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Googleshng - January 30 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ah StarCraft, you're so silly. Anyway, last night, I was sitting here at 2 A.M. in a T-shirt, in front of an open window, in JANUARY, and sweating. That just isn't right. Anyway though, the heat kept me up until 11, at which point I asked someone to poke me if I didn't do anything for an hour. They somehow got 3 hours from that though, so here we are, a bit behind schedule. Doh.

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Mr. Google -- now that I've finished FF X for the 3rd time, I need something new to play. Should I spend my hard-earned (Ok, semi hard-earned) money on Saiyuki, Golden Sun or Shadow Hearts?

If I were in your position, I'd buy Shadow Hearts. That's kinda cheating though, because I already own the other two. Anyway though, Saiyuki plays with interesting mission objectives much like Vandal Hearts, Golden Sun reminds me of the average really good pre-FF7 RPG from a lesser known developer, and SH is, well, the sequel to Koudelka. So, buy whichever you're most in the mood for.

Watch me be straight-faced!

Google, do you know if Final Fantasy X is going to come out on Playstation? Or is it only for Playstation 2? I know FFX has great graphics, and that there's actually vocal talking. It sounds like a darn good game, but will I be able to play it on my good ol' PSX?

Uh, no. Games are never ported to inferior hardware unless the new system is a handheld, or the first system is made by Sega. Plus a DVD holds something around 6-7 times what a CD does, so FF10 on the PSX would have a LOT of disc swapping.


Your making an Anime Music Video? Cool, I've always wanted to do that, but I don't have the software, patience, or inginuity to do it. What Anime and song are you going to use, or have you decided yet?

As for your quick talk about FF10, I have a few things to say about that too...

Cat boy??
Tidus thinks too much
Auron is cool
I like most of it... but it's too linear...

And out of sheer boredom, I'll throw in my own quote, see if you can name the game it came from ^_^

Machine-riding, self-important swine! Take this!

This one shouldn't be too hard ^_^

Beginning of FF6.

Cat boy, AKA Kimahri.

As for the third of a video on my computer, the title of today's column is connected in some way, and you almost definitely haven't seen the anime. It'll be done and shown off somewhere soon enough so that's all I'm saying.



Two questions:

1. What do you think was the most underrated NES RPG? I'm going with Destiny of an Emperor, for the simple fact that I know no one else that has played it. It was well written, had cool characters, and was Chinese themed. Better yet, it had a fast walking speed - very important in a game.

2. Let's hypothetically say I only have enough money to buy one PSX Tactical RPG. Which game is more fun for the money? I dig Chinese mythology, but I've heard some mediocre things of Saiyuki.


Never played Destiny of an Emperor. Most underrated RPG, in terms of people bashing it, I'd have to go with Mystic Quest actually. In terms of them never seeing it in the first place, the original Phantasy Star. And as for Saiyuki (which is pretty close to getting that title itself), I have nothing bad to say of it at all, so go grab it.

Cube-tastic RPGs.

hey google,

I think your quote "Alas, I strike fear into the hearts of few." is from Dragon Warrior 7, from one of the monsters that end up in the monster ranch. I may be wrong though, I'd have to go home and pop it in my PS2 to be sure.

Have you heard rumors of any truly excellent RPGs coming out for the Gamecube? Unique and new, not simply re-releases from other systems, such as Grandia and PSOv2. Not counting the funky Zelda game, or the Mario type games. I was thinking of getting one, but only if they have some top notch RPG titles on the horizon.


You never hear of low profile RPGs being announced within a year of any console's release, and high profile RPGs are pretty much always ports or sequels, so it's a bit too early to be asking such questions. Still, Rune looks pretty interesting, and I have heard of a few big names showing a lot of interesting in doing something on it. Good prognosis. Oh, and here's your tilde: ~


Googleshng (a decidedly female name),
You mentioned that no status ailment works the same in all RPGs. How about Blind? I can't imagine anything other than making it harder to hit your opponent.


I've played at least one game where it makes the screen go black on that character's turn actually.

why do people send those screwed up emails so much?

That's a very good question.

The Last Laugh:

There. All done, and not TOO late, now back I go to uh... there.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzz"
Curse this insane weather.

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