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Googleshng - January 15 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night, I check my mail, all set to write a column, and what do I see? Nothing. No questions, no spam, no webmaster mail, nothing. Evidently my mailbox had decided to die sometime that morning. So, if you sent anything in, I didn't see it. It's working now though, so I do have some letters to print for you today.

Oh, and there might be one or two minor FF10 spoilers in here if you're squeamish.

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See? I CAN answer FF10 questions!

Is it true that missing the broken sphere treasures the first time through the temples prevents you from getting just about everything cool in the game... if so, that really sucks since FFX is soooooo linear I will never play it again after finishing it

Nope. A- you don't miss all that much, and B- you can go back a bit later in the game. So it beats FF7 in that department it seems.

Shenmue 1 or 2?

Hi Google!

A I have to play Shenmue to understand what's going on in Shenmue 2? Or is there enough of an intro that I won't be lost in the storyline?



Nope. Shenmue 2 has a surprisingly long recap movie of the first game stuck in it for people who missed it. Not to mention the fact that the Shenmue games have a very very very slow paced story to'em. The first game only covers the first 16th don't forget.

Mecha lecha hi?

I was wondering if the battles in Xenosaga are all in giant robots, or is there also hand to hand combat like in Xenogears. I found fighting hand to hand in Xenogears much more enjoyable than fighting in the gears.

The last time I checked, you can't start a fight in giant robots in Xenosaga, so unless it takes a while for fights to really get started, you can indeed fight on foot. Of course, you realize that this has no bearing at all on your concern, because the way combat works either way will almost definately be changed, hopefully in a fashion you'll enjoy.


Hey Chesh,

I'm looking for some new RPG series to get into. I haven't tried out Grandia or Suikoden yet...what are your opinions on them? I'll probably rent them first, but I'd like to know what you think of them.

Also, to the guy who wrote about blitzball on the 13th...among the prizes that you get for playing, it's the only way Wakka will get new Overdrives. Punk. In Luca, get Wedge on your's the only way I ever win anything since I didn't learn the Jecht shot :(

Bullets McDeath

Hmm... a letter sent to me when the mailto was pointing at Aegis that starts Hey Chesh. Odd. Anyway though...
Grandia: It has some charm to it, but I'm put off a bit by the RIGID linearity and the rediculous lack of difficulty. Oh, and when I say rediculous lack of difficulty, I mean I didn't take any damage the entire time. I wasn't even taking time to character build either.
Suikoden: A 10 hour game where 108 characters join your party. Do the math. People complain about Chrono Cross not really having any character development. I'm told the second one is a bit better in that regard, and a bit longer, but to be perfectly honest I haven't ever personally given it a shot.

As for what I WOULD recommend to you, Not A Series. The last few years have coughed up a ton of really great games which either don't have any sequels (Skies of Arcadia, any TRPG, Paper Mario), or have really wretched sequels (Vandal Hearts 2, PE2... although to be fair I can't call the first one GREAT...)

If you insist on a series though, try the Phantasy Star series, or the Lunar series. Good luck on the first though.

The Last Laugh:

There you go. Every letter that wasn't lost in the void. Now off I go to save uh... stuff, from... things. Oh, and I threw another rant up over the weekend. 2 in a row there. Freaky eh?

Googleshng "Poof"
Enemy Goldbat used Confuse Ray! Ray was confused!

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