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Googleshng - January 9 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Too bad it's wednesday. Otherwise that'd be a REALLY nasty pun. Anyway, you'll see where today's column comes from shortly.

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A one...

*waves at Googleshng*

I seem to have something of a problem in Dragon Warrior 7. I've just done the Dharma Temple part, and now I'm thoroughly stuck, without enough shards to move on. Consulting various walkthroughs, I've come to the conclusion that the one I'm missing is in the cave the wandering tribe people take you to, the one where you drain the water away from the temple. Apparently, I'm suppossed to have gotten a treasure chest containing a shard while the water was drained. Unfortunately, I didn't, and now when I go back in time the tribe is nowhere to be found. Can I salvage my game? It would be a shame to throw the whole thing out the window after I just got Stampede. By the way, any tips on how to make that work more often?

"You guys take care of the bandit stuff, and leave the cooking to me!"

Another reason not to use walkthroughs there. Every so often they give you really bad advice. I can say for certain that you can't actually MISS shards. I can also say that if you've gotten through the cave'o'Mech Soldiers, you can go there in the present and get shard hints. Beyond that there's not much I can say but "Backtrack and search carefully." So I will. Backtrack and search carefully.

Oh, and Stampede's damage and accuracy are based SOLELY on level. Towards the end of the game it works like 90% of the time.

... and a two!

Hey Google,
How did you have your characters set up in Lufia The legend is Ruined. I'm almost at the end, and have hardly been able to learn any special wave commands.
You said you wanted Tsugunai a few days ago. Can you explain what kind of game it is? My girlfriend got it for me when I asked for Hoshigami (I don't see how she could confuse those two), and I've had it a month without taking it out of the clear plastic. It looks like an Action/RPG which I hate almost as bad survival horror, and wonder what you think of it. Mechanics, stlye? Whatever?
Anyway back to Hoshigami, and Pikmin. Hope you get FFX soon as it changes many of the things you found stale. I beat it in 2 weeks (which is a personal record), and enjoyed every minute.

The Great Cornholio

Let me think... first row was red yellow red, then green red green then blue yellow blue or somesuch. Don't really remember, and someone is borrowing the game.

Now, as for Tsugunai, I can some it up in one a sentence: "You know that old show Quantum Leap?"

Oh, and I DO here a lot of good things about FF10. Again though, it's all moot unless someone drops $500 in my lap.

And a- Hey! Where did this letter come from? It kills my pun!

Why do you act as though you hate FFX so much when you haven't even played it? That's a pretty immature way of acting, just because you expected it to be boring dribble and it ended up being a great RPG and a #1 hit.

OK, I get this sort of thing a LOT. Evidently, there's some parallel dimension out there where the Googleshng hates everything in the world and is just a bitter jerk. Somehow, letters to that vile little creature sometimes cross the dimensional barrier and end up coming to me. I have never said anything bad about FF10... well, unless you count me saying that that character designer sucks, but that has no real effect on the merits of the game.

The Last Laugh:

I could have SWORN there were only 2 letters that met printing criteria in today's box. I suppose I should go back up and change the title, but 3's Day isn't a pun! Oh, and if you sent in a letter you felt was decent that didn't get printed, might I suggest using my ISP deleting my e-mail account last night and not getting it back until like, 2 hours ago. Not that the letters got lost mind you, I just sent a lot of personal replies today and I'm sure a few were eaten.

Googleshng "Rooks' abilities all increase!"
Remind me again... why isn't Arcana in our coverage? Oh right. Ancient clerical error.

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