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Googleshng - February 12 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Have you ever gotten so much done in a single weekend that it feels like it was 2 weeks? I just did. Hopefully the rest of this week won't feel like a month.

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Paper or plastic?

Hello Google!

I've got a few questions that have been bothering me, and I think maybe you can help.

What exactly IS the connection between Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics? Seems there are some... unique similarities...

Well, they were made by some of the same people, and they're evidently set in the same world.

(A few non plastic RPG questions if you don't mind?)

What pen and paper RPG do you most often play?

Well, I don't think there's a single well recognized rules system under which I haven't gotten together with a bunch of people, made characters, and then ended up not playing. And come to think of it, I've actually most of them equally too. Presumably in the near future though I'll be playing a lot of 3E D&D and Tyranny, since, well, when you MAKE an RPG, you'd BETTER run a campaign of it!

Have you ever heard of/played BESM or any Guardians of Order product? How do you like the system?

Yes I have. Rules wise it's a lot like GURPS, but simpler. Whether that's a good thing or not depends on my mood at the time.


Fox of the Nine-tails,
Kensei Kitsune

Rare kind of fruit bat.

Ice Emblem! Earth Emblem!

Hi ho, oh slimey one. I know you rarely print my letters, but I'll keep on trying...

What do you think the chances are of Nintendo releasing the new Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem game over here? I realize that they never made an effort with its predecessors, but what with Fire Emblem characters making appearances in the ultra popular and ultra cool Super Smash Brothers Melee (and kicking major @$$ at that - Roy is the bomb!), I wondered if there's now more interest in it. Since Roy is the star of the upcoming game (despite what the art/media sections here say - I translated the katakana, and it's not Lorie, it's "Roi"), I thought that maybe Nintendo might cash in on his popularity from SSBM. What do you think?

On the subject, have you played any prior Fire Emblem games, and if so, were they any good? I heard that the plots were pretty damned good, but then, so are Final Fantasy plots.

My answer to both of these questions is oddly the same. I've never played the FE games, but I have it on good authority that they're good, but ridiculously hard. The latter point makes it unlikely for Nintendo to ever fling one our way. On the other hand though, we got Advance Wars, and the GBA is swarming with RPGs, so you never know.

On a similar but completely different subject, did you get Super Smash Brothers Melee? If so, is that not the best game ever (perhaps not counting RPGs)?

I don't know anyone who hasn't played it, and it's quite good, but best game ever? Heck no. I can name a dozen games I like more off the top of my head.

On a completely and totally unrelated subject, am I the *only* one in the universe looking forward to Final Fantasy XI? Call me nuts, but I'm looking forward to more involvement and interaction with games, and FFXI looks to fit the bill. I still fail to understand the screaming and ranting about loss of plot in an online game. To these people, I say four words: "Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption" The online worlds had better plots than the game itself (and that's saying A LOT). Just remember, an online game is only as good as you make it.

Ja ne,
Usagi Vindaloo

You aren't the ONLY person looking forward to FF11, but you're part of an extremely small minority. Oh, and I don't think loss of plot is people's main concern either.


yo goog,

I'm tired of dealing with ignorant Software etc. employees, so I'm forced to look to the internet. Where is a safe, reliable site to buy RPGs from? I'm especially looking for a new Lunar:SSSC.

Googleshng: works well enough for everyone I know as far as buying games goes. As for Lunar though, unless you mean the new "fan edition" release, you're not going to find it.


Hey, you said you got a box of Saturn games recently, and that it was "free garbage." I take it you don't have a Saturn to play them on? What RPGs (or all of the games if you feel like listing) did you get out of this, and are you willing to sell any?

A- I do have a Saturn to play'em on. B- I now have more Saturn RPGs than were released in this country. C- Anything that I would be willing to sell, the person I got these from would have sold if possible. Everything here is either spiffy, or unspeakably bad, usually the latter.

Equipping Accessories

konichi-wa gugulushinegu,

How much is a 'Pocket Station' for PSX? and is it compatible with PS2? Actually...What the heck is a Pocket Station anyway? Sorry...I'm very uninformed on some things.


PS - what is the signifigance of a tilde? how can I win the tilde?

The Pocket Station is Sony's answer to the VMU, except it was released too late in the system's life to get much real use, and it plugs into the memory card slot, so, while you CAN use it for mini-games, you can't use it as a tiny backup monitor. As for quotes, I give them to people who guess the quotes on the top of index because I can't afford the sacks of dead monkies the old old hosts gave. Why people WANT tildes, I have no clue.

The Last Laugh:

Before I run off to eat lunch, I through a rant full of presents up over the weekend, so those who care, go check it out.

Googleshng "Can I be a part catgirl-part-bull-part-antelope covered in metal spikes?"
OK, fine, I made up the part about the antelope.

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