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Googleshng - March 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Bleh... I feel like dren tonight mates, I've got a slight malady of the sniff-works, a gaggle of berks rattlin' their boneboxes 'bout how Auron's looks come from the standards'o'the ronin, me bleedin' hand's got a bloody blister, and I like, so totally don't feel too cool! Y'know?

That's all the accents I can think of to type gripes in, so let's get to the column!

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I'll print the one with the best spelling!

Somebody yesterday asked why Auron always has arm looking like it's in a sling, then can use it fine in battle. The best answer I've seen is that Auron is like a ruroni, a samurai without a master. Since losing Lord Braska, Auron has failed his master and feels he must repent. Both carrying one's arm inside their coat and carrying a big old bottle of sake are two very ruroni things to do. It has nothing to do with injury. Hope this helps!


Yup. About half my mail is more or less alternate versions of this letter. Weird really. Didn't seem like the sort of comment that'd make so many people hop out of the woodwork like that...

He is too old. Too old to begin the training.

This isn't really a question that has anything to do specifically with RPGs, but rather gaming on the whole. I recently was at a site and some dude wrote something about how he just turned 30 and still plays video games. Actually, he writes about them for a living, gets paid to review games and whatnot. He said how he sort of feels ashamed that he plays video games for a living. He loves his work, but he says that he's not really society's best example of normal. He posed the question, ăIs there a time when you have to hang up the controller and move on? As the resident, been there the longest, might actually answer this question dude at RPGamer, I ask you the same question. Is there a time when you have to move past the latest Final Fantasy, and on to bigger and better things?

-Umbrella Junky

OK, first let me say this. If you're a professional game reviewer, and you're embarassed about it and consider yourself too old for that sort of thing, I would suggest that you quit immediately, find yourself a new job that better suits your self image, and hook me up with your old job. You get a boost to your self esteem, and we both get to make more money! It's win-win!

Now, that said, there's no age cap on playing games. Most people who play video games are in their 20s or younger for the simple reason that video games weren't really around until the 70s, and so most people who were out of their teens back then never had enough free time to pick up a newly invented hobby. In other words, it's not that there's a certain age where it becomes unacceptable to play videogames, it's that people over a certain age just grew up without games to play.

Am I going to have to introduce a 2 week waiting period on asking the same question?

Dear Rpgamer:

Has there been any talk or guarentees of remakes of Secret of Mana 1 & 2, in english version? Can or will Squaresoft decide to this like how they did it for Final Fantasy Antholigies, and FF Chronicles? If this could happen, I would definitely like to see it happen. Please reply to my question asap, my email address is [Ed: You know, you really shouldn't stick your e-mail address in a letter to a public forum unless you REALLY want extra spam.].

Peter Yang

As I've said in at least one column each for the past few weeks now...

A- There is no such game as Secret of Mana 2. There's Seiken Densetsu, which was translated as Final Fantasy Adventure. There's Seiken Densetsu 2, which was translated as Secret of Mana. There's Seiken Densetsu 3, which was never translated. There's Seiken Densetsu 4, which was translated as Legend of Mana. Of the 4, I'd honestly have to say that SD2/SoM is the black sheep of the series, so that's all the more reason not to go calling SD3 SoM2.

B- There has not been any talk whatsoever of remaking any of the games in the series for any platform, except for some pure speculation in this column about whether they might port them to the GBA. PlayStation remakes would have less than a snowball's chance in hell of happening.

Regarding this week's poll...

Have you watched the Final Fantasy XI live stream? Yes. No. Huh?
What exactly IS the Final Fantasy XI live stream? Please, forgive my ignorance.

See, that's what "Huh?" is for. Anyway, on the official FF11 web page, there's a streaming movie of the game being tested. By all accounts I've heard, you pretty much end up staring at a still image, although every couple hours a character might run through.

Can we have a pool dad? No. Can we have a pool dad? No. Can we have a pool dad? No...

Is there any chance that with Square and Nintendo joining forces again, that Chron Trigger will be ported to the Gameboy Advance? I am sure I am not the only one that would like to take one of the greatest RPGs of all time on the road with me.


Reader: Is there any chance that [game by Square] will be rereleased on the GBA?

Google: Yes, and a pretty good one.

Is there any official word on whether it is?

No. There isn't.

I don't mean to sound rude, but based on the sheer number of letters like this I've been getting this month, I really feel the need to point out to all of you that when a game is announced, we post a news story all about it right there on the main page you presumably get to this column from. So if you're waiting to hear about stuff like this, you can just keep an eye on the headlines rather than asking me every other day.


Actually I don't have any questions, thanks though.

In all the time I've had this job, this is the most bizarre letter I have ever received. You deserve a prize I think! Here, have a club: ♣

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... I feel a whole lot healthier than when I started this column. Always a good thing.I should still probably sleep though.

Googleshng "Face value beats metaphor."
Seriously. A story about someone who turns into a giant bug is much cooler than a story about someone who just gets treated like dirt.

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