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Googleshng - March 6 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Dump trucks, power tools, people trying to talk to me... maybe I'm just easily distracted... ooh! Letters!

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I have a hard time saying the same thing twice.

Some time ago (a few weeks maybe) someone asked how Utena was, and you gave a pretty fitting description. Something like "Imagine a mix of this and that. However, I can't remember it, nor did find when i checked the archive. So, if you rememeber what you said back then, could you type it again? I'm very sure that you wrote it, otherwise I'm getting senile in early 20s.

I don't recall either. But try this: Combine Sailor Moon, Highlander, and a large quantity of drugs.

Tilde power!

hey G, good to have you back.

"Yes. That is a cow alright."
That quote is from the original Diablo, the sorceror says that when you click on the cow in Tristram a few times. So, did you have fun on your week off from Q&A?


It sure is, so here's your prize: ~ and one for the other person who got it: ~ As for last week, actually, I was bored out of my skull. Over the weekend I had a blast to make up for it though.

The big 3

Heya, Google-sama! I have a few questions for ya:
1. Since the DW4 PSX release has been canned in the US, do you think it's slightly more likely for a GBA version to come instead?

It IS heavily implied yeah.

2. I've just finished disk 1 of Xenogears, and I've been playing for 45 hours. How long do you think it'll take to finish the game? It's a great game and all, and I'd prefer it never end, but once it does, I can actually look up stuff about Xenogears and Xenosaga without fear of spoilers.

If you got through the first disc that fast, I'd say you can get through disc 2 in maybe... 15 hours?

3. Besides production, licensing, advertising, and paying off the employees, where exactly does all the money go into making an RPG? I see Squaresoft put tens of millions of dollars into one game and I think, "How much can it cost to sit at a computer and type code for two years?"

BL Alien

Bear in mind that advertising is costly, and people who render FMV get paid a freaking fortune.


Greetings Googleshng-sama,

Two Questions For You:

1.) Are there any good anime-type / based RPGs out there, including imports, that you could recommend? Kinda looking for a change of pace here in the gap between releases here.

Well, there's at least 3 half-way recent RPGs based on every anime series in existance made by Banpresto...

2.) How was NonCon, if you don't mind me asking?

Spiffy, albiet sparsely populated.

P.S. ~ Just wondering, what kind of space / bandwidth you looking for to put up that anime music video of yours? Depending on what your needing I may be able to mirror it for awhile.

It's a 25 meg movie that about... 2000 people want to see.


Hey Goog!

An acquantince of mine told me and firmly believes that Square signed an agreement with Sony to produce games for them exclusively; specifically, FF XI will be PS2 only (not Xbox or GameCube). He says there was an article in EGM saying so. Now, I subscribe to lots of game mags, including EGM, and read lots of online news daily, and have not heard this stated as fact at all. I _do_ know that Sony purchased 18% of Squares stock, but as quoted:

"We are not exclusive to Sony, because of this deal." said Hisashi Suzuki, Square's president.

This tells me that my friend doesn't know what he's talking about.

Do you know what the real deal is?


The short answer is that your friend is absolutely dead wrong. FF11 will be multiplatform.

Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo Dot Com

Dear Google,

I would like to go to E3 this year. I never have before. Could you tell me the date of the event, how much it costs, and how I get admission? Would I have to buy some kind of ticket ahead of time? Please help me!


E3 is in usually May some time, costs nothing, and all you have to do to get admission is work for a major news organization. That last one is the tricky part. They also open up the whole thing to the public on the last day, and you can get info on THAT at I believe.


The Last Laugh:

Hey look, it's time to switch ISPs again!

Googleshng "Ooh! WZAT?"
See ya later pig!

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