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Googleshng - January 18 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Two people I've known for a few years who coincidentally used to work at RPGamer- er, no wait, that's decidedly NOT a coincidence. It's how I know'em. Anyway though, 2 people I know mentioned today that they're thinking of moving up and over to my neck of the woods. Kinda strange that. If Sharkey decides to move in to that vacant house down the street I'll have to start up some kind of legion of doom or something.

Jaraph: Hello again, all (nod). Has it been a week already? It seems like I just saw all your little faces yesterday...ah, how time flies. Oh yeah, I thought this time around I'd give my e-mail address - - just so anyone who finds my answers ignorant or my humor asinine can report directly to me. Actually, I'm always up for a little RPG discussion e-mail style, so you can contact me whenever. We'll talk. No big whoop.

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Greetings (Zelgadis mopes) Googleshng, now give me some coffee
I have to ask since I've been watching the Slayers DVD's and laughing my ass off, have you noticed that there's some mocking of the RPG cliche's there. The cast seems right out of one but only if they had a cute animal character. I'd just imagine Lina beating the living daylights out of it which would be satisfying to some. Now if I only had some money to get NEXT and TRY at some point soon. How do you get funds for whatever since you don't work?
Imperial Mog

Mogulator, you forgot me this time. And after I was so thankful last time...sniff...
Strangely enough, I've also thought throwing some fuzzy bit of cuteness into the Slayers gang would be amusing. Even more strangely, I've also often wondered how in the world G gets the money to support his hobby/career/whatever in the world she calls it. soul...

People always get this weird impression that I get money and spend it and stuff. Truth be told I simply survive on wit and guile. Sometimes charm and moxie too. Or more seriously, I have this mysterious power to maintain a certain lifestyle no matter what, but I can never improve it. In theory though, I could improve it if you would, to quote The Critic,

Buy my BOOK!

And of course I wasn't giving any cash from that straight to charity. Dagnabit. I need to actually charge for something some time...

Oh, and Slayers has plenty of cute fuzzy animals! There's uh... Noonsa!

If this is your greatest problem in life...

Yo (Ludacris raps) Google-SHNG!!!


Anyways, here's the basic dilemma. I have too many RPG's for my own good, plus college scholarship stuff, school work, and other various crap. So basically, I want your opinion on which one I should finish first considering I don't have time to finish all of them in a week. Heres my list: FFVIII (yeah, I know I'm behind, shut up), FFIX (already halfway through), Lunar 1 and 2, and Pikmin. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Peace Out,

-Kefka, Jr.

Too many games; that certainly is a pickle you're in there, my friend. Anyway, since you're pressed for time, you're probably seeking the best time spent/fun received ratio possible. What I would do in your situation is the following: Pikmin first. It's a good bit of fun, and it should take you a relatively short time to beat. I'd then hit the Lunars; I think 2 has quite a bit more to offer, but both are fun, and neither requires too large a time commitment. Play the FFs last; desperate times call for average games to go to the bottom of the stack.

That's the same exact thing I was going to say. So I get to type filler! I remember when I was little I never felt pressured to finish games. Was it because I was young and unobsessive? NO. Not as many games to play? No. It was that games couldn't BE finished back then. And what does this have to do with anything? Nothing. Told you it was filler.

Some guests don't grock quickies: Part 1

how do u beat evaret in ff10.i beat him once then died.and 4 got how 2.i beat the crap out of him till he does haste then kills me. please help.thank you

Remember last week when I mentioned my PS2-hogging roommate? Well, the situation has not been alleviated in the least, so I remain unable to answer your q, despite having received the tasty treat that is FFX for Christmas. In leiu of a real answer, I shall once again dig into my bag of disturbing barnyard tales: My aunt's dog, by some unimaginable means, once gained access to the hen house. Not satisfied with merely scaring and/or eating the hapless fowl, the mutt bit the heads off every last bird. The strange part? When they finally found what had happened, two of the headless chickens were still running around.

I think ALL barnyard tales are disturbing. I've never heard one that wasn't. Anyway though, to answer the question at hand, you could cast dispel to negate that haste, you could cast haste on yourself, you could do both, you could just use generally effective strategies...

Imperial TOG

Hurray! Tactics Ogre Gaiden is coming to the US! Now I can stop writing you letters asking about it.


That's funny, 'Hurray!' was the first thought I had when I heard the news, too. Want some even better news? Thanks to a generous reader, I'll soon be able to experience the first TO whenever I wish......well, it's good news to me....

See, I have no real reaction to the fact that TOG is coming to the US getting leaked out because I've known we were getting it for like half a year now. That's what sucks about having a job like this. You hear all sorts of juicy news early, but don't get to say a word about it to anyone.

Reference time!

Your brain is always generating fluff.

Well, the natural assumption to make is that, since I didn't make the comment about my head being able to generate fluff, this comment isn't directed to me. However, I am instead going to make the assumption that your comment was, indeed, intended to insult my vastly superior intellect. Thus, I cast my HurtMore spell on you...what's this? You already cast StopSpell on me, so you escape unharmed *and* I lose my turn!?! Scurvy knave...

Nononono... you have it all wrong. What's in my brain is my common sense which prevents me from having tea and no tea. The fluff is in my pocket, on my shirt at the party, in a potted plant, and uh... dagnabit! Where was that last one? On the boat? Been forever.

The Last Laugh:

Jaraph: Well, gang, I guess that does it for my guest-hosting stint. It was fun, more than I thought it would be, actually. As I mentioned above, two people have offered me copies of Tactics Ogre, so I guess I'll be deciding between the two offers and turning in my badge. Oh, and one final word of advice. If someone offers to trade you a taco for your girlfriend's photograph, wait until she leaves the room to make the trade. I had to learn that one the hard way...

Google: Hey look! A Christmas present from my cousin! GASP! The gift money can't buy! Source code! Wait... money can buy source code... hmm... idea...

Googleshng "Behold! The Legion of Doom!"
Google! Evil mastermind and game designer! Thor! Thundergod from the Frozen North whose sole weakness is trees! Sharkey! With the power to make Star Trek alumni cry! And Silkenray! Master of the deadly arts!

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