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The Oracle - Brad Lohr - May 12 '01- 2:00 Pacific Standard Time

Milk and cookies. *chomp*. I'm especially down with the milk right now, though I'm illin' for an orange soda or a Mt. Dew. But milk is what we have.. and well, I -do- have cookies. Mt. Dew + cookies ... just doesn't work.

Anyhow, welcome to day 2 of The Return of The Oracle, our late late late movie of the weekend. At least it's late for me. :)

I think we all had a good time yesterday.. and today, well, we're about to find out.

Oh! Before I forget -- I need to introduce my sidekick for the day. Super Kwai, come out and say hello!


Super Kwai!
Herro! Engrish r r0x!!


Super Kwai has been doing a bit too much; A) Acid. B) d00dsp33k. He's in therapy now for the d00dsp33k. Don't believe me? Well, at least nowadays he runs around in the diaper. :P

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Baldur's Gate.
18/82, 18, 18, 10, 10, 18 fighter. Bringin' home the ownz!
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Muenster. Definitely Muenster.

I *cube* My Kitty!

hey its me again

Hey.. it's me again too. Odd, that.

i forgot to ask you: since you don't work for rpgamer ar they still nice enough to give you a pass for E3 or did you loose all priviliege when you stopped working for them ?

I am not going to be attending E3 this year. I hope to go next year.. I wouldn't have the hookup through RPGamer anyway, since I don't actually work for them at this time.

what are your thoughts on xeonosaga ? the second coming or phoophara ? (simpsons joke)

Xenosaga, Good! Napster, Bad! Fire bad, FIRE BAD!

which cosole do you think will come out on top ? X-box or gamecube (i personnaly think gamecube will smash microsoft)

I don't know.. I'm actually sticking with the Super NES and my PSX .. I'm in total harmony with the universe until the price of the PS2 comes down. :)



Cap + Gown + Free T-Shirt + Konami Demo = Busy weekend.

Hi Brad,

What do you think is more important: Commencement from Columbia University or attending E3? I can go to E3, but it conflicts with my graduation! ARGH!!!!

I decided on my graduation, but after four years of hell, E3 would have been a nice graduation present to myself :P

- Nameless

Well, graduation is really for your parents anyway.. "See, look mom, I really did it!" .. (the piece of paper and the presents are for you) ... and E3 does come every year.. so I say, cap and gown this year.. free t-shirt and konami goop next year! Congrats!

I said I was staying out of this.

I'm sure I'm not the first to write this, and probably also more likely is Googleshng reiterating for the umpteenth time his viewpoint.

The PS2 pricepoint is not worth for the lack of good games available for it NOW. As in present! As in you can't go to the store, buy a PS2, and a healthy selection of good games. So that list of games that guy rattled off means nothing, because they are games coming out, as in future, as in not available now, in the present.

The DC however is at a very decent price and there are decent good games available for it CURRENTLY.

So, like, y'know, for everyone out there that continues to argue against, stop living in the future. Live in the present.

-Harold the Wonder Dog

Oh no, I'm a Dreamcast Thermostat!

Chrono Cross Country Kitchen Store Front -- .. okay, I can't go on.

Good to hear you're doing alright.

Anyway, I noticed you didn't directly mention Chrono Cross in the games you've recently played. I remember you were really looking forward to it (of course, I guess we all were). Still, did you get a chance to play it? And if so, what are your thoughts on it?

Also, now that you've completed Final Fantasy IX, how does it measure up to your other favorites in the series.

Take care.

I had a good time with Chrono Cross. It was not 100% the game of foreverandeveramen that a lot of us were expecting.. but it was still a very good game. Things I really liked about Chrono Cross:

  • Neat Story line.. interesting, and well done.
  • Interesting battle system, if not perfectly executed, still different and worth trying out.
  • Beautiful artwork and level design, etc.
Things I did NOT like about CC, or wished-for improvements:
  • TOO. MANY. BRIGHT. COLORS. (especially in the beginning)
  • Combo attacks were a joke. We wanted 42 characters who combined with all the other 41 in weird ways in groups up to 3. We got X-strike. IF you went the Glenn path. :P
  • DonCHA think the CHA thing went a bit tooCHA farCHA?

I can't believe it's not illegal! (tm)

Hey (monks sing) BRAD LO-HR THE OR-A-CLE DUDE I have told this idea to some Q&A people and sent them in utter horror. It's my original story idea which is called "Sailor Monica". The idea of anime and political satire crossing over to create what I call "Magical Clinton Girl" stories are way overdue. Especially the idea of Tuxedo Bill who flings cigars around is silly too. But it's horrible to consider who wears the fukus in which there's many people. Espcilly the backstabber Chibi-Linda Tripp. I need some good villians for my stories like the Fugitive Billionaire. There's some good storylines that came up since I started the idea 8 months ago. Are you distubed by the idea as much as everyone else and do you think I'm insane for it? If you've seen the Q&A the last year you'd know the answer. Yes, you can use my Gregorian monks who bear my real name to impress your girlfriend.

Imperial Mog


...  ...   ......  ..     .....      ...     ...  ......
...  ...   ..      ..     ..  ..     ..... .....  ..
........   ....    ..     .....      ... ... ...  ....
...  ...   ..      ..     ..         ...  .  ...  ..
...  ...   ..      ..     ..         ...     ...  ..
...  ...   ......  .....  ..         ...     ...  ......

'R' is for 'Retroactive Link-seeking script'

Brad, Brad, the pregnant chad,

I know you're probably not the best person I should address this question to, but hey, it's relevant, and the rest of the RPGamer staff likes to track down and hunt my kind to use as currency. And cereal. So, I implore you:

"What's the deal with the archives on the old RPGuru columns?"

Now, I'm aware that E-Front both revealed its plans for Universal Domination using the powers-of-all-that-were-unholy and filed for bankruptcy within a Planck Second, and thus, probably traded the data tape containing all of RPGamer's stuff to some local kid for a Reese^s Pieces, but it's the local backup I'm worried about now. I know other lost documents are getting restored, but haven't seen any progress Q&A wise. Is it all gone for good? Now in binary heaven? Will I never be able to show my children that The Significant Lohr once said "word" to their grandmother? Let us all hope and pray (Or sacrifice a virgin for you Olde Types!) that this is not the case...

~The Sack~

Actually, all the links will work if you replace the old '/rpguru/oracle/' with '/ask/oracle'. Don't ask me why the archives aren't fixed. That is "SEP" :)

Sockmonkey Quickies

I've been watching Blinky Brad ever since you left.. Watching for that secret animation dealie.. It's been so long.. I forgot exactly what it is I'm looking for.. Blink.. Blink.. Blink.. Blink.. Blink..

- J.

Blink blink blink blink blink.
Blink blink blink blink blink blink blink.
Blink blink blink blink blink.

You are so owned.

hey, good to see you.

That's what the mirror says. 'cept it says it backwards. With a spanish accent. O_o

Hey Oracle,

Flame me for old time sakes. I don't care about what!

The Great Cornholio

"Would you like to know more about propane....?"

"...or propane accessories?"

I am the magical beast of blue

That sounds SO much like a pickup line I once used.....

Words from the Delphic Love Canal (oh my):

Two down, one to go. Not that I'm counting. Another fun day, another one comin' up. Keep those funky questions about love, se-- wait, wrong show... er, RPGs, TacRPGs, and 2D shooters comin'! I'll catch you all tomorrow... for me, it's way past my bedtime.

Brad "Sockmonkey. Brought to you from the makers of socksock, and sockhead!" Lohr

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