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Googleshng - January 24 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's a lot of descriptions that just don't work. "It's just like chess except it's not a boardgame." "It's just like Dragon Warrior except it's not an RPG." "It's just like a book except you don't read it." "It's just like Trigun except the main character likes to kill people." You have to wonder when people use such descriptions.

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Ho Google,

"Now off to trace woodgrain lines!"
Been a while since you mentioned anything from the Ender series : )

Oh, right, a question. Why did I have a dream the other night in which Imperial Mog turned out to be a kid living a few houses down from my mom?

A chilling vision of things to come?

And on a (slightly) more serious note: do mass emailers get a lot of spam?

I'd imagine so. Telemarketers probably get their share of telemarketers too.

Finally, a good question.
Is cheating in games okay if it's a manifestation of your desire to do everything really well? I mean, who really has the time to fully power up every character, max out their money, and get 99 of every item legitimately, especially with things like Dragon Warrior VII's class system and Final Fantasy X's sphere grid?

Bart, really wanting some beef barley soup

When this letter found it's way into Google's Secret Preview Forum, someone said "Cheating on an RPG is completely pointless, since the only person involved is yourself. If you need justification on why you need to trick yourself, then you need more mental help than I can give."

So since I can't that sort of thing, I'll just have to openly wonder. Since the only real reason to max out everyone's levels is to brag about how much time you poured into the game, what do you stand to gain by doing it through cheating?

What's with all the praise lately?

So what got me into rpgamer was an ad that I saw on gamepro's old website. I don't even know if gamepro is still around. But anyway, your columns and thoughts always chill me out when it's been a SMURF day. I've got a nice comfort of coming home and reading your column. Bring me back into the world of a roleplayer. So I just wanted to say thanks man, because videogames are a pleasant part of my busy life. And sorry I come off as such a jerk sometimes, or at least I feel like I do. How long have you been doing this column anyway? I remeber I got into it a little before Brad's time. So yeah. It's definately one of those staples in my little life. Thanks Googleshng.


Thanks for the compliment. Is this Q&A appreciation week or something though? I've been getting a ton of mail like this. Anyway, I've been doing this for close to 2 and a half years now, which is over twice the next most prolific Q&A host around here, so even if I quit I'd hold that record for quite some time. To put that in terms of guest hosts, I believe it went something like Brad-Ronnie, Me-Ronnie, Me-Brad, Me-Gin, Me-Chesh. I have this horrible feeling I'm forgetting someone in there though who did a darn good job and now has the right to punch me in the face.


1. where did you get inspiration to play so many RPGs and then spend the rest of day working on RPGamer with no day job?

Well, before working at RPGamer, I would spend all day playing RPGs and talking about'em anyway, so it's not exactly like it's a chore.

2. oh, and what was your first RPG and how old were u?
-mine was beating Chrono Trigger twice before I could read (i was like 4 or 5)

Well, the first RPG I ever played was the first RPG ever released in this country, Phantasy Star, when it first came out. I wasn't all THAT young at the time of course, so if I want to brag I have to go back to when I would play Pacman and Joust before I was even a year old.

3. were you sad at the ending of FFX (just say yes or no cuz some of the readers don't want it spoiled)

Why again do people have such a hard time remembering that I'm far too poor to afford a PS2?

4. i just beat FFX and i'm bored stiff! what game should i play now? although now that i've played FFX, i'm gonna think that every game without vocals sucks (hopefully not)....but anyway, i need to know a good game with fun side quests, an addictive story, and a decent battle system

Ian Brady

Hmm... want voice acting? Then go play Koudelka. Hopefully it'll cover everything else you mentioned too.

Out of Proportion.

Haylo Goog,

Yesterday you had a question asking about FFXI's Xbox possibilities, but I've heard a completely different story from the one you replied with. I've heard from numerous people in and out of the gaming industry that, after the financial flop of FF:TSW (Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within) that Sony bailed Square out by buying 1/3 of them, and because of that Square now must have all their FF's on the PS2.

Boy, was that a long sentence.

Anyway, is that true?

- Red643

There is a nugget of truth in there, but it's distorted quite a bit. Sony bought 19% of Square's stock, not a third. There was no obligation placed on Square there to develop games exclusively for them, but you can assume that there will be a PS2 version of any game Square makes for any other system anyway, since Sony and Square have been in bed with each other for quite a while now and it's pretty much the main thing keeping them afloat.

Today's Hoshigami question


What do the "Aid" skills do when equipped on characters? I have a feeling that they might help against coin attacks of that diety, but I'm not too sure. Any insight?

They do a lot of little things. The main ones are giving you the bonuses to the stat and weapon associated with that element. Not really worth it compared to fun skills.

If it wasn't a slow news week...

FF10 spoilers sez the subject line.

Hello Google!
This is to tell everyone I'm still alive. Well not entirely, but I might as well say it if I'm here. I'm still a Xenogears freak, prolly always will be... but as for my question:
In Final Fantasy X, inside Sin, do you know how to beat Jecht? I can get to where he rips his sword out of his chest, and then he does his mega +3,000 HP on everyone hits two times in a row and then gets his overdrive to finish off his fun little attack-fest on Auron... taking 2,000 or so HP from the poor guy who only has, like, 300 left (6300 something is Auron's HP). Can you give me any sort of advice on this? ::whimpers:: I want to be able to beat the game sometime soon before someone gets bored of waiting and just 'has' to tell me how it ends.
Thank you so much for everything ^.^ Take care!


I checked with someone who's actually played the game on this, but it turns out I didn't really need to. While I do get sick of the exact lists of spells and abilities being in so many games, it makes my job easier. Use people who have a lot of HP to begin with, remember that in pretty much every RPG, not only do defensive spells exist, but they have an amazing capacity to not suck, and if all else fails, there's auto-life.


Orson Scott Card
Axem 5

1! 1 person who caught the reference!

Ho, Goggleshng...
I couldn't help but notice your obsessive-compulsive trait of tracing woodgrains. So... who's your favorite O.S Card character, and why?
/Pfeizer (I punish myself by watching dubbed anime.)

2! 2 people who caught the reference! Oh, and Bean.

Orson Scott Card quotes are fun. "Remember, the enemies gate is DOWN."

3! 3 people who caught the reference! *thunder* Ah-Ah-AH!

Games whose publishers are too quiet. Good one, Goog.

They are! Normally ya can't shut'em up, but this week almost nobody's making a peep!

The Last Laugh:

Tada! Back to a reasonable updating hour! Oh, and tomorrow Jaraph will be here for 1 last column thanks to the slowness of the postal service, try sticking 2 names in greetings to be polite.

Googleshng "Enemy Golbat used CONFUSE RAY! Ray was confused!"
and other ways to have fun with Pokémon names.

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