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Googleshng - February 1 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

"DEMONIC MINI-MONKEYS!" "Well then bug 2 people to send me $10, then you can be a magical girl." Both of these statements were made by me tonight in conversations, and both, oddly enough, had sensible context to them. In fact, they were even on the same subject, and if you think hard enough, you might even be able to figure out what it is. The $10 thing should be a big hint. Oh, and hey, if you took that hint, that person would get to be a magical girl! Anyway, enough randomness from mee, have some randomness from Sephiruss instead.

Sephiruss: Hey RPGamers out there, sephiruss here. I just want to take a moment to say thanks to Goog and the rest of the staff of for doing such an excellent job. RPGs are a rather large part of my life and I really appreciate the hard work they do in maintaining the best website on the net. Now I'll tell a little about myself (the important parts). My favorite RPGs are Chrono Trigger, FFVI-VIII, and the Lunar games. My favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop, and I play guitar...I think that pretty well sums up the important parts of life.

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Sometimes I have to wonder...

i have a couple of questions for you.

1. my friend told me that they are going to stop making PS2 games this summer. i don't believe him. do you have any idea what he's talking about?

2. do you know if square is ever going to release a sequel to final fantasy tactics? it is a great game and the reason i bought my playstation. the recent re-release got me hopeful.

1. can I say this nicely? Oh, yes, your friend is seriously misinformed. Well, I guess there is one way that PS2 games would cease production, that being the end of the world (I'm hoping against that personally).

2. As much as I would love a true sequel to FFT, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it isn't going to happen. If you're wanting some tactical RPG fun, go play some of the Ogre Battle series, Hoshigami, or Saiyuki. Though I haven't Saiyuki yet, a certain very reliable Slime seems to only have nice things to say about it.

Technically this letter was sent to me yesterday, but I didn't print it then, because I wouldn't have been able to avoid ranting and raving about how I had just answered that FFT2 thing the day before. Remember kids: If you want me to make a really funny face, just ask a question the answer to which is just a little above the mailto link. Anyway though, no sudden ceasure of PS2 game production, and no FFT2.


i think this could be a ffx spoiler,
just a quick statement
if all the Ronso's were killed by seymour,
then how the heck is there still a ronso blitz ball team?!?

Well, the luckily for the Ronso blitzball team, Seymour's attack on Mt. Gagazet happened while the blitzball team was in Luca playing blitzball (or at least that's what I assume the situation was). Besides, you can go back to Mt. Gagazet and there are still a few Ronso people running around, Seymour apparently missed a few.

It's times like this where I have to chuckle at how it actually COSTS me money to do this job. (Read: still can't afford a PS2)

The origins of TRPGs


I have a question, a friend and I are arguing about SF and atlusÕ TRPG series. HeÕs trying to say that FFT( and therefore Tactics Ogre, Kartia and Hoshigami) are all rip offs of SF, now IÕve been looking around, and found dates, and screen shots, and movies and what not, and so far IÕve seen that only SF3 is a similar TRPG to any of those. But it came out after those. Am I missing something?


Well, I haven't played the Shining Force games, but according to the Shining Force page on this website, "Shining Force created the strategy RPG genre as the first major North American title of its kind." But, Ogre Battle was released in the same year as Shining Force (in North America), so I don't think that it's a case of one copying the other, more than likely both were in development at the same time and one got finished before the other. That isn't to say, however, that games like Kartia, FFT, and Hoshigami didn't borrow elements from the SF games. Hopefully Goog has played Shining Force and can shed more light on the subject.

It's so very rare that I get to say this, so excuse my excitement but...


Nysomin here is wrong in his deduction that Shining Force 1 and 2 are in any way less like other TRPGs than Shining Force 3 is. The only real differences between Shining Force 3 and the first two are that it has the whole 3 Chapter gimmick (or as it's better known in America, the cause for swearing a blue streak), and polygonal graphics. Odd fact: The polygonal graphics make it look much much worse than the first two. This is the same team that made Golden Sun. When you attack, it switches to the same sort of view, but with, believe it or not, bigger more detailed characters.

Sephiruss and Nyosomin's friend are both wrong in calling Shining Force the first TRPG ever. That would be Fire Emblem. By the way, the number of GENRES of game created by Nintendo by my count is 4.5, and considering how 3.5 of those were created by Shigeru Miyamoto, and how that's roughly the number of other companies that have ever even coughed up ONE, it's a rather freaky statistic.

Nyosomin's friend is also wrong in his use of the term "rip off". When two games are in the same genre, that doesn't make one a rip-off. By that logic, some where around 99% of all things of any kind in the world would be rip-offs. It's particularly bad to talk about TRPGs that way, because I can't think of any two TRPGs which aren't different enough that they require a totally different kind of strategy to be successful, except of course for a few sequels.

Finally, I am wrong evidently, because I could have sworn there was at LEAST a year between Shining Force and Ogre Battle. Speaking of which, Ogre Battle is really a mix between an RPG and an RTS game than the traditional mix of an RPG with a turn based strategy game, which honestly gives it it's own little subcategory of RPG.


The Last Laugh:

Sephiruss: Well, that was interesting. Before I say goodbye for the week, I'd like to first say hi to my nto buddies, 'e' to the left! OK, that being said, see ya next Friday I guess. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Google: ... what the heck? I'm sure I fired off more questions than THAT...

If the magical mail hoarding demons cough it up between now and uh... later, I'll stick the lost ones in, if not, I'll have to dig'em out of the trash and answer them elsewhere. Anyway though, weekend, Chesh, me posting a rant...

OH YEAH! When I post said rant, please read it, so as to reduce the odds of me becoming Evil Incarnate overnight. That's not the sort of thing I'm fond of doing you see.

See, it wouldn't be the fun kill puppies with a thought sort of Evil Incarnate, it'd be the icky deny the world cool cartoons kind.

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