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Googleshng - January 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Why does today's column have such an odd title? Because I couldn't think of one, and that's the first thing anyone said after I said I would "use the next thing anyone says as a column title." Why someone said this is a story for another time... no wait, it isn't, you'd really kinda have to be there.

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You're still doing front-page title quotes here, right?

Because "Oh.. I'm sorry. I was so afraid YOU would be the one to mess up that I'm the one that did!" is from Rhapdosy, a high quality and severely unappreciated game with some wonderful songs, including True Courage, which Cornet and Kururu sing to convince Etoile to help them defeat the giant worm that has swallowed them and a train load of people. Etoile says this quote if you successfully destroy the worm heart on your side at the right time (maybe only on the first try). It's rather annoying, because then you have to do the fight again. Not that this is a challenge.

The quote is also incomplete, because it ignores Etoile's laugh, which follows everything she says. --

You are correct. Here is your tilde: ~

A multiparter

Hey, Google.

1 - Is there a japanese actor who is also called Yoshitaka Amano? Or is the Amano we all know also an actor? Why do I ask this? Look:

Hmm! That's a good question. I'm going to have to go with C- There aren't really any actors named Yoshitaka Amano, but some crazy freak talked the character designer we all know and love (or hate as the case may be) into appearing in a movie. And hey, after doing a tiny bit of research, it turns out I was right! You have to wonder about someone who sticks a famous Japanese character designer in a cyberpunk movie, but you have to wonder about a person who makes such a movie to begin with. Despite coughing up one of the best movies of the last decade, I have reason to suspect it's an inherently lame genre.

2 - Do you play Diablo II? What's your favorite class? Do you play it online? Can we find you in a realm?

While I've always had a soft spot for necromancers and their craft, I think the druid is the most fun. I don't tend to play online though.

3 - Is Golden Sun really as good as people are saying? Why? Should I get it?

It's pretty darn good yeah. I should finish it some time.

4 - Just a wondering: what's your favorite music type, and your favorite singer/band?

Minakata "my name is not RPG related, but there are too many Locke's out there already" Moriya

My favorite music type eh? I don't believe I have one. Unless there's some sort of label that encompasses anime theme songs, classical, Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, and various things from the 80s. I think I covered your other questions giving that answer too.

Called it! Subject: Ahhh, you heretic!

Google! Why do you disgrace yourself so by bashing Suikoden? I fart on your bias. I fart so hard that I POOP on your bias! The Suikoden series is the best I've ever played. The music is excellent, and both games make you feel warm and tingly inside at the end. Besides, half of the characters from the first return in the second, and they both have good plots.

(And I'll have you know that Gensu Suikoden is longer than 10 hours. =P)

- Kylar the Angry Asian Porpoise ^_^

When I posted that letter yesterday, I told everyone around me it was guarrenteed to get me at least one flame. I need to start putting money on that sort of thing. Anyway, I could point out that this person, like most who use the term 'round these parts, has no idea whatsoever what "bias" actually means, and I could argue about all the other stuff in there too, but I'm going with the assumption that this is all joke screaming because the real kind is always in capslock and full of typos. Instead I'll just point out the fact that nobody has EVER even TRIED to make a case to me for Suikoden being a good game without just talking about Suikoden 2 instead.

More FF10ery

FF10 spoiler? Probably not...

I missed an item in the first temple and when I returned they told me that there were warrior monks searching for me. So I couldn't enter, which meant I couldn't collect the item. I read that in order obtain 'ANIMA' I needed all of the temple treasures. Also without anima I couldn't obtain the 'MAGUS SISTERS'. I read your last column on the subject, and would really appreciate any help on this.Thankyou.

striding cloud

When I passed this along to someone who has FF10, they replied "Advance the plot ONE STEP."

This brings me to a personal pet peeve. I FREQUENTLY get people asking for help whose problem wouldn't exist if they were just playing a game on their own and not looking in a walkthrough every step of the way (which isn't necessarily the case with this letter I know but it still set me off).

The worst case of this I ever saw was when someone wrote in saying they just got the plane in FF7 and a walkthrough said they had to crash it but they couldn't figure out how. You know, the plane in FF7 that gets shot down during the FMV where it's taking off and thus really works as a boat?

The moral of this story is, games are more enjoyable when you play them for yourself rather than use online resources to make sure you get every little item. The practical moral of this story is, Google really doesn't like seeing letters along the lines of "I can't figure out how to do something some random person told me I have to do next!" unless that random person is Google.

Ahh... wordplay.

My school is offering a scholarship to spend 6 weeks in Japan this summer. The latest bulletin included this sentence on that subject, "Any student who is interested in spending the summer studying in Japan should see their counselor." See the dual meaning there? I found it exceedingly amusing.


What? You mean to imply there's something WRONG with you if you want to spend your summer studying? More seriously, going to Japan is an experience most find enjoyable. Although many anime fans tend to be in for a few unpleasant surprises.


you've used the word "poof" more than once... Just so you know...

I've used the word poof an awful lot more than once. It's part of my regular vocabulary. Don't see anything odd about that either.

The Last Laugh:

That was a fairly silly column. Hmm... my brain seems unable to generate fluff today. So, uh, bye!

Googleshng "Here's to tiny states!"
There you go Astral Boy! Shooting lasers at things!

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