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Googleshng - January 10 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

A note to developers: Don't make people go 5 hours without saving. Ever. Especially if that last hour has a cheesy gimmicky thing that people won't necessarily get the first time.

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Big multiparter

Happy New Year, Goog! Guess what? I GOT QUESTIONS FOR YOU!!!! AREN'T YOU EXCITED?!?!?!

Ahh! Scawy caps-lock!

1)Okay, it's that time again. Which of the following untouched games should I play:Dragon Warrior 7, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean 2, Vagrant Story, or Breath of Fire 4?

DW7 and VP are both pretty spiffy.

2)How much time do you NOT spend working on RPGamer? On a related note, what do you do when you're not working on RPGamer, playing games, or watching anime?

On a typical day? I spend about 7 hours sleeping, the rest is RPGamer. As for side interests, the only other thing I honestly tend to do is design games.

3)This really isn't a question, but a warning: DON'T EVER PLAY WCW THUNDER!!! The worst wrestling game ever made, as I recently found out. It sucks, you can win in ten seconds just by choking your opponent.

I steer clear of wrestling games to begin with.

4)I live in New York. You live in Connecticut. Connecticut scares me. Pooooof.

Connecticut scares you? That's very very odd.

5)Who do you think would win a fight between Cloud and Squall? I say Cloud, because he's a big tough mofo, and Squall's just kind of a whiny mama's boy.

And in closing, just a reminder: don't ever sit on your boss's lap and fart. That tends to irritate them.

Robust Stu

Ah, Cloud vs. Squall. They're generally even, except that Cloud has more head problems, and Squall gripes about'em more. All things being equal though, I'd have to give the edge to the one with a gun in his sword.

How rumors get started

Dear Rpgamer:

Has there been any talk or guarentees of remakes of Secret of Mana 1 & 2, in english version? Can or will Squaresoft decide to this like how they did it for Final Fantasy Antholigies, and FF Chronicles? If this could happen, I would definitely like to see it happen. Please reply to my question asap, my email address is .

Peter Yang

First of all, there is no such thing as "Secret of Mana 2" out there. There's Seiken Densetsu, (Final Fantasy Adventure), Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana), Seiken Densetsu 3 (never released here), and Seiken Densetsu 4 (Legend of Mana). Anyway, I don't see Square touching any of them again any time soon.

Hoshigami Headed... Hmm... His House!

Hello Google,

I've been hearing numerous bad remarks directed towards Hoshigami. Granted, being the fickle person I am, I would like to try the game out myself. However, so far i've been unable to find a release date for the peeps/gamers over here (UK). I was hoping if you'd know if there was a slight chance of it appearing over here, or am I just hoping for the impossible?


I've never heard anything about a European port of Hoshigami, and seeing as it's from a very minor publisher (Maxfive), the odds of there being one are about as slim as they come. So, looks like you're out of luck... or lucky, depending who you ask.

The Last Laugh:

Darn these skimpy letter piles. They lead to skimpy columns! How to solve this problem... perhaps with skimpy dresses! Of course the week's about over for me, I'll have to talk CC into wearing one for ya.

Oh, and tomorrow Jaraph will be guest hosting. To wrest the throne from him, just throw him Tactics Ogre, FF3 (the imported NES game, not FF6), or Front Mission 3. Wow. Those are fairly easy really. Anyway though, send much questions tonight, for these short columns are freaking me out.

Googleshng "Skimptacular!"
Scary but true: I could see CC going for it.

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