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Googleshng - January 8 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, I post my column, sign off with just a handful of minutes left on my intermediary ISP, and wait a few days for my DSL to get hooked up. Meanwhile, what happens around here? A couple staffers and my page of rantings get abducted by ninjas. So, I threw on my cloak, grabbed my staff, and headed out to rescue them. They have now all been safely returned home, safe and sound as far as I could tell, and I even managed to throw a new rant up on the way. Unfortunately, while I was out, a second group of ninjas stuck into my e-mail client, and stole both my ability to send mail, AND the e-mails from the people who won my pseudo-contest back in October for the subject of my Halloween scary pic, which is now REALLY late... you guys want to throw those at me again?

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My old nemesis returns!

Hey Google,

I know some games on Sega Net(I think that's the right name for it anyway) are pay-for-play and othes are free, do you know which are? I've heard conflicting reports on PSO and a few others. I was going to get PSO, but then a friends told me it's pay-for-play, but then the people at EB said it isn't.

Oh, and what DC RPGS are coming to the US, I know a lot of RPGs are coming out for it, but are they being brought to America?


"You don't know how much you love the cheese on your burger, *sigh* until they forget to put it on..."

OK, before PSO was released, I was asked this sort of thing so many times that I made this. PSO has no monthly fees. In fact, ABSOLUTELY NO Dreamcast games have any monthly fees, with the exception of PSO Version 2. Personally I don't think having a higher level of difficulty and a much higher level cap are worth it.

Now, as for what DC RPGs are coming to the US, uh, at the moment, none. None are even coming to Japan. Development for the system has ended. Quite a while ago. At the moment though, every store is cleaning the games off the shelves, so you can get some GREAT deals on DC games. I just picked up some brand new games for $7 each the other day. Try to find Skies of Arcadia.

On Hoshigami

Hey there Googleshng,
How are you today? After finding out that the school's administrators have snowshoes permanently grafted to their feet ala Return To Castle Wolfenstein, I came home to play my new game that I'm working on a review for, Hoshigami.
How to put this subtly? HELP ME!!!
For the love of God, what was MaxFive thinking? It takes HOURS to rebuild characters that automatically die in battle. I thought this was the team that brought us Final Fantasy Tactics. The difference in playability is horrendous. If that wasn't bad enough, the learning curve is just as bad, if not worse.
If anyone has any suggested battle tactics (other than getting to like floor twenty of the Tower of Trial), please send me them!

How to character build in Hoshigami: Hop into the first floor of a tower of trial.
Set them up in a bit of a ring with Fire facing Lightning facing Ice facing Light facing Wind facing Earth facing Fire.
Have everyone just whack the person they're facing as lightly as possible over and over for oh, say... an hour.
Use full sessions to take out the losers who've been attempting to hit you this whole time.
Head to a temple to harvest all the skills you got doing this.
Whatever fight you're stuck on should now be QUITE manageable.

And if all else fails, figure out how the coin system works so you can wipe out your enemies before they can even blink.

and on a related note...

What's up Google?

So I got Hoshigami for Christmas. I just got around to starting it, and I need to know: How much should I worry about keeping my mercenaries alive? Because I can't seem to get through the third mission without losing at least two.


Luckily, while you do tend to lose generic characters here and there, Hoshigami is infinitely better than FFT when it comes to replacements. New mercenaries start at whatever multiple-of-5 level you last go everyone up to, and more importantly have a devotion level on par with what they'd have if you'd brought'em up yourself. You can rename'em and pick how they look too.

A Lunar 2 question? O_o

Hey there slime of the Google variety -

I am having a rough time in Lunar 2 :EBC, and since I may or may not remember if you've played it, I decided to push the send button in your direction. I'm currently stuck in the Black Dragon cave after defeating Borgan, and I can't get through the cave itself. My levels are around 38-37 for my party, and yet I seem to get smacked down every time I try to go through. Do I just need to level-build, or is there some clever trick I'm not taking advantage of? Thanks in advance.


How to beat any boss late into Lunar 2 with no problems: Cast White Dragon Protect every round.


Goog, I'm confused.

