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Googleshng - March 7 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Now I have people trying to talk to me, power tools, and someone playing Skies of Arcadia here to distract me. Just one of those weeks I guess. Thankfully, for me a week ends sometime Thursday night, so tomorrow's column will be fine and dandy and prompt.

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Hello, (10^100)shng.

1) I was happy to see flans in Final Fantasy X, but where were the slimes? Did the flans outbid you, or did the slime "Don" just get taken out by the flans?

FF has always had flan instead of slime. Why? Because it tastes better.

2) Why aren't people raising a fuss over the fact that aeons don't cost MP... not like I care, but isn't that what we _hated_ VIII for? Also, what's your X party... unless I made up the memory of you getting a PS2. (Mine's Tidus-Auron-Rikku, btw) :)

Made it up you did. I haven't seen $300 at once in over a year. Anyway, you won't hear any complaints about FF10 until the next one comes out, just how things go. I think the main complaint about FF8 was the drawing though. People never seem to mind them being easy.

3) If you were me and had $50, what would you buy from this list: Hoshigami, Xenogears, or save money for the outrageous amount that FFXI is going to cost?

I'd pick up a used copy of Xenogears and then try to get a cheap copy of Hoshigami somewhere.

4) Have you ever read any Inu-Yasha? That manga is just crazy. @_@

Yes I have. Fun fact: The anime based on it doesn't mess anything up.

5) Have you ever wanted to shave the world?


6) Do you believe in life after love?

--- Alexander Bryanson, trying desperately to speed forth his math class 'cause it's _so_ slow... ;)

That question really doesn't make sense you know.

Last week...

Dear Paws... I mean lord of the Slime,
Hey where the cute cat-girl go?

Back to the Reviews section... and she left such a HUGE mess in here! String and catnip all over my inbox...


Greetings (you sing) Googleshng
I have to ask but did you dress up as something for that con you went to? I thought the Moogles antennae were used for a mating ritual.
Imperial Mog

Well, seeing as I didn't know the convention in question existed until like 2 weeks beforehand, have been very busy, and it wasn't primarily an anime convention, no. Other people did though, which was surprising.

No... bouncy?

The only information about Final Fantasy XI I've looked at (other than the "it's online" stuff) is completely devastating: 15 character classes, and not a single one of them being the Dragoon! Now I'm definitely not buying it...


Speaking of which, what's with landing right after leaping in FF10?

The Last Laugh:

Tonight, Bullets McDeath will be here one last time. Between now and then, I'll be throwing everyone out of this house that's distracting me, making sure the neighbors quit running power tools, and have a chance to relax, so you won't be dealing with any more late short columns. Huzzah!

Googleshng "Away distractions!"
Now to rest...

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