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   The Problems of Obsessive Behavior  
Googleshng - January 22 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There are two obsessive-compulsive traits I have, which, when set off, can make me drop everything for several hours. Last night and this morning, the same person managed to set both of'em off. On the plus side though, this weekend I wrote 2/5ths of the first expansion to the diceless RPG I threw up for you all a couple weeks ago. If 3 more people end up paying for it, I'll have to finish it up this weekend. For now though, time to write a column QUICK!

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Hey Goog,

I had so much free time in the last few months, I think I finsihed every RPG I wanted to play in the last year or two. Maybe more. It was good to finally see what all the fuss about was in Xenogears, I really enjoyed that game.

I think people will still be just finishing Xenogears for the next 5 years or so. I can't name another game where I've met more people who shelved it for a couple years. Except maybe Wild ARMs...

Anyways, I'm quite bored once again, and was wondering what's the next RPG coming out for PS/PS2/PC that you consider to be top notch, or at least mildly entertaining? Anything you are looking forward to? I hear Arc the Lad is a bit of a ways off..

Everyone's dates are pretty fuzzy lately, so I'm not sure whether Xenosaga or Arc will be out first. That's all I can think of that's noteworthy for those systems. Strangely enough, the market for RPGs is currently focused on the GBA.

Oh and the quote "Night DARES hamper the sight of Tiax" is from Baldur's Gate for the PC (might have been in 2 as well) spoken by the Cyric worshipping (halfling?) I never had him in my party, saving all my evil up for viconia. heh.



Wow, first day. Here's your tilde: ~

Why people should listen to me, Volume 4.

First question, will FFXI come out for xbox? I am planning on buying ps2 (have Xbox now) for games like FFX, Xenosaga, MGS2, and more, but would really like to use xbox built in broadband. Also, I am thinking about getting into video game design/programming. What programs/languages should I learn, classes should I take, and do I have to learn Japanese? Much appreciated.

(Volumes 1-3 were in private conversations last night.) I'm told that in a recent interview, Square gave Xbox the same sort of laughing no they did to the Saturn back in the day. So, the outlook isn't too good for you there. As for programming, last I checked the vast majority of games are still coded in assembly or C++. Japanese won't really help you much.

It's odd how often people ask this.

Hey Goog,

I was just wondering and all, about the RPGamer staff and how you get the time to answer RPG questions on a daily basis and how the other staffers continually update the media and news coverage on a daily basis. Dont you guys have jobs? Even part time? If I am right to say that most of you guys/girls are in your late teens/early 20's most of you would be in college as well,. which means going to class and doing homework and studying on a daily basis as well. Then there's sleep.......sooooooo how do ya do it man??

Well, you did describe most of the staff pretty accurately there. I of course have no day job, and I'm not in college, so I have plenty of time for both game playing and game uh... talk-about-ery. Anyway, when I asked everyone else around at the moment, they suggested I just paste in the conversation. So, here it is:

TRC: class?
LordBrian: magic
FireMyst: ...
Rico: Sleep?
Scarmiglio: didn't you do that question the LAST time I worked here?
Scarmiglio: I remember that from somewhere
Googleshng: Scar: probably.
Googleshng: people ask every once in a while
Rico: His argument really goes downhill at the sleep and studying part...
Googleshng: hehehe
Googleshng: anyone have any glib comments you actually want printed?
Googleshng: because if not I'm going to end up calling you all lazy bums. 8)
Scarmiglio: but we are
Googleshng: I know
Rico: No argument here.
Googleshng: just thought someone wanted something said in their defense. 8)
TRC: we do it at the lack of a social life!
Scarmiglio: just c/p this conversation ;p
Scarmiglio: that sounds right
TRC: well that and does he realize how many people work here?

So, honestly they weren't much help at all. The reall bottom line though is, we have a staff of over 20 people, and those who have to juggle classes, a day job, and their work here simply slack off a bit with all three. You know the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" don't you?

Drugs are bad, m'kay.

Minor FF8 spoiler
Hey Goog,

I was laying in bed one night and I was thinking about Final Fantasy 8, and I remembered something about some crazy boss. Now was I high, drunk, or both, or is there a boss in FF8 that lives in the basement of Balamb Garden and is all big and yellow and sits in some big egg thing? Cause if there was, that boss seemed real out of place man. Thanks for the help.


Such a boss does exist. Named NORG. That doesn't entirely rule out your being drunk and/or high at the time though I suppose.

Is to day official game development day or what?

Slime Half!

A question was asked during yesterday's Ask Aegis about game scripts being spellchecked. From my own limited experience working in the game industry, specifically in the field of editing scripts, they are spellchecked. The problem is, text editing isn't typically done within the actual game code, and you can't spell check the code. Since the process of putting the script edits into the ROM isn't just a simple matter of copy and pasting, even if the game script is completely error free after it passes through copy edit, there's a chance that errors will pop up elsewhere in the process.

Hope that helps,
--Sean "Hoping Google's transformation from Slime to human is less graphic..." Peters

OK, THAT mental picture even sickens ME. Speaking of stuff printed yesterday though, fun fact: At E3 various people had demos of their GBA games playing via a Super Game Boy style adapter for the N64. Not like there's really a chance of those being released to the public, but it DOES go to show Nintendo's still willing to design accessories for those of us who like bigger screens.

A little Hoshi

Hey Goog,

Man, gotta love Hoshigami. One of the best tactical RPG's since of the only tactical games since FFT. Anyway, on to my question. I've been building up level 1 coins for a while, wondering why they aren't going to level 2. Now, I finally get a seal to make it go to level 2, but it lowers the stats a crapload! Is there any way to build a coin up to its next level without having the stats go all the way back down again? Thanks..!

Brian "Baseball is wrong!! A man with four balls can't walk!" Siedenburg

I always feel guilty when I give long questions short answers, but I don't have much choice here. "Nope. Sorry."


The Last Laugh:

Ack. This is the latest I think I've ever gotten a column up. Goog thing I have enough weekend letters to not kill tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay. Oh yeah though, I threw a new rant up if it's any consolation!

Googleshng "This took so long that big fireball went up AND down!"
Now off to trace woodgrain lines!

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