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Googleshng - March 5 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Have a good week everyone? I'm back from NonCon as you can see, where I had a pretty spiffy time. I'll throw a rant up soon enough on how it went for all of you. Also, in other news, the plans I had to upload this here anime music video somewhere last week completely fell through. DOH! Rather hard to find someone willing to give up THAT much bandwidth in such a short time.

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A-HEM! (Subject line: Xenosaga)

Will this be the first rpg where you can control a chick?
It that's so that is a dream of every men and hulk hogan on this planet.

Will you think that this game will surpass final fantasy X. I know that it isn't a fact but i just want your opinion.

Final fantasy X + Xenosaga + Shakira= life is good

Is Xenosaga the first RPG with a female character? Why yes... except of course for every single other RPG ever released (except a couple games where you have no party). Even assuming you meant female main character, there are dozens, most notably the first RPG ever released in the US, Phantasy Star.

As for Xenosaga... "surpass" can mean a lot of things, but I'm sure it will in at least SOME fashions.


Sup Goog,

i have but one question for ya. in your opinion, what was the best battle system for any rpg? i personally like the chrono series and legend of dragoon.

Dark Shroud

Again, this can be interpretted so many ways, so I'm just going to cheat and say Lost Worlds.

You can have the octopus, I hate the way it looks!


Is tomato adventure ever going to be released in america? I played this game by other ways then the cartridge. the only thing was i couldnt read anything. so when is this game coming, is it ever? oh and when is Magical Vacation being released, that looks cool too.

Potato Guy

People are starting to save announcements up for E3 this time of year, but it doesn't seem likely that we'll be getting it. Magical Vacation we ARE getting, but they haven't announced when.


Greetings (Paws sing) Googleshng
I have to ask where have you been? That and if my theory on Moogles being poisionus is true, what part is poisionus?
Imperial Mog

First I was here, waiting for Paws to give my column back, then I was at NonCon over the weekend. Oh, and it's the antena.

The Last Laugh:

There. Column all up. Not many letters, since it seems many of you didn't notice we were back to normal, better tomorrow I hope. Now off I go to unpack more stuff.

Googleshng "This Gummi Bear has died for your sins."
I need to find a picture of that...

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