The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons system has been around for a very long time, and while it is time honored, I must ask the one question... WHY??? The AD&D system has glaring flaws that the 3rd Edition D&D fixed. Thac0 and Armor Class numbers were confusing. Stat changes changed EVERYTHING, making it necessary to go through an upheaval just to level up. The systems gave me migranes. With AD&D, 2 Baulders Gate games have been made for the PC, plus Planescape: Torment, and 2 Icewind Dale's. The AD&D system is whacked, but 3eD&D is the light. Why are they making yet another game (Neverwinter Nights) with the massively flawed AD&D engine? Why would they do that when they could be doing so much better? Just thought I should speak my piece.

Walo "Sure it will save lives, but MILLIONS will be late!"

On most of what you said, I agree completely. Up until the complete overhaul that is 3rd Edition, AD&D has always had the most poorly conceived, senseless, arbitrary, and incomplete set of rules I have ever seen in an RPG. Combat in particular, which is honestly where most of the rules apply, is heavily heavily flawed, with way too little accuracy, minute long rounds, and no variety. Oh, and the class balancing is absolutely atrocious. There is absolutely no good reason to model computer RPGs after it's rules, yet for years, practically everyone has been doing so.

Therefore, you should be pretty happy to know that you're wrong about NWN. It IS going to use 3rd Edition rules according to everything I've ever heard. (Although, fair warning, I DID double check my answer to this question and thus I may invoke that curse...)

Euro date

Hey Mr Goog/Googette/Googthing.

I've been hearing how FFX rocks and its great and its the best thing that ever happened to the planet since Paws was glimpsed treading daintily on a rooftop wearing nothing but a red collar, but but but, when will it be released in the UK? Cause I'd really like to play it. Really Really. Even some kinda complete guess would be nice.

Cheers Bud.


It's the best thing that ever happened to the planet since last night? Well THAT'S not saying much. On to your question though. I'll just look in our release sec- no. On FF10's pa- no. On a site with date listings for everyt- no. Hmm... I know! I'll just ask RPGamer's resident Brit! Oh, wait. He's been kidnapped by ninjas too. I thought ninja season wasn't supposed to start until spring? Maybe I'm thinking samurai season...

Seriously speaking though, if I ever dig it up, I'll post it in here. A few people are wondering, but it's DARN hard to find that date... I'll say April if you really want a guess.


Yesterday you said that you get 4 frisbees when buying FFX. However, FFX is on one disc.

Son of Sabin
"If I had a monkey for everytime I heard that, I would have caught Ebola by now!"

Right. The other 3 are the case, the instructions, and the cover insert. They just don't fly as well.

Riddle me this,

Will the GBA Tactics Ogre be crippled by the horrendous level-up system that was founded in its Super Famicom/PSX predecessor?


Probably yeah. Hoshigami is too by the way, but not quite as badly.

how do you get banana's from Sales House O'Bananas?

By going through the trading game. Start by winning a yoshi doll.

where can i find shining force 3 roms?? i don't have a saturn but i'v beat both games so far but can't play the third one please tell me where i can find it

Well, you can find them on Shining Force 3 discs albeit that's a tad tricky in itself.

I think its a really bad idea for for Final Fantasy to go online. That takes the game away from a lot of die hard players ou there. What is up with Squaresoft. Will it go back to normal after 11 or is the Final Fantasy world gone completely to hell?

There are a menagerie of snide little comments I could put here, but every one of them would tick at least a thousand people off, so I'll set'em all aside and play it straight. FF12 last I checked is not intended to be online. Of course, I had to blurt at least one snide comment out in another program to keep from exploding, which confused a handful of people.

The Last Laugh:

There. I answered your questions. Now, all'o'ya. Send some for tomorrow if you are so inclined, then head over here to the nice big rant I posted this weekend. With luck it shall amuse you, and more to the point, there's a link to the diceless RPG I mentioned making a few weeks ago. Oh, and it's shareware where all proceeds go to charity. Doesn't get much more generous than THAT.

Googleshng "With Password Save!"
Seriously. If they have the space to put piranha-man instead of fish-man, they could have coded it so as not to end up with hu-man.

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