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Googleshng - March 22 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever get into a sudden, highly intellectual, ideological debate with a group of total strangers for a few hours? I do it way too often...

Kamikaze: Well I'm sure you're all dying to know about me, so here it goes. I am Kamikaze, the divine wind, and I'm not someone you wanna mess with, capish? Yea, I've been playing RPGs since I was about 7. Dragon Warrior was my first, and to a 7 year old that game is impossible, heh. Recently I've been having on and off spells playing games, as much of my time is revolving around working and preparing for the University of Illinois at Chicago next fall. If you enjoy football then you must know now that the Miami Dolphins will be rockin' next season and if you enjoy LAN parties go to for the best LAN party in the Chicagoland area! Enough babling now, on with my world guest hosting debut!

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3D? Or not 3D?

The GBA is perfectly capable of 3D backgrounds. The ones in FFT are not so sophisticated that they couldn't be ported over, just look at THPS2. They may have to be toned down a bit, but I think they could still be 3D.

I happen to own THPS2 on GBA and I am very confident that 3D backgrounds could be acheived. We've only begun to see the potential of the system and future titles will only look better. =)

I've never seen THPS2... and it took me a while to figure out that stood for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, but while there's 4-BIT games out there with polygonal graphics, that doesn't mean Square will want to go through the hastle of coding a poly engine on the GBA.


Goog & Kamikaze,

Yo. Goog mentioned something about Symphony of the Night... You guys know of a good place to buy it? Best price and all that...

I've sort of got a bone to pick with some of the newer FF games. What's with the mini games? Does a good solid RPG need to have a bunch of little crappy games in it to make it good? If not, why have they been a staple? It's not like I hate them, cuz some of them have been really fun. (The motorbike game in FF7, man I must have logged thousands of hours on that one...) But the minigames were such a big part of FF7 and 8. Why? That's one of the great things about FF10. Blitz Ball is almost totally optional. Which is a good thing, cuz it sucks. FF10 is a really good game, and it didn't need to make you play little games just to lengthen it to a decent size. What's your thoughts on this?

-Umbrella Junky

SotN is one of the games I would like to get for my comfy chair, but since you have to purchase it I would suggest eBay or Funcoland. As for minigames so long as they are optional and not required to complete the game I say throw as much in there as possible! If they can also improve the replay value or reward us hardcore gamers then I have no beef with 'em. I haven't had a chance to play FFX (part of the reason why I want a PS2) so I can't help you on that game...

Mini-games I say are OK in moderation, and when they're well integrated. Like, say, having a casino somewhere, or Lufia 2's Ancient Cave. When you get so plentiful as FF7's mini-games (Give a kid CPR! Have a girly slap fight! March in formation! Play an RTS!), or as pervasive as the card game in FF8 (and when you finally mean the evil witch, you can challenge her at Triple Triad!), that's not so good.

Leeloo Dallas Mooltee-parter

Hi goog and guest. I've got 4 questions, the first 3 are for goog and the last is for kamikaze. 1. What ever happened to Thor?

At last check, he's still looking for a place willing to rent to families of long haired freaks.

2. What ever happened to those scary pics, were they put up and I missed them?

I haven't had the stable connection needed to hunt for the materials, but I haven't forgotten! Really!

3. What ever happened to Pogs?

People realized what a lame and stupid fad they were?

4. I lied.


4.) I am the divine wind you fool; it's not wise to get on my bad side.

I am the wind Maza! WHOOOOOOOOOSH!

Long question, short answer

Hi there, I was having a discussion with my friend recently about Seiken Densetsu 3 (AKA Secret of Mana 2), a game which he has played and I desparately want to play. He keeps needling me to play the MOD version I downloaded; I replied that I couldn't do so until I at least got a passable PC controller. Besides, I said, chances are it might come out on the Game Boy Advance sometime.

My friend then surprised me by questioning whether the GBA could handle it. The original game, he said, was actually out of the SNES' capabilities, and they had to add some special chip to the cartridge in order to make it playable. He doubted that they could do the same thing for the GBA. I countered with mentioning that the GBA has some extra funky effects that the SNES can't do, but he wasn't convinced.

My question is, which of us is right? Could the GBA handle Seiken Densetsu 3 and, more importantly, render a perfect translation of the graphics (which I hear are amazing) and gameplay? Or is my friend right and Seiken Densetsu 3 will only remain on the SNES (or, theoretically, a port to PSX/PS2... did they plan to do that at some point?)?

Bear in mind, I'm not asking whether Seiken Densetsu 3 is planned or is likely to come out (although feel free to drop in your two cents), just whether it could work on the GBA.


Usagi Vindaloo

P.S. Where do you see the future of handheld gaming going? Obviously back-lit screens will be nice, but I mean more of the hardware and format itself. Do you think we'll ever see a switch to CDs or Mini-Discs for handheld systems?

From what I've heard the GBA is exceedingly more powerful than the SNES. Every sprite and animation would be retained in such a port. The only question is if the sound can be emulated correctly, as the GBA's sound chip is not up to par with the SNES's SPC700. Backlit screens would be nice, but head over to and you can install your own front light into your GBA. Be aware it will void your warranty though. ;) As for disc-based handhelds, moving parts would definitely make them a lot less durable, but the extra storage would be nice.

