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Googleshng - March 19 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yup, just like a fiddle, my internet connection finally seems to be in the best of health... Hey, who the smurf came up with THAT expersion? If you were really "fit as a fiddle" that would mean someone had killed you and carved a stringed instrument out of part of your torso! That's really really UNfit!

So, evidently my internet connection is actually significantly more fit than a fiddle. However, my e-mail is currently read-only. No sending. Thus making it impossible for me to send the personal replies I otherwise would to a couple of these letters here. For example, remember when I said I looked forward to seeing what weird crackpots would scream at me after that Square news story went up? Sadly, not a one wrote in, although one person went off on a huge tirade at me based on the assumption I was refering to him personally. That could have used a bit of replying to.

ANYWAY though, I'm starting to ramble, so let me just again thank Brian there for covering on short notice when the lines turned to mush around here. Oh, and for the curious: The DSL just sucks, and the cable was hooked to the wire with an old corroded connection that leaked like crazy when the weather was bad. Replaced this morning. Yay.

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Tiny Tactics


I know that alot of the classic titles from the super nintendo era have found their way to the Gameboy Advance, making retro cool again and keeping kids off drugs. My question is about the theoretical port of FF Tactics to GBA...although hardly the most graphically intensive game from the PS1 era, it is nonetheless a PS1 game...and has alot of jobs, abilities, dialouge and terrain maps.

So basically, do you think all of FF Tactics can be included on a GBA cartridge? And if not, what do you deem "cuttable"...or should they just not do it at all?

Bullets McDeath

Well, you'd obviously have to lose the rendered intro and ending, and switch from the polygonal backgrounds to an isometric-tile based graphics engine like TOG, but other than that, there isn't a single bit of FFT that wouldn't fit just fine in a GBA cart. Much heavier games have been wedged into carts before.

Two Odd Questions

I have two questions

1. I am holding out on Pre-ordering Arc the Lad until my B-day (which is April 1) in the off chance that one of my family can get it for me. Is this tentative release date of March 26 really true or will it be pushed back like all of the other ones?

You know, generally stores won't accept pre-orders in the last couple weeks before a game is released, and you'll never see a store accepting pre-orders a few days after. That said, the current release date of March 28th for Arc the Lad Collection seems pretty darn stable.

2. Is Xenosaga really unrelated to Xenogears except in it's name?

Thank You

Well aside from having Xeno- in the name, being made by the same group of people, sticking in more random anime refrences, and containing some of the same characters, Xenosagas 1-4 will cover all the backstory leading up to Xenogears, so the answer to your question is a most emphatic no. 8)

Buying sountracks

Hey man how are you,listen I wanna buy the CAstlevania Symphony of the night soundtrack and i dont know where need I to search,i saw the page from it ,where i found your email adress,if you know the answer please help me I' from Mexico ,so i need you knowledge.

This is my email adress:,

Pease i need your answer

Well, I don't tend to buy many soundtracks myself, but a quick survey says is a good place to look. And hey, they have ad banners covered in cheering slimes, so they have something going for'em.

Weekend Spillover

Hello O Slimey one. I must confess,I have never played a tabletop RPG. this is because of many reasons,but the main ones being that 1.)I don't have too many friends who are willing to play,and 2.)I'm horrible at memorizations,so I don't play as much,lest I spend 10 minutes flipping through a playbook looking at what I can do,getting caught up looking at cool spells,etc. Do you know of any online tabletop RPGs? I'd love to play,but I don't want a whole library of terms,rules,and stats to learn. Please help me...

Thanks for answering my question.

The Masked Mystere
"It's not like you drove a spiral spear in Judith's side..."

It really bugs me how CC did a paper RPG day and I missed it thanks to having connection issues... and it's really ironic that I missed reading it because I was running a paper RPG. Anyway though, while the term "online tabletop RPG" is a bit of a contradiction, there's 3 things that would probably be right up your alley:
1- Neverwinter Nights. A PC RPG based on 3rd Edition D&D rules, with a GM mode so you can actually run a campaign like you would on paper via the internet. That has the potential to be DARN SPIFFY, although I'm a little skeptical at the moment.
2- Comprehensive online resource dumps for paper RPGs. Aside from having various spiffy tools, many sites like this have big chat rooms devoted to playing games... and that brings us to...
3- Do what I do! Hop on an IRC server, grab some random people, make sure someone brings along a dice bot, and roll with it. I personally find that IRC is a FRIGHTENINGLY good forum for playing paper RPGs. Especially for things where you have to pass notes to the GM behind everyone else's back.

Oh, and if you hate games with too many rules, you could always get into diceless RPGs! *SHAMELESSPLUG*


Hehehe, It's been a long time, but i thought for old time's sake i'd contribute a fan google for you...based on that long haired sorcerer one you use for your signature graphic...with some small changes (chalk it up to artistic license :p)

It should be attached.

-Randy Pickering (aka Rail Cayder)

Spiffy! That reminds me, I need to look into those 404s from that dusty Fan Google section...


with the increasing popularity of zoids in the states. will we see zoids saga brought here?

Seeing as how my first reaction on seeing this letter was "What the @#$% is Zoids?" that popularity is somewhat dubious. In any case though, you'll never see Zoids Saga in the U.S.

ARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!! No matter how hard I try I cannot find the quotes for the quote of the day each day in the Q&A column, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!!!


Well, chances are your problem is that I'm not in the habit of sticking quotes in columns. The only quote I regularly stick anywhere is the one in the title bar of our main page.

The Last Laugh:

Today was a pretty good day, which is good, because yesterday sucked. Happiness makes for short closings though, so bye!

Googleshng "Wheeeeee!"
Great Old One Cthulu of the Evil Space Monsters on line 2...

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