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Googleshng - January 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's column was briefly delayed by magic DSL fairies. Sorry for the inconvienience.

Cyrael: Well kids, I'm back again. But you should all be happy; I'm back for the last time. Recently I had part of my jaw removed along with some teeth. I am not in the best of moods right now, but it is all being counteracted by super pain killers. But the downside to the painkillers is that I am feeling a little... 'woozy'. So, this may or may not make sense to anyone in the morning. A perfect example of this is: as I type my keyboard feels like a sphere... Weee.....

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Where oh where?

Greetings Googlesng!

I probably already know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway.
Why doesn't RPGamer have a walkthrough for Golden Sun yet? The game has been out for over a month now and I'm still waiting. The delay wouldn't have gotten my attention were it not for the fact that there's already one for FFX, which has only been out for 2 days.


P.S. My spell checker doesn't seem to like the word "Googleshng", but you probably already knew that.

I have no idea why there is no walkthrough on the site since I am not a staffer here. But if I was, I'd be sure to find out!

A lot of today's mail is stuff sent in last week when Cyrael here disappeared. I'm almost positive we at least one around now... and I'm fairly sure we had it last week too.


Dear he/she/it/whatever:

I have it! I finally figured out Goog's secret identity! You're Dick Saucer from Dragon Half! To make sure nobody ever suspected your true identity, you associated yourself with the dragons who secretly run RPGamer, because nobody would ever suspect a dragon slayer would collude with dragons, right? And the whole slime thing is just a plot to deflect the suspicious onto the oh-so-convenient "slime half" that we all know and hate. You sly mink you.


Wow, I thought the whole 'what gender is goog' thing dies out ages ago... It appears I am mistaken.

I thought we were going for species now?

Weird Multiparter

Okay, as per usual, some questions:

1) Why, with the recent glut of remakes/rereleases, has everyone seemingly overlooked that one of RPG-land's games with the most zealous fanbase has been confirmed for a remake? In case you forgot, Monolith Soft has said that as part of the Xeno series, they will be redoing Episode 5, AKA Xenogears...

Heh, When I was guest host in April of last year I said that I had yet to beat Xeongears. That statement still holds true.

I remembered. I don't expect to see a remake anytime remotely soon though.

2) Prediction time: what will win best RPG of the year? Also: what should win best RPG of the year?

As for best RPG of the year? I would say either Golden Sun or FFX would win that one. I don't know which one should win best of the year, since I haven't played them all yet, but I can tell you which one shouldn't. The Everquest Trilogy. It's just a bulk package of games from other years... No changes made (aside from patches, but those don't count in my book).

FF10 will win everything it can, and my memory is too lousy with dates to recall everything released this year.

3) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and Final Fantasy X in one day (not necessarily in that order)...Okay, so I got FFX on the 18th, but still. Your thoughts on this wonderful convergence of great things?

Bart, leaving off his usual nonsense question 4

And finally, I liked the movie a lot, and have only clocked 20 minutes of FFX on a friends PS2, so I can't really see the greatness that you do.

Movie good. FF10 too expensive to go near. That and the Boy Who Cried Wolf Factor...

P.S. Imperial Mog's monks have been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the monks? Do you really even care, or do you like his guest singers?

I'm not a paricularly bad dude at all I don't think...


Hello O Goog and Cyrael, who shall be guest hosting yet again.

Don't you think that the blitzball team Tidus heads in FFX is almost like the Bad News Bears? This is supposing that you've seen one of the best movies to date. Well, that's all for now.

The Masked Mystere
"J.R.R Tolkien must be turning in his grave right about now."

Well, I don't think that. Enough said.

See? As I predicted, as good a job as could be expected was done with yon Fellowship of the Ring movie, yet people still get upset.


hi, my name i shun and i have a question about FFX INTERNATIONAL. my question is about the voices. is it going to be all in english voices? or will you be able to listen to both the enlish and japanese voices? please verify this for me. thank you. (^J^)

From what I have read on it, FFX International will be all in the english voices. Kinda dissapointing for me at least.

I'll go along with that.

