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Googleshng - February 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It equals 3 for those of you playing at home. I'll leave it up to your imagination to figure out where that math came from. In other news, the server troubles are clearing up a BIT, but there's still some rough waters ahead, and I've seen this preview for the Resident Evil movie about 4 times in the last hour, and it keeps looking worse each time.

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BoF2, or not BoF2?

Are there any plans for Breath of Fire 2 on the GBA to come to the US? I swear I read somewhere that it said yes, but I can't remember where or when. Alas


I would imagine so, yes. You never know though. There seems to be a recent rash of disappearing portable ports. Take the WSC FF3 for example.

See? I can provide info that helps in English class too!

please pardon my ignorance, what exactly is "deus ex machina"?

Deus ex machina literally is Latin for "god out of the machine". What it refers to is when a work of fiction ends by having something come out of the blue to bail out the hero in a manner which often irritates the audience quite a bit. The specific wording comes from the fact that in early Greco-Roman theater, hacks would actually write plays that ended by having a got pop out of a trap door in the stage or somesuch to fix everything.

Side note: Magic Knight Rayearth is still the only thing I can think of with a Machina ex Deus ending.


I have people telling me that there is going to be remakes of Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9. I was wondering if you know this to be true or not? Also can you recommend any good RPGs for the PS2 besides Final fantasy X (which sucked by the way) and Shadow Hearts (just got that game and it is the best RPG i have played since FF)? OK that's it, bye.

Congratulations. You just helped push the number of times I've been asked this up to the point where it goes on The Infamous FAQ. So, as I've told a good 49 other people, Square was planning to remake FF7-9 on the PS2 at one point, but have since scrapped the idea.

As for other PS2 recommendations, honestly, I don't have a one for you.

Random stuff

Hi Goog!

Viruses suck... I've seen so many computers trashed because of them...

Just curious what ever happened to your AMV, did you post it anywhere or are you still looking for the bandwidth?

Also, to keep this RPG related (^_^) I know that XenoSaga doesn't have a release date in North America yet, but do you hve any idea of when it SHOULD be out? I really (repeat really many times here) want this game...

And, as always, I'll add a quote, this time I'll try and make it a bit harder than all the others...

Hey, you don't look so happy, you'd better cheer up, or you'll become a zombie

Hrmm.. well... thats not really hard, but harder than most of the ones I've sent before. Have fun!

Ah Earthbound. So many bizarre lines. Anyway, bandwidth is not an issue. The issue is that I can't compress it down below 40 megs. That's a big file. As for Xenosaga, I don't need it coming out until the PS2 drops to something realistic... or barrring that, until someone gets sick enough of my crankiness to give me a freebie. How about it Sony! I'll lay off your horrendous localization department for a while! 8)


Hiya Goog,

I enjoy your column, but I am frustrated that you and other Q & A folks seem to complain constantly of not having enough letters, or simply fail to get a column up due to computer error. I realize that you are not getting paid for putting up a column, but wouldn't it be possible to avoid these problems by saving good letters from days when you receive more than you can print?

Furious Curious,


First off, let me just point out that you have to go back pretty darn far to see me posting a letterless column. Anyway though, the concept of saving surplus letters for a lull is indeed a good idea. Wouldn't help me yesterday though for two reasons. First, all mail I was saving to answer later was nuked on Friday by me getting enough virus laden e-mail to shove old mail out of my box. Second, well, it's been a rather dry year in the RPG market. For many months now, there's only been 3 big RPG releases looming on the horizon, and things have been quiet there. Plus all that's been released that people have questions on is FF10, and oddly enough, there's less talk around it than any other FF game. So it's not like I'm getting 50 printworthy letters a day here.

Phantasy Star Continuity

I am a huge Phantasy Star fan. Ever since I played the fourth one I had to find the other three and play them. Now, all of those games were pretty much direct sequels of the ones b4 them (except for 3 wasn't it a side story?) but it still was alot like the others. I haven't played PSO but I was wondering, is it anything like the previous ones? Is there Dark Force or any mention of the otehr characters? I loved it how PS4 brought all the characters from the other games into that scene when Chaz gets his last sword.


OK, the real triology of the PS series is 1, 2, and 4. They're all set 1000 years apart, in the Algol system, with recurring characters, locations, and so forth, and they are all made by Overworks. Phantasy Star 3, was made by a different group of people, is set in a spinoff setting, takes place about the same time as 4, and honestly has no bearing at all on the grand scheme of things, but can still be considered canon.

Now, Phantasy Star Online on the other hand... A- Is made by Sonic Team (Who brought us such games as Sonic the Hedgehog and Chuchu Rocket), B- Is a Final Fantasy style sequel, and C- has a tenuous plot at best. So, while it has a couple references to the original games scattered about, there's no real context for'em, and you can't fit the game into the PS timeline. Still, setting aside the desecration of the name and all, as multiplayer Action/RPG hack and slashers go, it's a pretty darn good game.

The Last Laugh:

Again. When you're making a movie out of a series of games that are inspired by campy-but-scary horror films, what kind of drugs do you have to take for it to seem like a good idea to make a Matrix style action flick? I mean, zombies and slow motion spinning camera jump kicks DON'T go together!

Googleshng "Why is this TV on anyway? I'm not watching it..."
Movies based on games are bad, m'kay?

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