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Googleshng - January 31 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday I was having an odd conversation regarding how many anime series have notable birds in them. Not all that many honestly.

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I sense the dreaded FAQ may be updated again soon...

After losing all my money on books for this coming semester, I'm not going to be able to get a PS2. I could perhaps talk my brother into buying me FFX for the PC if it were coming out. Are there any plans at all for a PC port of the game??

Square hasn't announced any plans for a PC port of FF10, and it doesn't look like they plan to any time soon.

Sequels and prequels and... bears?

I have a couple questions.

1) Some of the battle screens in for Xenosaga look a bit action oriented, and real-time. Is that really the case? And if so, is that all the battles or just the Gear battles?

I just watched the movies recently released that FINALLY actually show some combat. Nothing remotedly real-time about'em.

2) Is it just me, or is DWVII a bit boring after a certain magic user leaves your party for a bit. No real story development for a good 10 hours or so.

I never had a magic user leave my party. Just fighters. Still, I know who you're talking about. Didn't really see it hurt the plot at all though.

3) Your character illustration looks like one of the "Gods" from an anime called Eden's Bowy, sans forehead markings, or course it also looks like a bunch of other anime characters.


Character illustration? Eh?

A whole can of worms

Ohayoo, Guugureshingu.

I was wondering, when do you think Squaresoft will finally lose the Final Fantasy Series... Don't you think 11 with intentions is enough..? Although, excepting 8, they've just been getting better (arguably, of course. But, this isn't a editorial.)

I'm not going to get into a discussion of when Square SHOULD stop making FFs (or should have as the case may be), but I can tell you when they will. Never. For the same reason they called their movie Final Fantasy. There is a very very large number of people who will buy ANYTHING if it has the words Final Fantasy plastered on it. In fact, a good number of them will even blindly LOVE anything under those circumstances. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every person who ever sent me a letter saying that turn based combat was outdated and should never be used by anything, then started singing the praises of turn based combat from the rooftops once they got FF10, then, well, I'd be able to afford FF10.

Why don't more people learn Japanese? IMAO, I think it's one of the most compact, concise, and well-formed language on the planet... though I haven't studied the language of the Ainu.... It's not like it (Japanese) is hard or anything.

There's many reasons more people don't learn Japanese, so let me just give you one of them: Kanji.

As for anime, why does that idiot cartoon network insist on playing Dragonball and Dragonball Z. In my opinion, they're inferior anime. Outlaw Star is where it's at. :)

Much like the FF series, there's a LOOOOOOOT of Dragon Ball fans out there, whether you're one or not.

Blindsiding FF5 spoiler!

Thanks for listening to me rant, sorry about the _one_ RPG question... since the majority of RPG's come from Japan, you could consider 2) a RPGish question.

Ciao, - Alexander Bryanson

The only person in the country to play FF5j and guess that Galuf was an alien *only* by his use of zya for da. :P


I hear that you hate Final Fantasy.
Can you direct me to an example of why this is so...or maybe just tell me?
Just curious.

Uh, you hear wrong. Quite wrong. If I didn't like the FF series, I wouldn't own nearly so many of them.


Hey g,

A few Qs, now that I'm back on the Q end of things.

1. Do you know Aegis and Chesh personally? (i.e., have you met them?)

Well, it would be rather hard for me not to know them being their boss and all. Assuming you mean "Have I ever actually met them face to face, then the answer is yes and no. Aegis I went to E3 with, and I would have split a hotel room with Chesh at ACen, but he had classes and thus didn't show up. Actually, I was planning to split that room with like 6 people, and ALL of them backed out at the last minute. Got stuck with quite the nasty bill there...

2. Which other (non-RPGamer) game sites do you visit regularly?

Most of what's in the links section of my page of rantings, and that's about it.

3. Can I have your Dreamcast?


4. Please?


5. Fine...

I still have games to play on it even!

6. How are Thor and Thor's mother doing these days? I didn't come around here during the Thor days, but lately I've been reading a lot of the archived columns.

Thanks for your time, g.

~jaraph "I simply can't wait for the GC SoA."

Evidently, they have enough money to make rent now, but are having a hard time finding someone who's willing to rent to a long haired tall gaunt freak and his mom. I was about to comment on how weird that is, but then I remembered that most long haired tall gaunt freaks living with their mom I know own.


Hey Goog,

First off, not knowing your gender/species is a great hook, like Pat from SNL. THough I'm sure you don't look nearly as weird.

On to game stuff. I personally hated Hoshigami after about 12 hours of play. I returned it for cash to buy the Blaster Master Redux (Great, for a non-RPG). I also paid for GTA3, also a great game, with a couple of RPG elements. (You can hijack an ice cream truck too!)

I had heard great things about Hoshigami, but it just didn't "click" for me like many other RPG's did. On the other hand, I have loved some other "under-appreciated" rpg's from the past, i.e. Breath of Fire IV. I have FFX, like some parts, hate others. Just glad that it is a better PS2 "movie" than MGS2 was.

Also, I was disappointed that Earthbound never made its N64 debut, leaving the poor hunk of Nintendo effort to not have one decent RPG......

Underground Cult Sensation,
Tom J.

I honestly only have one problem with Hoshigami, but it's a doozy. I can't save often enough. Seriously, if you're trying to get up the towers, you can only save ONCE EVERY FIVE HOURS, unless you give up partway through and start over later. Thanks to this column and the other things I have to do every day, I don't tend to get 5 hour blocks of time to play games.

Regarding Mother 3 (or Earthbound 64 if you prefer) though, I wouldn't be too surprised if it decided to resurface on the Gamecube.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, sephiruss will be guest hosting. Since he, unlike me, has finished FF10, that'd probably be a good thing to ask about.

Oh, and if you want the comfy guest host chair, just cough up Shadow Hearts, Chrono Trigger (SNES), or Shenmue 2 (european+boot disc) for him.

Googleshng "Oh hey, dinner!"
Food food food!

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