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Googleshng - March 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't mind when it snows. Snow seals in the cracks in my leaky skylights making it rather nice and warm in here. What I do mind is days like this when there's cold, wind, and rain, all of which make it into this room no problem. Brrrrr...

So, live from under a big pile of blankets, it's column time!

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Paper and Perspective

Konbanwa, Googleshng-san!

O-genki desu ka?

I must say, I do enjoy your diceless RPG. Free things are good. So is Shareware. Speaking of Tabletop role-playing, have you ever heard of two 3rd lvl characters taking down an Ogre Mage? That is a sight to behold. I love crits...

Everyone who sees it seems to enjoy my diceless RPG, very few however pay for it. While both free stuff and shareware stuff are spiffy, the distinction is lost on many. 8) Anyway, on the subject of two 3rd level characters taking down an Ogre Mage, how impressive that is REALLY depends on the game. Hard task in some, cakewalk in others.


Are you as excited as I am about the Square/Nintendo thing? I was so pissed back in 96’ when they spilt, I almost chucked my FF6 cartridge out the window (I ALMOST did). FFT is also a pleasant prospect. A personal question now: What do you constitute as an RPG? The presence of a plot? The way one does battle (if ever)? What? Also, my only guess for the quote is “Harvest Moon”, since that is the ONLY RPG I can think of with cows in it (Other than Diablo, but we won’t get into that...).

Well, Seyoonara for now!


Actually, that quote WAS from Diablo. It was also from last week though so no tilde. Anyway though, getting to your questions here...

Honestly, I'm not all that excited about the Square/Nintendo thing. It didn't really come as much of a surprise to me, and hey, I already own FFT. The only thing that has me really excited about it is that it means less screaming at me by a few flavors of blind-rabid-fanboy. You know, the sort of people who scream at people for not worshipping a certain game they've never had a chance to play. I run across them in droves.

Now then, how do I define an RPG? Well, by that you could be asking for either RPGamer's definition, or my own personal one. RPGamer's I honestly can't give you, and mine I once spent a while defining here. To sum it up, I don't define genres with a checklist, I do it with a group of template games. I have a template RPG, a template Action/RPG, a template FPS, a template Strategy game, etc. If it's tough categorizing a game, I just lump it with whatever template game it has the most in common with. Of course, I have no problem defining an RPG, since I define RPG, Action/RPG, and TRPG as three seperate genres, all of which RPGamer covers.

And by the way... I'm sick of typing it out, so I'd like to officially declare that instead of saying Action/RPG we can just say ARPG from now on.

Multiparters are part of a balanced diet.

I just ordered The Xenosaga OST and the Valkyrie Profile OST. I've decided to not listen to the Xenosaga OST until I play the game.

I beat Deus Ex.


1. Would you like to see a Front Mission 4? I'd love to get in on the development.

If it was a bit less long than 3, had more characters, and less slowdown, darn right I would... but then I'm just spoiled by seeing the original once.

2. Would you think it would be cool to make an old school Sprite (mostly like Lunar 2 or Star ocean 2) based RPG but on a new medium..which would create the longest RPG ever as a dual layer DVD can hold a dizzying amount compares to what? Like 16 and 32 MB carts early on and later compressed into somewhere near 64. Wouldn't be cool to have a HUGE Sprite based rpg like that?

Again. Length is not a quality I look for in RPGs these days. Too darn many coming out to spend a hundred hours on each one, you know?

3. Any tips for me to find a good Anime site..I just tried Animenation...any comments? Any better suggestions? I'm quite lazy and do not wish to waste valueble Nerd time on finding a site.

Well let's see, for buying anime, I actually find your best bet is Amazon. For news and reviews and such, is a good bet, and actually, I just started dusting off the anime page I planned to make too, but that won't really be up for a while.

4. This isn't really a quesstion..but I'm writing a book. It's going to be huge. I'm currently at 58 pages.
And day one isn't even over.

so.....BUY MY BOOK!

Starsickle- "OF course it's evil! KILL IT!"

You're right. That isn't a question. Go buy my book instead. 8)

Designs keep changing...

I have heard previously on a Q&A that you are in charge of the main page.
If you are it is a great improvement.
other than that thank you for answering my questions


You didn't QUITE here right. I'm in charge of changing the quote at the top of the main page. Credit for that layout change would have to go to Mikel Tidwell, and yeah, it seems to be going over pretty darn well with everyone... which is really rare with that sort of thing, oh and hey, the poll got 200 new hits within a couple minutes of that going through BEFORE it was changed, so hey, clearly it makes some things easier to find.

The Last Laugh:

Rain rain go away... and uh... stay away! Go fill a resevoir or something! Now then... I'll have to see who I have guest hosting this week...

Googleshng "drip drip drip..."
Quit leaking roof!

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