A gameplay question

Hello Google and Cyrael!

In DW7, I've been stuck for 2 hours now in Mardra: how can I open the treasure chest in the castle (lower right spire) (past and present) and how can I get to the stairs surrounded by water in the great fane (past and present too) ?

I really don't get it... please help me!

Oh, and thanks a lot!

Mister Art

Oh my, my painkillers are wearing off, preventing me from answering this for you. Accept my most sincere apologies...

All three require you to walk around in the same particular pattern. Ask around and someone says what it is.


Hello, Googleshng,

Considering it's nearing the end of the year, I decided to email you, before I procrastinated and forgot and nodded off in...*snore*


1) Being that the new FF10 is out now, should I get that? Or Grand Theft Auto 3?

I would get FFX over GTA3 any day... I don't find any entertainment in picking up hookers, shooting police or stealing cars.

None at all?

2) Should I get a PlayStation2 to play my new (insert answer to #1)

For your second question, I would suggest getting yourself a PS2 for playing your game... Since you can't get play if you don't have the system.

FF10: 4 small frisbees for $50!

3) I'm also thinking that a new game for my Dreamcast would also sound nice. Got any in mind?

For Dreamcast I just bought myself Soul Calibur. I like it (as have countless others in the past few years too).

Shenmue 2 is worth a purchase.

4) Would you consider giving me a guest spot for an old NES version of Castlevania? :P

As always, happy holidays, and good wishes.


And I already had my spot taken, sooooooooo.... ask the next host.

I had mine taken too. Ask then next next one.

Icky ol' cloud

Hello oh Goog and guest host Cyrael.

In yesterday's collumn,you stated that unless someone gave you $500 and a copy of FFX, you couldn't answer questions about it. My question is, are you in Canada? I ask this because here in the states a PS2 will only set you back a cool $300, whiile it's $500 in good ol' Canada because of a differing currencey system. I'd gladly give you the money, but I already spent it on Thor. I guess I need a real question, huh? In DW7, how do I defeat the Hell Cloud in the temple of the wind? I've tried everything but the thing keeps making little clouds and kills me.

Thanks for your help

The Masked Mystere
"I am a dragon of blood, a relentless prince of pain..."

That dragon of blood must be inside my mouth right now. Relentless pain... Gah...

I'm not in Canada. PS2- $300. Shadow Hearts- $50. Tsugunai- $50. FF10- $50. Then tax too. Anyway, as for our happy little cloud friend, stopspell helps a ton in there, summon is GREAT if you have it, and the rest you should be able to figure out on your own.


Greetings (you sing) Googleshng I wonder what is it that makes Hoshigami a challenge? I could use a challenge since many games are rather easy. Imperial Mog

Hoshigami has yet to be purchased by myself, but a few of my friends said some of the battles were horribly unbalanced.

No, it's BALANCED beautifully. It's just that there's 13 on 7 fights where they have superior positions, you can't bring back the dead, and one character can kill another of the same level in a single turn. Nothing a good ammount of character building and/or careful planning won't help though honestly...


Save Thor Antrim, budding Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy author! - Z

If I hadn't just had expensive surgery myself, I would have given. Come next payday though, I'll add my own little bit to the fund.

Had more impact last week this one.

The Last Laugh:

Cyrael: 2 hours, and a pill later it's all over. I guess I will go back to playing Everquest for untold hours. If for some reason you waste your life away like I do on that horrible game, gimmie a tell on either the Luclin or the Sullon Zek servers. Character name is Cyrael on both. If I'm not busy I'll chat with you for a while, and if I am totally bored, I'll even come and see ya wherever you are... Outside of Velious that is. And Kunark. Aw heck, I don't think I will come see you. Unless you give me gifts.

Oh well, random tangent aside, it's been fun and I'll miss it.

Google: Well, you COULD always give up a third game down the road...

Anyway, for all the surprisingly large number of you who expressed an interest in yon diceless RPG I threw together, check out the rant I'll be posting this weekend.

Googleshng "All manner of fairies take too darn long..."
Cable fairies, telephone fairies, DSL fairies...

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