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Black_Chocobo - January 26 '01 - 0:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Hi! Remember me? Yea, I'm that guy from yesterday who put up the one-quickie column.

Before I get into the letters, there's something I want to get off my chest. Is anyone else as annoyed by TNN's horrid "What is pop?" commericals? They're even more annoying than Coca-Cola's "What are we advertising again?" and McDonald's "Have a smile! What? Food?" commericals. What's even worse is that they're starting to spill over into other channels! For those of you who are confused by TNN's contradictory blitzkrieg, here's the facts: the slang term "pop" is short for "popular", and thus, referrs rather broadly to all things that are liked by a majority of people. Now, with such a wide variety of things potentially falling under the "pop" blanket, you'd think it'd be hard to screw up a list of things that are "pop". Leave it to the channel formerly known as "The Tennessee Network" to do just that. Now, arguably, skiing on fresh powder or getting your 15 seconds of fame can be considered pop... however; bullriding, accordions, rambling old people and TNN are NOT pop. They're niche. See the difference?

Yea, I know I'm a whiner... I get it from my mom.

Oh, and one final note, in all the confusion, JWH kinda got lost, so he'll be moving his guest-host spot over to next week. Also, if you can get him Snatcher (Sega CD), or an imported copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, you get to guest-host! Isn't that spiffy?


Okay; three, two, one, let's jam!

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    Hello Black Chocobo....Got a few questions.

1. I just beat Xenogears( I know...a little late.), and at the end it said "The End Xenogears Episode 5." Whats up with that, is it like a Star Wars thing where Episodes 1-4 don't realy exist?
2. Do you know anything about Summoner? A friend of mine and avid rpgamer recomends it highly, and several net reviews say it's good. But my favorite source of gaming info(that's you guys) don't realy say anything about it. Except goog, who just seems to hate the ps2 anyway.
3. I just watched the first 2 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion...What's going on?



Black Chocobo:
  1) Hey, better late than never. I'm glad you asked that quesiton, Styx. You see, episodes 1-4 really did exist, you just didn't notice. I consulted my handy copy of Xenogears: Perfect Works (man I wish I could read Japanese), and near as I can figure, each of the "episodes" are actually the key points in history that lead to the climax of the "current" chapter, such as *spoiler*, and *spoiler*. And, let's not forget *spoiler*! Ahh, such fond memories...
  2) No I don't actually know anything about Summoner, mostly because I've had no contact with a PS2. According to the members of staff who have actually played the game, it seems to be a bit mediocre, and feels a little rushed.
  3) After having seen a couple eps of NGE, I have come to the conclusion that you're really not supposed to know what's going on.


    I recently read on's FFX preview that for the first time there would be "voice-overs". Does this mean that the whole game's dialogue will be vocal- or just the FMVs like Xenogears was?

    Also- I just read the news on FFXI have 2000 playable online characters and each character has a personal goal to pursue that would form a full storyline. Do you think this could succeed? It seems like cooperation on actually attempting to reach your character's goal in the game is needed. Not everyone is mature enough to do that. I really don't like how Square is going with this- do you? Making it like PSO would be better.


Black Chocobo:
    Well, I really don't know about the voiceovers... If I had to guess, though, I'd say the "voice-overs" probably show up in FMV and at certain plot points, sort of like Koudelka and the Grandia series.
    As for FFXI's online story thing... I'm a bit skeptical about that myself. Then again, I've been pretty skeptical about just about every major change in the FF series over the past couple years. I don't see the co-operative storytelling thing working out too well unless you've got some friends with a PS2 and an internet connection. Anybody who's tried to play a mutilplayer PC/Mac game has horror stories about "allies" who'd sooner shoot you in the back than lift a pinky to help you. Having said this, though, FFXI is, of course, a completely different type of game, and since everybody has to work with someone at one point or another, it could turn out to be a really spiffy, unique experience. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

It's a conspiracy, man!

    to the temporary new Q&A guy

    Why is everyone so harsh on Legend of Mana and the Saga Frontier games, it's not like they're that bad, in fact they're a lot of fun. Legend of Mana wasn't just pointless wandering around, it's basicly your characters mission to rebuild the world and to do that you have to collect all of the artifacts scattered around the world which in turn requires you to perform all of these little sidequests some of which are amazingly fun.

    And Saga Frontier, I'm willing to bet that a lot of people didn't like it because they thought it was to hard, YA WUSSES!!!!

    Print this letter, this must get out. Thank You.

    -Natana X

    P.S: in yesterdays column din't you just give away the most sacred secret of RPGamer revealing Goog's gender!? In case you don't remember you said 'He's not feeling on top of the world today so the rest of the RPGamer staff have to fill in for HIM!!!!'

    You know we have an editorials section, right? Anyway, I agree with you, I own LoM and had the opportunity to play Saga Frontier a bit, and I really can't figure out why people complain so much. People bash certain games for being too simlar, then turn around and bash other games for being different. I guess you can't please all the people all the time.
    As for Goog's gender, you really shouldn't trust the ramblings of a rushed temporary Q&A guy. You realize that since I've never actually seen Goog I can't say for certain wether she's male or female. Hell, she could be a trained monkey for all I know.

