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Googleshng - February 13 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, some people talk me into running a campaign of Tyranny. Then they go to make characters. "Can I be 25% human 25% octopus 25% oak 25% cat?" was one of the more REASONABLE questions. Going to be an... interesting party.

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Tactical questions

Hi Google, So the GBA Ogre Battle: It seems like this is more like FFT than Ogre Battle 64, at least from the screen shots. Am I getting the wrong impression here?

That's because it's not "the GBA Ogre Battle", it's "the GBA Tactics Ogre." FFT was made by the same people as the original TO, and pretty much works along the same lines. So, yeah, TOG won't have much in common with OB except for the plot and classes.

Also, I was taking a look at some of the new art and screenshots for Sunrise Heroes 2. Um? It looks as if it has Gundams in it... Hell, I recognized some of those gundams, I'm sure I spotted Wing. And one of the artworks is from Escaflowne. What, exactly, is this game??? Did they just take a bunch of cool looking mecha and throw them into a tactical combat game? And if so, is it coming out here??? (Drool...)

"Wise Poppa Smurf... Corrupted by his own power..."

*Looks at coverage* Interesting. It's a tactical RPG that let's you use the mecha from a few anime series. Of course, you'll never see it in this country, and if you're interested in importing that sort of thing there's always the longer established and, I'm told, superior, Super Robot Wars series. It's about a dozen tactical RPGs containing pretty much every giant robot ever seen on TV, which lets you use some really... interesting parties.

DW7? How odd...

hey hey...

I've gotten to the second disc on Dragon Warrior 7.. and there is a few things that have caught my attention...

The first thing is... why in a game that Akira Toriyama is in... they always have a character that looks like Goku/Chrono... there is Johann in the game.. looks exactly like Chrono.

Second thing is.. does every game designer think that placing something sexual in a game that people will enjoy it more... and actually.. i think theyre kindof right... because i like the games more with the sexual content.. but in Dragon Warrior 7.. there's a chick that gives your character a PuffPuff for luck (and everyone if you dont know what that is you need some help)..

Third thing is... i havent beaten Dragon Warrior 7 yet.. close.. but so far.. the game has ruled... when i beat it ill probably give it a 8/10 - 10/10.. so go get the game....

You're still reading this.. I said go get the game... stop reading and get the game right now....

Why do most characters designed by Akira Toriyama have weird spikey hair? Well, because that's his style. I seem to recall he more or less pioneered the look too. So expecting him not to draw people who look like Goku/Chrono is like expecting Yoshitaka Amano to do a set of designs without a single gaunt albino longhaired freak with skintight complex clothing.


The main page quote is from Panzer Dragoon Saga. A quite excellent game as most RPGamers know. I think that quote has been used before.

Back to the realm of the unliving...


Yup! Here's your tilde! ~ By the way, I'm shocked at the total lack of wrong guesses on this one.

Easy stuff

O Googlous One,

Do you know what would be necessary to play import games on my American GBA? I was hoping to score a copy of Fire Emblem - looks tasty. Mmmm... RPGs... although I should probably hold off on that until I finish DW3, but... enh.

Also, I can't be the only person who thinks blitzball is the single most impossible minigame ever. Sports? In an RPG? Square, what were you thinking? Bah! Bring back the card games! I was good at those. Also, where are the moogles in FF10? Are they even in ten? Have they been in ten since the beginning and I'm showing the effects of many hours of sleep deprivation? Help!

Now to do some vocabulary for English that I've put off for several days now... ugh... poor neglected RPGs.

-Mindy the Flame

Ignore this message.

How to play imported GBA games:
Step 1: Put the game in the GBA.
Step 2: Turn the GBA on.
Step 3: Play the game.
Optional Step 4: Thank Nintendo for not putting any any-import features in their handheld systems.

As for Moogles in FF10, well, there's Lulu's Moogle doll, but that's it.


Hey Googinhiem,
How do you break it to your roomate that you have to play 160+ hours of Dragon Warrior VII?


I don't have a room mate, never have. If I did though, I'd make sure they had their own TV and consoles. So... buy him a new TV?

hey Google,
Speaking as a "ignorant Software etc. employee" (I am the third Key at a store in Utah) I can tell you why Mr. Charisma can't find Lunar SSSC fan edition. We are not carrying it. There is NOTHING in our computer for it, as far as our clerks know, it dosn't exist. so there you go.

I don't think the implication was that ALL Software Etc. employees were ignorant, just the ones in his store. Of course, for a whole chain not to notice a game exists is far worse you realize.

The Last Laugh:

Column column column it's the finest in the land, you can stick it in your pocket you can hold it in your hand!

Googleshng "AMEN!"
And other Monty Python quotes.

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