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Googleshng - February 6 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Everyone around me has a very nasty flu. Glad I don't. Anyway, it's column time.

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I'ma Deus! I'ma Deus!

Hey Goog,

*Xenogears Spoilers*

Xenogears. The second best RPG ever made (in my opinion)..yet i havent even seen its ending yet. Yeah, ive gone through it only about 3 times, but havent officially beaten it because of the stupid final boss..Deus..and of course his minions..So my question concerns him. Just to put it simple..HOW THE HECK DO YOU BEAT HIM? I was never much a gear battler, didn't like it , always character..all my characters are on level 80 some, but i know that dosen't influence how your gears any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

Sergeant Pantsonfire

OK, first you just upgrade your frames and engines and whatnot as much as possible, then hang around the last dungeon killing stuff until you have a good supply of Angel Armor +3s. 2 of those per character, and the accessory of your choice, and you're in pretty darn good shape. All you have to do then is take out as many of the little buddies as you can without using your 3 favorite characters, making sure to at least bring down the healer and the fuel sucker, and the last boss should be a snap. Oh, and don't forget to go for Attack Level Infinity. Helps a lot.

Three questions


1.Where the heck was the SPOILER WARNING for Shenmue 2 and the "supernatural" aspects that start at the end?!?!?!

Because that's not a spoiler. Saying "supernatural aspects" could mean anything from "I'm getting a really weird vibe from this mirror I've been carrying around" to "I found a magic amulet that lets me shoot lasers from my eyes!" to countless other things.

2. Do you have a "no Ebay" policy in general or just for Tactics Ogre? Where would you get games from for cheaper?

In general. Almost every week I see someone bragging about finding a game on eBay for "only $60" that there's about 3 copies of in my local game store, brand new, for about $20. Sure, you can find just about anything on eBay, but you can usually find it elsewhere for a whole lot less money.

3. In today's column somebody mentioned the difficulty of FFVIII's final battle more difficult? I beat Xenogears, but am greatly fearing what I've heard about FFVIII's last fight (I really don't like the game much but I'm at the final dungeon and want to beat it before I play the better(?) IX and X).


FF8's last fight isn't too hard unless you're completely dependant on summons.

Quotes and such

This one's easy, having played through the game recently... "Baiba!" is said many times by Meredy from Tales of Destiny II, whenever she's surprised, frustrated, or what not.

Oh yes, question... um, oh, I know... how do you feel about the short estimated completion time of Xenosaga (which was about 20 to 30 hours if I remembered right) as compared to Xenogears lengthy play time?


A bunch of people got that quote, so here's some tildes: ~~~~~

Now, as for the length of Xenosaga, it sounds just fine to me. There was once a time when we'd get about 1 or 2 RPGs a year. Back then, the length of them was one of their main selling points. If a game has to keep you busy for a good 6 months, you don't want to be finishing it in just 20 hours. These days though, it's nice to have some shorter RPGs around. Especially if you have a job like mine where you really need to play every single one that comes around. Oh, and keep in mind to that most of Xenogears' play time was sitting there while text slowly scrolled out. Give it some voice acting and the time would probably drop a bit.

More Xeno stuff

Hey goog, a couple of questions for you,

Firstly, I just purchased Xenogears at a wonderful price of $25 including shipping *raises eyebrows a few times*. Jealous yet? I thought so. Anyways, knowing Square's habit of including multiple endings in their games, I am wondering whether this is the case with Xenogears. If so, this would greatly effect the way I play the game. So far, I must say that this game is Square's best so far, even better than FFVII or teh crono triger. But that's also what I thought about FFVIII in the beginning *holds nose*... It's really great to see a game with a lot of dialogue, rather than little clips and one liners like in the FF series...

Secondly, would you personally buy a remake of Xenogears for the PS2? I think that it might even be necessary for them to as people playing Xenos 1-4 would suddenly be hit with episode 6, and not have heard of Xenogears. Speaking of the Xeno series, do you happen to know any hints at the names of episodes 2, 3, 4, or 6? And is this a first for Square to include German in one of its titles? "Der Wille die Macht" translates to "The Will of Power". Maybe Power ('Der Macht') is the name of a ship, like Alpha and Omega are in Xenogears, seeing as the game seems to be set mostly or entirely in space.

Thirdly, seeing that Yasunori Mitusda has become a freelance composer, is he still going to do all the Xeno games? I know he's on for Xenosaga, but has he signed on for any other Xeno games? He's been writing for other developers, so maybe he's too busy...

Enough rambling. In short, any tidbits you can give on the future Xenoseries would be great. Also, if you could let me know your opinion on Xenogears, I'd appreciate it.


Yasunori Mitsuda is honestly rather frightening. I seem to recall him once having said something along the lines of "If you ask me to do the music for a game, I will." And if you look at how many games he's been working on at once lately, that seems to be true.

The best way to get some advance drool fodder on the Xenosaga series at this point is to find a copy of Xenogears Perfect Works. I'm told it talks a bit about all six chapters.

Finally, would I buy a remake of Xenogears? Maybe. It depends what you mean by remake. I will never under any circumstances buy the same game twice. However, if there were a remake of Xenogears with a playable disc 2, a few other real changes, and of course less time spent waiting for text to appear on screen, I might be tempted.

Little Clarification


In today's column, you told a reader that the SNES can play imports if the slot is cut a bit wider. This is half true.

A Japanese Super Famicom can play American SNES games if the slot is cut wider; but to play Japanese games on an American SNES, all you have to do is snap off two thin tabs inside the cartridge slot.

It doesn't matter much, but I thought the reader would be happy to know that he wouldn't have to turn his console into some sort of FrankenFamicom monstrosity just to play Tactics Ogre.

Keep up the good work,


Yes, technically you are cutting tabs if you modify an SNES to play Super Famicom games. I was slightly inaccurate in my brevity. Anyway though, there's a little bit more info on the matter for the curious.

Disturbing imagery

Greetings (Zelgadis mopes) Googleshng, now dammit give me my coffee
With that suggestion of you dressing as Nahga, I just really hope that you're a female now. Sure, if I was getting $100 a day to dress like that, I'd wear it always since it'd beat getting a real job. What'd be real scary is a 300 pound guy dressed as her. I still think it's funny how Slayers is rather RPGish. Then again, it's real funny that the embodiment of evil looks like a large lobster.
Imperial Mog

As one could gleen from the parting quote yesterday, this weekend a conversation came up somewhere on what sort of embarassing costume people could get me to wear in exchange for paying my way into an anime convention. Nahga from Slayers came up as one of the creepier options. Suffice it to say that if I were to wear a skimpy black bikini, it would make those around me violently ill, which would balance out the indignity of taking such a dare I'd think. So then the conversation turned to really silly stuff instead, finally a slime, which would actually be a really hard costume to make.


The Last Laugh:

There's the column for you all. Hope you enjoyed it. There will as usual be another for tomorrow. Hey, is it as annoying to you as it is to me when I can't think of closing fluff?

Googleshng "Compression?"
Seriously, why DOES this show have such a high frame rate?

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