Square move the series away from Nintendo consoles? Ogre Battle was about the only good RPG-ish series that Nintendo has had over the past years, and OB64 was the only noteworthy RPG in the dark days of the N64. Now I'm enraged that OB will taken away from my beloved Nintendo, which will essentially leave Nintendo NO RPG series to call it's own (even if it was 3rd party).

And Dancemania Speed 8 rules.

DarkPaladin, enraged Ogre Battle fanboy

Hey there now. I wouldn't say RPGamer itself has any particular slant towards Square at all. The majority of our readers though, that I'll have to grant. I mean, if that last letter were talking about the 16-bit FFs, I'd have an inbox tomorrow overflowing with people crucifying him tomorrow.

Moving on though, I do agree that Square buying the rights to Ogre Battle doesn't seem like a particularly good idea on anyone's part. The Ogre Battle series is known for being darn hard, open ended, and pretty minimalistic in terms of graphics. Square is known for putting out extremely easy, strictly linear, and putting a major emphasis on graphics. They're like night and day. That makes for either some disturbing changes in the games, or some really really awkward ad campaigns. It also makes for Atlus USA becoming DARN bored!

Of course, while I can't see the Ogre games hopping the Nintendo ship even with this news here. I mean, Square just hopped back ON. Oh, and why is it that everyone forgets Pokémon in such situations? It's an RPG series, it's on Nintendo's systems, and it's quite popular. For that matter there's Golden Sun, there's Mother 3 if it should ever decide to rise from the dead, there's all these RPGs from newbies cropping up, and there's the Fire Emblem series for all the good it does us in the U.S.

A letter of many parts

I was just wondering about a couple things, so I figured I would hit ya up for them, and since you mentioned Warcraft 3 in yesterdays column, some questions are about that.

1. I know you aren't into the whole MMO RPG's such as DAoC and Everquest, but do you ever think that will change?

I know that will never change, because I dislike them at a fundamental level. If you made all the changes needed for me to enjoy one, it would no longer be a MMORPG. It would also have no monthly fees, so I REALLY doubt anyone would want to develop it. They might like this idea though: In-game advertisements instead of monthly fees! You know, the big placcard above the town marketplace has an eBay logo on it, the town pub serves Budweiser, and if you head into the frozen north you might end up fighting the dreaded Linux penguins or Polar Beverages Bears!

2. Have any ports of Final Fantasy games that were on the SNES been annouced to make a transition to GBA yet? If so; what ones?

I have answered this question more than enough times this month. So I'm just going to have to take a stand here.

3. What are my odds of finding an imported version of any of the following: Fire Emblem (Not sure of name, the one on the N64, The Evangelion game, or Super Robot Wars S. And where (if you do) get your imported games from?

How easy it would be to find those would honestly depend on where you looked. Finding any ol' SRW game would be real easy, not sure on a specific one. The rest shouldn't be that hard. Any imports I own I have because a relative of mine currently living in Japan happened to buy them cheap as a Christmas present.

4. Have you ever played Magic Knights Rayearth for the Sega Saturn? Ahh those were the days. =D

"The whole village was on FI-YER!"

5. Finally, what is Hundred swords like? (PC RPG from Sega)
"Those unforgettable days... for those; I live."

Honestly, I've never even heard of it. And hey, I didn't see any WC3 questions in there! That's false advertising I tells'ya!

2 Quick Questions

Hi Googleshng, master of all slimes.

I was wondering, What is you Utena Theory?

Based on this poster, the choices of voice actresses, and a few other things, I fully expect you to pull a sword out of yon android's chest at some point.

Also, why is there not a Flan staff member or RPGamer?

Flans and Slimes should be eternal enemies, and I want to hear the story on why there isn't a Flanshng



Flan as a kind of food. Rather nasty at that. You can't hire food.

More on PS on GBA

Oh Slimey One,

Thanks to Square signing on and the news of the Phantasy Star ports/remakes, I'm finally going to have to cave in and purchase the GBA (been holding out, but the over-abundance of 2D RPG goodness is too much). My question is, is there or will there be some kind of accessory that would allow me to play the GBA on a TV? Because my eyes ain't what they used to be, and I shudder at the thought of staring at that tiny LCD for hours on end. Maybe some way to link it through the GameCube?



Well, let's see. At last E3 Nintendo had stuff like the Super Game Boy for playing GBA games on the N64, thus making for easier demos. There's no market for that, but it shows they realize it's an issue. The GBA however can be linked to the GameCube, and I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a challenge to come out with a little disc to let you play it that way. So, there's a good chance one will come out some day. Plus third parties have come up with a way of working it, if you don't mind doing a little surgery. It honestly isn't all that hard to get the right angle to see it though.


Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask questions to Jeeves rather than Google?

Well, if you're talking about the search engines, nope. My namesake is superior. If you're talking about the fact that there's a search engine named after me though, uh, you realize I came first by a huge margin, right?


Man, you are obviously about to bust an artery from working the Q&A. Take a five minute vacation and have an Almond Joy!
Secret Asian Man

Nah, Q&A doesn't stress me out at all (except for when I see the same question 30 times in the span of two weeks), In fact, writing this column is really relaxing, and whenever I have to take a break from it I get stressed out. Besides which, I hate Almond Joys. Don't like nuts, even of the Coco- variety.

I was bored...Does the katakana on your signiture/banner say gu-gureshingu? Would that be the correct pronunciation of Googleshng? (with the "u" being silent, of course)


That is what that says, and it's ONE possible pronunciation, but not the one I prefer. Of course, that one is really tricky, which is why I'm glad I only have to type it.

The Last Laugh:

The fates disliked my dialectizer idea... I'll get back at THEM though, just you watch! Anyway, tomorrow, Kamikaze will be here again, so ask them questions!

Googleshng "Unmei Kaihen!"
Unmei Kaihen! Unmei Kaihen! Unmei Kaihen! Unmei Kaihen!

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