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Googleshng - March 12 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Here is a brief history of my internet access. Way back when: Stuck with dialups. Dialups went down constantly. A cable provider appeared. Switched over. Worked great. However, they charged me my monthly fee an average of 3 or 4 times per month. After about a year, I finally got this straightened out, and they promptly went bankrupt. Then came that month or so when I went poof as you may recall. Then someone started offering up DSL service, so I grabbed that: Dialup speed downstream, even worse upstream, $60 or so a month, down for a full day every week like clockwork, and wasn't compatable with the most recent version of my OS. Joy. Now the cable company whose partner overcharged me to death and then went bankrupt has their own service, so I decide to switch back to that. The DSL people prove themselves to be huge scumbags by refusing to disconnect service for a week and counting, and making up a $200 disconnect fee. The new cable people meanwhile have a tech support staff who's only in for like 12 hours a day, and not at all on weekends. Guess when the modem tends to go completely dead on me.

Anyway, even having a cable modem AND a DSL modem available to me, I was still completely incapable of establishing a connection for the last 14 hours or so. Fun stuff eh?

On a more pleasant note, I spent most of this weekend reviving old scripts and honing attrophied skills that should provide much amusement for you in the future. More on that cryptic comment later.

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That other series...

Hi Googleshng!

I've just completed Final Fantasy Adventure for the 14th time.....yeah i know, i'm addicted. I just had a couple of quick questions about it, if you happen to know. First, what was the name of it's Japanese release, and second what differences are there between it and the American one.

Thanks if you can help, and thanks anyway if you can't


FFA in Japan is known as Seiken Densetsu, much as Secret of Mana is Seiken Densetsu 2, and Legend of Mana is Seiken Densetsu 4. Other than the name, I don't think there's much different in the Japanese version. Oh, and by the way, keep your eye out for Magical Vacation, the current game coming from that dev team.

Speaking of which...

Hey-o Goog-sama...

So, how did you react to the news of Square and Nintendo deciding to kiss and make up? As in, did you run in circles or start screaming or any of that weird stuff I did? (Let's see...first I went "YESSSS!" then I started jumping up and down, followed by an evening of prayer to the gaming gods for Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 on GBA.)

Well, I chuckled a bit at the letter some crackpot had just sent me saying there weren't any notable developers working on stuff for the Cube, but that's about it. Evidently I'm the only person in the world who wasn't surprised at that announcement. Don't hold your breath on SD ports though. That team no longer works for Square, AND they're working on a similar game for the GBA to boot, so while they have the legal rights to do it, politeness would require a lot of legwork.

If it does happen though, why is everyone only mentioning 2 and 3? SD1 could most certainly use a facelift, and GBA hardware could handle LoM no problem.

And I was reading the article here in which the possibility of an FFT port was possible do you think that is? I know that I would do just about anything to get a portable FFT. I'd punch nuns to get one! Especially if they threw in some kind of nice little link cable feature that would let you use your party to fight your friend's party or something. (Yes, you can do something similar by using a GameShark to activate the debug menu, but you can only use your own party members...)

~Slightly Crazed Izlude Fan

That's a bit more likely. Is it just me though, or are TRPGs getting a little too popular these days?

You know what else is celebrating a 4th anniversary today? This column.

Ive been reading RPGamer for about 3 years now, a little more.
And i have allways loved it! its my favourite page on the web.
The layout is nice and i loved the things you did at christmas, especially with the dragon =)
I have allways been found of the Q & A page, i read it allmost every day and it has allways given me a good laugh.
I sometimes find myself laughing all by myself as i read it, feels kinda funny.
Anyways i was wondring if its possible to work for you guys.
You seem to have such a great time uppdating the page and checking up on new stuff thats going on in the game-world, seems like a dream-job really.
I have played RPGs since i was for maybe 10 years now... it has allways been my favourite type of games.
Im about to get 20 now, (april) and i have played through allmost every RPG that has been released in EU, and many that hasnt as well.
Lately ive been stuck with Everquest, cause the lack of RPGs released to consoles, but now ive gotten a bit behind so im gonna buy the once missing in my collection VERY soon, in about a week or so =)
Then im gonna be very bussy =P
RPGs have allways been part of my life, its my lifestyle i guess.
Well, not gonna bother you any more.
Pre-Thanks and best regards /Mattias (Sweden)

Well, thanks for the compliments. I wouldn't quite call this a dream job though, thanks to those few little details like not getting paid, having to stay up until 4 AM every night answering questions, and getting death threats should I miss a day for any reason. Other than that though, yes it's quite enjoyable.

Now, as for getting a job here, well, we aren't hiring at the moment, but we tend to do so once every 3 months or so, and there's always a big announcement of it on our main page, so just keep an eye out.

Campaigning a bit early no?

Greetings (partiers sing) Googleshng
Well we have to celebrate the site's 4th anniversary of which I've visited this site the whole time. How do you think this whole Square/Nintendo thing will work out? When I joked on how since hell has frozen over, this means that I'll likely be President some day. He didn't fear the idea of me being the President of the United States but would you? Now I have to go since I got Slayers Try and want to watch that.
Imperial Mog

You know... I pointed out that Q&A was about to turn 4, and everyone says so, the site does it though and people make announcements. Granted, it's the same day, but still. Anyway, funny you should mention the president thing...


I nominate Imperial Mog for President.


Wouldn't it make more sense for IMPERIAL Mog to be an Emperor though?

The Last Laugh:

So... the GameCube now has Nintendo's dev teams who bring us Zelda, Overworks, who brings us Phantasy Star and Skies of Arcadia, Capcom's Resident Evil series, Squaresoft, and all those dozens of developers I care about but you don't working for it, superior hardware to the PS2, and a lower price. Good for them.

I know for a fact that a few people just read that and started writing letters proclaiming how the PS2 is the best console in the whole universe and how I'm biased for not agreeing with them. Knowing how rabid fanboys don't tend to point out the virtues of obscure games by no name companies that never get ported anywhere because there's not enough support to justify it, I'm REALLY curious what their logic is going to be, aren't you?

Oh, and you know that Shadow Hearts contest that just wrapped up? I'd just like to show you the most amusing entry that came in to it, which was of course disqualified for length:

"I'll give you 60 bucks."

In the middle of a mountain of 2 page essays, that was darn funny I must say.

Googleshng "Give me access or give me de- no wait, why would I want death?"
All lag and no upstream makes Google somewhat agitated.

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