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Googleshng - February 5 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This was a very good weekend for me. I finished my music video, which I am attempting to compress enough for narrowband people to download as I type this, I wrote up the rules to a little game I thought up a couple years back to throw into my next rant, and just after posting a (admittedly sucky) rant, yet another shareware payment came in. Just one more and I'll drop everything to finish and up the first sourcebook.

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A good question.

Greetings (Mr. T pities) Googleshng-foo'
I have to ask where are those pictures that you promised for Halloween? That and I'm still a little upset about the Rams losing the Super Bowl since I'm from St. Louis.
Imperial Mog

That's a good question which I was going to ask at the end of the column. The people who I planned to make a scary pic geared towards was... Jaraph, Imperial Mog, Maikeru, and Vic. Ou of those 4.. oh... heh. I DO have everything I need. Cool. I'll work on that pic this week then.


Heya, Google,

Here's a cut-and-paste of something I sent to Chesh, but didn't get a reply to. Maybe it'll have more luck with you? ^_^

=Begin old letter=
I just finished Shenmue II today, and while it was a great experience, Yu Suzuki kinda reached out and smacked you at the end... Anyway, is there any info at all, rumor or not, about the third game? Any speculation on how many chapters it'll have in it? (The second had 3 chapters, in case you haven't played it or read Jake Alley's review) I mean, there's supposed to be sixteen chapters, and it's just now getting into some supernatural stuff after four...*drool*

I have the nagging feeling that I might have to get an Xbox to feed my need later on.....unless Yu and Sega/AM2 figures out that the PS2 or Cube can do just as good a job if not a BETTER one, and it'll have a much higher user base in Japan. *end rant*

Anyway, thanks for your time. Hope this helps the alleviate the lack of emails.
=End old letter=

I think the plan is still to cram everything else into Shenmue 3, which would be feasable if we're talking chapters like chapter 4 instead of, say, 1. As for what system we'll be seeing Shenmue 3 on, I sincerely doubt it'll be an Xbox exclusive. All my serious predictions about the sucker are coming true, and even a disturbing percentage of the jokes.

Games I like

Hey g,

I know we've gone over this before, but I was wondering if there is any way you could let us (read: your adoring fans) take a peek at the list of games you've beaten. You mentioned it wouldn't be fun to do, but it would be much appreciated.

On another topic, I was wondering what your views on Xenosaga are, now that we've actually seen some non-cinema screens. Also, any idea whether SoA on the GC will be called SoA or Eternal Arcadia?

Well, thanks for your time, yet again, g.

~jaraph "NES, SNES, GBA, N64, PS, PS2, Xbox, GC"

OK, just going by the RPGs by my definition (which is stricter than RPGamer's), out of just those games I own, I have won 58 RPGs (and yeah, I'm pathetic enough to be able to pull that figure from a database). That's a long list, and I don't feel like posting it here right now. As for the GC port of SoA, I'd assume it'd be SoA in the US and EA in Japan, but you never know.

Oh, and on the subject of Xenosaga, it has my interest, and I'd really like to see it some time to see if the main character ever ends up pulling a sword out of KOS-MOS' chest.

When the boss talks, I have to post it.

Sup Slimey,

I would like to remind the readers that the Xbox is not only supporting "broadband", even though that's what everyone is saying. The Xbox is supporting networking only. I've been on the internet for many years now, and one of the many things I've done is link machines together to share a modem. This was slow if more than one machine was being used, but it beat swapping the phone cord to different machines, and it solved who was able to read their email first after work.

So, even if the Xbox only has RJ45 connectors, the solution is likely less than $50 (decent hub, network cables). If you think about it, most peripherals cost almost that much anyway.


You know, one of the more interesting facts about my life is that more people call me "Slimey" than my actual name on the average day.

A big Multiparter

Hey Mr. googleshng sir,

I know that I haven't "beated teh crono triger" lately(LMAO), but since I don't have FFX either I figured that I'd ask some TRPG questions.
1. My Hoshigami game looks like this - L. 35 Fazz 83:41 and I'm at the Kamdell desert. Is that normal?

My Hoshigami game looks more like L. 20 Fazz 30:00 very early in the game, since I never have enough time to play long enough to save, so I wouldn't know.

