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Googleshng - January 3 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't think there's any logic at all behind the title of today's column, although I did mail off the three packages I've been meaning to send people for a while.

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Addendum to last week's stuff

You said "Console making companies don't release their own games on rival systems." While this is true and is almsot the exact thing I was thinking when I read the letter, what about sega? Now that they are out of the console game do you think we'll see a PS2 sonic game? or a gamecube knuckles?
Just got me thinking when you said that we'd never see zelda/mario/etc on another system. A few years ago we wouldn't have thought about sega doing games for other systems.

anyway my thoughts for the evening.


Right. Now that Sega is no longer making consoles, they're making games for other people's systems, and for the record, as a couple people asked this, that DOES mean there's a Sonic game coming out on the Gamecube. Freaky, no?

Of course, getting to your other comment, the big difference between Sega and Nintendo has always been that, to put it bluntly, Nintendo knows how to turn a profit on consoles.

Turn Taking

Heya. Two-parter for ya.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics made me fall in love with TRPGs (Vandal Hearts, however, introduced me). BUT... I have yet to find another TRPG that uses an individual character turn-based system rather than a full team turn based system (oh, except Tactics Ogre). I like moving my characters one at a time, I don't want my whole team to go, then have the enemy team go, etc. Anyways, I've been looking at Hoshigami and Saiyuki. I'm more hyped about Hoshigami... but please, PLEASE tell me that it uses a turn system like FFT's... how about Saiyuki's system?

2. I was playing DW3 on my GBC the other day and something very strange happened to me. I guess I stubled on a glitch or something... I was fighting around Romaly castle, gaining levels, and after a brief trip to the nearby Pachisi track, the first battle I won gave my hero about 2 million experience points... but no one else in the party. Yes, they were all alive. Getting the crown was quite easy with a level 55 hero.


Good news for you. You DON'T move your whole party at once in Hoshigami. I don't recall you doing so in Saiyuki either. In fact, one of the better things about Hoshigami is the initiative system. The less you do when your turn comes around, the less you have to wait until the next one. That and you're allowed to attack more than once in a turn.

Now, as for DW3, that's just odd.

A message from the gods!


I want to thank RPGamer for linking to Save Thor Antrim and my Thundercats for their generosity. You guys kick ass to Hades and back.

I'm happy to report we're 3/5ths the way there, so it looks like this endless nightmare of poor health and homelessness has almost reached its end.

I also want to thank everyone who could only send their best wishes and those who promised to donate after the holidays. Mom thinks several of you are sweeties (you know who you are).

In closing, were there ever a big RPG website gangland rumble (Moogle goons in accessorized costumes, wielding broken cure potions and switchgunblades) you can bet I'd watch your back.

- Thor "Sexypants" Antrim's new year's resolution is to get his family a home.

Only 3/5 still? One would think Thor would have more luck considering that his Greco-Roman counterpart is the patron god of homeless bums... Go throw money at him you!

More on Emmy

Actually, in response to the guy that asked about how to beat Emerald WEAPON without breaking a sweat, it's simple.

Yuffie. With the Conformer. And a Mystile equipped for armor. And a mastered HP Plus materia, mastered Cover materia, and twelve mastered Counter materia. Every time Emerald WEAPON attacks, Yuffie will take the damage, countering 12 times at 9999 each, for a grand total of 119,988 damage. Fun, huh?
-Mana Goddess

Hmm... your strategy yields 12 hits for 9999 damage, every time someone gets hurt. Mine yields 26 hits for 9999 damage every time any of your characters gets a turn. By my math, that makes mine about 6.5 times more effective. Especially since Emmy only gets to attack you once the whole fight.

Guest Hostery

Since I don't read the column everyday, I must have missed something. Doesn't the game get sent to the previous guest host? Regardless, I actually have a game that's being requested, Vandal Hearts. Unfortunately, it's not in the best condition, it being a previous rental. There is a couple stickers on the CD. It has the manual in good shape, but the jewel case and disc is scratched. The game still plays though, I don't recall having any problems at all while playing, and I did finish the game. If you want it, let me know.


Generally, yes, the incoming guest host sends a game to the outgoing guest host. In this particular instance though, I sent a game to the outgoing guest host, which would make me the new one, but since I do this every day, I'm passing on the guest hosting and getting on to the new one. That said, about 50 VH offers rolled in yesterday, and I just went with the first.

A Chrono Cross question out of nowhere.

A question about getting summons late in Chrono Cross. I've just started the Sea of Eden, and I noticed that while I did receive one 8-level summon from each of the 6 Dragons as spoils, I still have traps for other summons which I purchased in Marbule (7th Level ones, I believe) with the exception of the Frog Prince, which I got from the Water Dragon when I got the Ice Breath earlier in the game. How do you get these other summons? Did I miss my chance now that I've battled the 6 Dragons?


You haven't missed your chances. Just find things that cast those summons, and steal'em. I seem to recall they're all cast by a particular monster of the same color, and the big bosses in the last dungeon.


Hey Googmeister,

Have you ever played anything from the Sakura Taisen series? Are any of those games released (or on their way to) North America?

In the title art, "sa ku ra" is written in katakana. Why do you think that is?


I played the original Sakura Wars. Pretty spiffy despite the EASY fights, none of them are US bound, and... because katakana looks better?

I know, you've probably had enough of these, but who's bright idea was it to say that you can't revive a fallen character in the game, that drives me nuts.


You know, there's games out there where if one generic sucky character dies, it's game over. Quit complaining and learn to avoid the dying in the first place. 8)

You will *not* need to pay Square a monthly fee for FFXI.

I sure won't. Everyone who buys it and intends to play it will though.

So is Shenmue considered an RPG and have you played the first one?


To the first, depends who you ask, and to the second, yes I have.

actually the point of the ffx chocobo thing is if you get 0 seconds on the race you can get Tidus' legendary weapon which is amazing. Just thought that other guy might find that useful..

Yup. For the record, next week I'll be able to give serious answers to that sort of question, and no, NOT because I'll have a copy... unless someone gets bored enough to throw $500 in my face this weekend.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Cyrael will be guest hosting one last time. It'll probably be a biggie too since there's all these letters from last week that got lost in the void. Then later tomorrow I get DSL so I'll be able to reply to my mail again. Yay!

Googleshng "So what do I use for a sig pic tomorrow?"
The pointless tasks old mystics make you do are a LOT like the ones videogames do...

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