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   Quicky Day!  
Googleshng - March 21 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Looking through my mail today, I see an inordinate number of quickies, so let's have a Quicky Day!

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Yo, whats up?!
My question is why do all the new RPG's that are coming out now days make all the characters look female?

Get your eyes checked. 8)

From thy page:
Come to think of it, aside from Vandal Hearts and Kartia, that's all I can think of at the momment, well, aside from my current project that is. 8) Oh, there's also Dragon Force I suppose.
Oooh? Current project? Where is it where is it?
SirNi, tactically addicted

It's in a few pieces in the corner of my computer, a good number of which actually function. And... how the heck long ago was that quote from that I could only name a handful of TRPGs?

Do pardon if this has already been announced/discussed sometime before, but what would you say the chances are of a Dragon Force port on the GBA?

I was talking about this with someone before the GBA came out. In theory, it could handle Dragon Force, so it'd just be a question of being willing to port it over.

Do ya think you can type out a brief synopsis of the Final Fantasy series (mainly I -X)?
Axem 5

Well... no. I can't. If you're looking for a timeline that links them all together, you can stop because there is no plot/setting connection between any two FFs (Yeah yeah, except 1 and 2), and if you just want a rundown of the plot of every game in the series, well, it sure as heck wouldn't be brief.

There was a poll before now?
-Umbrella Junky

Heh. The poll has existed since the dawn of time! It's just always lived way down at the bottom of the page.

Whats up googles,
Knowing that FF Tactics is porting to GBA, and knowing the size of the game, I want to know if it is possible to port Final Fantasy 3 to the GBA and if it is possible, is Squaresoft even thinking about it? FF3 in my opinion and probably many others is the best games in the FF saga and I think many people would line up to have another crack at this game.

I assume you're talking about FF6 and not the NES FF3, but it doesn't affect the answer. The GBA is a 32-bit system which isn't well suited to polygons. So honestly, any game that doesn't use polygonal backgrounds or FMV could be ported over to it no problem. As for whether FF games will be, I'd say yes, since Square announced they wanted to over a year ago, they just needed to buddy up to Nintendo again first.

on the game half life how do you put in cheats?

Do you see the name of this site? That question falls WAY outside our scope.

The Last Laugh:

Well that was a neat little change of pace. Anyway, tomorrow we will be having a new guest host, Kamikaze, who will be happy to answer any questions you have on FF games, Earthbound, Golden Sun, Grandia, the Chrono games, whatever.

If you want the guest host seat, just offer him a PS2 (not too likely but you never know), Valkyrie Profile, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, or Hoshigami.

Googleshng "Stuck in the midde"
Seriously, I keep looking on the right of the page for the Q&A link... I should break that habit.

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