2. I haven't beat any games that I recently bought which include Lunar 2: EB, Xenogears, and a ways back, good ol' Star Ocean 2. Is THAT normal? I like 'em ok, but damn those bosses are hard.

Lunar 2 isn't that hard, particularly with White Dragon Protect. I know people with much longer lists of games to win than you though.

3. What do you think a good price for Tactics Ogre is? The only place I've been able to find it is, of course, Ebay, and it costs anywhere from 50$ for the game only, no jewel case or booklet, to 80$+ for a near mint game with case and booklet? Considering that I don't have a PS2 or FFX, you can probably tell my funds are also limitted (or limmited?).

I wouldn't pay more than, like, $20. I wouldn't look on eBay either.

4. After shaming myself with the spelling ignorance that may or may not be posted...I know I've read this somewhere before, but who's a real stickler on their zoning laws? Sony or Nintendo? I'm just wondering if i can play a japanese Super Famicom Tactics Ogre on my SNES. I could be really confused here so set me straight.

Nintendo has always had a rather lax policy on importing. An SNES will play imports if you cut the slot a little wider I'm told, and most of their other systems don't even require you to do that much.

5. I know you're not actually a message board but in response to ~Slightly Crazed Izlude Fan's response on Aegis' column, I found Malak to be worthless and therefore never used him. You get him at the end of the third chapter when a.) you already have some kick ass NPC's that have joined your party(i.e. Agrias, Mustadio) or b.) put a lot of work into the guys you started the game with because Weigraf and his Zodiac stone kept slaughtering you. Plus the fourth chapter gives you so many opportunities to get better NPC's (i.e. Orlandu, Beowulf, Worker 8, etc.) that it's pointless to even keep him if you can only use 4-5 people in any given battle. Just get Cloud, because his Limit skill rocks and...uh how long have I been going on like this??? Your thoughts?

Personally, I don't much care for Malak OR Cloud, and didn't have either of them with me at the end. We will not be having an FFT debate week though, so that's all I'm going to say on the subject.

6. In Hoshigami, why can't you engrave your equipment like in Kartia? I would love to make some armor and weapons weaker in exchange for more speed and movement, especially since you can equip the -put your god's name here- Aid and mess with everyone's stats anyway.
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hot Dog that was long one. If you didn't already know this is my first letter, although I've been a reader for quite some time. I've also been saving up these here thoughts for about a week because everytime I'm go to hit send I get a panic attack. Oh, and "i beated teh crono triger"? That's just classic right there. Tilde please?


"aaaaarrrrghhhhhhh!!!! Hey I actually sent it this time..."

Because the Kartia system is unique to Kartia. Anyway though, I rather like Hoshigami's balancing. If you want to be able to move at full speed while using a huge axe, you have to pay for it by running around stark naked. That sort of strategy always makes things more interesting... as long as your armor doesn't change your appearence.

Hoshigami and me

Sorry, Googleshng,
this is the first time I've read this section of RPGamer, and just today I read about 5 months of Q & A (that was a huge exageration, I only read January and December) and I feel like an idiot for sending you that same question you already answered (about the remake of 7 - 9) to you when you said you've answered it 'about 14 times'. Anyway~ I keep hearing the same game over and over...hoshigami hoshigami hoshigami hoshigami hoshigami aah! I've never even heard of it, so maybe I should play it...? Do you personally like this game? I think I could trust your opinion.


I have this sort of love/hate thing going with Hoshigami. On the one hand, I absolutely adore all the balancing, game mechanics, and difficulty. On the other hand, it's, well, mean. It has things that take 5 hours to do, and you can't save partway through. It has fights where you have to gain 10 levels or so before hand or else one of your characters will die permanently as soon as an archer gets to attack. That's instant and permanent death mind you. That sort of thing is just plain frustrating.

The Last Laugh:

OK... the best I can do with this video at the moment is... 40 megs. This led to the following conversation:

Me: When I get a couple thousand people downloading a 40 meg file, how much will it make you wanna kill me?
Host: You'll lose the account.

So... it looks like I'll have to find a way to compress this a bit more, and/or find someone else to hold the sucker.

Googleshng "Sure, I'd dress as Nahga for 3 days for $300."
I mean, who wouldn't?

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