Didn't I just answer this last week? Any 16-bit game or lower, the GBA can handle more than fine. A good number of 32-bit games it can handle just fine. Even a few 64 bit games, and heck, I know of at least one instance of even higher. So not only could the GBA handle SD3 no problem, it wouldn't have any problem handling SD4... if you ditched the intro. In any case, just buy Magical Vacation.

Darn funny, part 1.

Here you go: I hope Axem 5 is happy. Any inaccuracies will be met with pleas of "I wrote it at 1:00 AM for chrissakes"

Garland: I, Garland, will knock you all down!

Guy in Red Armor: No you won't.

*He doesn't*

Garland: How about if I went back in time?

Guy with Big Hat: Yeah, that'd work.

*Chaos kills everyone*

Frionel: I'm Frionel, from the Kingdom of Fun!

Player: I spent eighty bucks importing this?

Onion Kid: I'm an onion kid!

Player: Screw this, I'm gonna go play Grand Theft Auto.

Cecil: I'm a dark knight with a heart of gold.

*Kain betrays Cecil*

*A Party Member Dies, and then quickly returns*

Cecil: Now I'm a paladin with a stained soul.

*Kain betrays Cecil*

*A Party Member Dies, and then quickly returns*

Cecil: Now I'm an lunarian with a legacy of sorrow.

*Kain betrays Cecil*

*A Party Member Dies, and then quickly returns*


Lenna: I'm a princess!

Faris: I'm a princess! Y'arr!

Galuf: I'm not a princess, but I-

*Galuf Dies*

Cara: I'm a princess from another dimension!

Bartz: Better. Come, let us beat up a large tree!

L/F/C: Huzzah!


Terra: I'm a mysterious yet lovable anime-styled character with a sorrowful past, raging against an evil empire.

L/E/S/C/S/C/S/S/R/M/G/U: Why, what a coincidence! So are we!

Terra: Let us create the archetype for every RPG for the next eight years!

*They do. It totally rules.*


Cloud: Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.

Aeris: Alas, I am dead!

Cloud: Aw, man.

Sephiroth: Nyah nyah, you can't kill me.

*He does*

*Holy kills everyone*

Quistis: I love you, Squall!

Squall: Whatever.

*Bizarre and ultimately pointless flashback*

Rinoa: Me too! I love you, Squall!

Squall: Whatever.

*Faye Wong product placement*

Seifer: You are kind of cute, you know.


Zidane: Why do I have a tail again?


Zidane: Oh. Cool.

*Steiner jumps up and down amusingly*


*Nothing happens of any great consequence. For 50 goddamned hours.*

There. That was quick, wasn't it?
-Simon Wright

Honestly, I don't think there is any possible way to sum it up in fewer words than that. :P I'll let Darth Vader speak for me on this one: "Impressive, most impressive."

I laughed like crazy when I read that, but got severe hand cramps from HTMLizing it, so I'm not going back for the spoiler warning.

Darn funny, part 2.


*Player1 has logged on to the server*


sxxxymaj: will gmb 2 fhw for 66 fdga+5


Patsfan: wheres the nude code



*Player1 has logged off server*

Holy crap it looks like a chatroom for those AOL l33t h4x0rs! Holy crap I don't even know what game that is for anyway! EsperNet is a much more civilized place, most of the time.

Truly a chilling vision of the future.


(Happosai pour cold water on Googleshng, turning him into JapaneseSchoolgirl.) Is it just me, or did h3ll get a little colder when Sonic came to the GBA and game cube?

"Fourth wall? What forth wall?"

Kamikaze: Bah! H-E-double hockey sticks has entered an ice age since Square decided to show Nintendo some love!
JapaneseSchoolgirl: Sonic games on Nintendo systems happened first though, and yeah, seeing Nintendo and Sega logos back to back is frightening. Now where's that kettle?

hey just e-mailing you on telling you if you made this it is one of the best sites ever!
your site is where i look for all my gaming info. and pic's of upcoming games..
i also want to know what do you think is going to be better:
Xenosaga and Xenogears OR Final Fantasy 10 and 11?


Kamikaze: I'm sure Goog is flattered by your comments, even if he isn't the webmaster of RPGamer... Oh yea, Xenosaga looks yummy... Google: Hey, I'm ONE OF the webmasters! Anyway, I'd be crucified if I compared Xenogears and FF10, I can defend the other two though! Xenosaga all the way.

The Last Laugh:

Kamikaze: Goog my friend it sure was splendid to spend this time guesthosting with you! Thanks to everyone who took time from their lives to write in as well. In case you have forgotten I am seeking a PS2 (someone out there, hear my call...), Valkyrie Profile, Symphony of the Night, or Hoshigami. If you got a legit offer or if you just wanna send annoying email write me at I'm always hanging around on EsperNet in channels #reviewhaven and #rpgamer so don't be afraid to say hi to me, I'm lonley ya know... You should get another dose of me next Friday, but now off to the bank to unfreeze $170!

Google: I had so many really interesting debates tonight that tonight is very very very over. It's like 6 AM. So you go do whatever, and I'll go sleep.

Oh, and evidently, everyone's favorite Q&A cat is taking a sudden hiatus, so this weekend's Q&A will be brought to you by Various Random People.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzz"
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