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Googleshng - February 14 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Sometimes it's nice to be able to focus on one task so much that you ignore any discomfort, hunger, thirst and so on. If you do so for ten straight hours with a thick metal bar digging into your back though, well, sucks to be you.

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That IS hard to believe.

Would you believe I've never noticed the Q&A section of RPGamer before? I've been frequenting the webpage daily since it was AVUOSSHP (or whatever the popular abbreviation was), and I just never noticed it. Mainly I was just looking at the headlines, though.

So, I guess you're the answer human of RPGamer... I've got two questions.

Question one - Whats the deal with Final Fantasy III for WSC? Final Fantasy IV is slated for March or May or some other M month (I'm pretty sure thats all of them, but I could certainly be wrong!)... and FFIII WAS at one point sporting an early 2002/late 2001 release date... now its almost never mentioned, and Weekly Famitsu doesn't list it in their upcoming games section (although I could have missed it... my japanese isn't very good and I was skimming). So, do I get some FFIII goodness? Or do I have to starve?

JUST found Q&A huh? Well, you've got a full four years of archives to sift through, so get cracking!

More seriously though, FF3 on the WSC did indeed slip out when you were looking, some time last year evidently.

Question two - Does working for RPGamer help you get any good hookups with RPG software companies? I'm a professional GBA software developer working for a major US developer, but I'm sick of making crappy license games starring purple dragons... I need better connections!

- Adam the Worthless Code Monkey

Well, working at RPGamer does eventually get one all sorts of publishing connections. Otherwise it'd be rather hard for us to do our jobs. But if I were to develop an RPG and try to get it published by, say, Atlus, I doubt I'd get any special treatment. Working your way up by helping with sucky ports like you're evidently doing is still a better way to work up to something real.

Random multiparter

You seem to like lists, so I'll get right to it.

1. Do you like Utena? I've never seen it and I'm trying to find out if I should watch one of the Utena movies at the society showing this weekend. Is it similar to any other animes, of the top of your head?

I like Utena quite a bit, although many consider it an acquired taste. I assume by "movies" you meant to say episodes though, since there's only the one movie. Which, like most movie adaptations of series, is a surrealistic rehash of the show that's no where near as good. As for what it's similar to... maybe watching Highlander in a room coated with Sailor Moon posters while doing some heavy drugs.

2. According to , they are selling Lunar SSSC 2nd hand. Not sure if the extras will be intact or what condition it'll be in, though. Oh, and they're also selling the fan edition of course. (I bought mine preowned and it was in fine condition)

Hey! That one's not a question!

3. Other than pen/paper RPGs you've made, what pen/paper RPG do you think is the best?

I don't think there's a single "best" RPG. There is however a best RPG for any given frame of mind. Shadowrun is absolutely excellent, but only if you're in the mood to play Shadowrun. GURPS is nice most of the time since it manages to cover every sort of campaign you'd want to run, without coming off as a dull generic game. Then of course there's AD&D, for when you want to spoof the whole RPG experience.

4. If you had to rate Chrono Cross (0 to 10) versus RPGs that were available at that time, what would you give it? Do you think that you liked CC more when you were playing it for the first time, as opposed to now? (opinions change with time; I'm not trying to take a shot at you)

--Maikeru Howaite

Well, when I first played Chrono Cross I really really really loved it, and now I REALLY can't see why that was, past the groovy intro. I mean, aside from having better graphics than I thought you could get out of the PSX, and some really odd characters, there's nothing all that spectacular about it, and the ending just plain sucked. So... 9 then, 5 or 6 now probably.

Should I buy FF10 or FF10?

Hello Google sir

Ahh yes, I just got paid and was looking at FFX International(NOT AT EBAY!) for sale. I pondered buying a regular copy of FFX at Software Etc. or some place like that and then thought of how you had a "never buy the same game twice" rule. Should I buy FFX International, the regular FFX, or wait for a U.S. FFX Internatioal?

Nobilius - "No PS2 and no FFX make Nobilius something something."

When Square pulls it's little "Here's the game we just gave you with some minor changes, mostly from the version we gave the U.S." schtick, they DON'T throw the results back to the U.S. So your options are:
Buy FF10.
Import FF10 with Japanese menus and minor additions.

I'd just buy FF10 given the options. No wait, I'd buy my plane ticket for E3 since I can't afford a PS2.


Hey Goog.
Have you played Devil May Cry? If so, what do you think of it? Would you consider it an rpg?
Sayanora. ~Joey~

I haven't played it. It looks kinda neat. It's not an RPG.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow's guest host will be... let's see here... Bullets McDeath. Feel free to ask whatever, particularly on FF, Xenogears, and Black Isle games.

Oh, and if you'd like a seat in the Games-For-Guesthosting chair, just offer him a copy of Super Mario Advance 2, or the GBA version of Breath of Fire.

Googleshng "I've written like 1/3 of all the columns on this site. Wow."
I'll hit an even half SOME day, but it's really hard when I only get marginally more than half a given week.

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