Gray matter

  Wazzup, oh bird-related organism-sama?

1. I'm just wondering, is anybody in RPGamer's staff a member of Mensa? Can s/he give me any hints for the entrance exam, or would a bunch of really big guys with Dracon-equipped sunglasses take him/her away?
2. What do you think of Animorphs - the book series (NOT the TV show or video games)?
3. What does the article mean when it says that there will be over 2000 playable characters in FFXI? Does that mean that 2000 people can be on one server at a time, or is it like any other RPG, except instead of 8 or 9 chars there are 2000? If the latter is the case, would it be like Saga Frontier, with all those different mini-RPG's, or would it be like Baldur's Gate, where ya meet up with a few of them and forget the other 1995 people even exist?
4. Pokemon or Digimon?
5. Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior?
6. Diablo 1/2 or Baldur's Gate 1/2?

Um, that's it. Goodbye!
BL Alien

"I really know Haiku.
Oops, that was six syllables
My bad, tee hee hee"

Black Chocobo:
  1) Mensa? Us? We're flattered you'd think so higly of us, but we're just a bunch of regular shmoes, 'cept for Goog, who doesn't seem to have a gender. Poor thing.
  2) You assume of course that I've read the Animorphs book series. I've heard that they're not so bad, so I was thinking about picking up a couple.
  3) Basically, when you start FFXI, you get assigned a character with his/her own specific set of belifs, history, aspirations, and whatnot. How Square plans to write open-ended, intertwining stories for 2000 characters, and what happens when two of the same character meet, I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.
  4) Pokemon, definately. Better show and a better game.
  5) Hmmmm... well, I'd have to say FF, for the sole reason that I own more FF games than I do DW. Sorry, Dragon Warrior, I still love you!
  6) Diablo, because I know a lot more people who play 'em.



    I was wondering why Square won't release Final Fantasy IV. I think it will suck if they release it for one of the handheld systems and not the Playstation. I like pretty much all of the FF,but IV has a special thing about it, I guess it is because it got me hooked on playing rpg's. I think alot of people should keep on sending square endless letters until they release it for the psx. Also why are they going to rerlease some of the titles for the Psx2 , isn't everybody happy with the FF gamews for the psx?

    Thanks for your time.

    Weeping Rose !_!

Black Chocobo:
    Yes, FFIV was my first RPG, too. I don't really think it'd be so horrible if it came to Game Boy Advance instead of the Playstation, though. I mean, have you SEEN the GBA specs? They're amazing! I have total faith in the abilities of the GBA to handle FFIV just as well, and maybe even better than the PSX. And it's uber-portable!
    Oh, and they're releasing some of their titles for the PSX2 because it's bad buisness to put all your eggs in one basket. You can sell more baskets by splitting your eggs up.

Hardware blues


    Uhm...anyway...quick q. My PSX has recently had this problem where it doesn't show up on the TV unless I put something under where the RF adapter plugs into my PSX to prop it up. Also, it almost feels like the adapter doesn't plug in all the way, but both the adapter and the plug on the PSX seem fine. My bro says I need a new adapter; My friend says I need the PSX plug fixed. Who's right?

    Oh ya, and RPG question: I was wondering if you remembered some of the better item descriptions from either Lunar game (IE Leather Armor: Kinky yet comfortable), because I want to do a little comic with them for one of my classes, but that's about the only one I remember. ^_^


Black Chocobo:
    Hmm... sounds to me like it's your PSX plug rather than the adaptor that's the problem, but just to be sure, you might want to test it out on someone else's PSX to see what happens.
    I'm afraid I can't help you with the Lunar item descriptions, 'cause I only briefly played them. You really should be thinking up your own stuff, anyway ^_^

Phantasy Star Offline (where have I heard that before...)

    Hey (monks sing) BLACK CHO-CO-BO

    Even you get the monk treatment. I noticed you got PSO. Which staffers got the game, since if you guys need a forth I'd be advalible during the day and overnight. Do you know how you'd meet specific people online for PSO? Also I can't think of anything wild since I'm worried about Googs. I just want to have my best wishes for our favorite slime as sent by one of the regulars. Do you have a cast of characters working for you since Chesh, Goog, and I have some mine being monks which bear my real name, cute animal creatures which infect anime and RPG's (including chocobos), and politicians which do my bidding in weird things.

    Imperial Mog

Black Chocobo:
    So this is what it's like to get a letter from Imperial Mog. Scary.
    Anyway, right now I think only three of us have it, although two more are supposed to get it soon. Also, since we've got the import version, we can't sign on in the US. As far as meeting people online when the US version hits the stores, it's my understanding that it works kind of like net-play Blizzard games, in which people check into "lobbies", and from there, gather three other players and start a game.
    Oh, and congratulations! You were the only person who cared enough about Goog to actually mention him. Have a tilde: ~


thats really more of a Purple Chocobo, isnt it?
The Shep

You know, that's how we used to look before FF7 screwed things up.

Update on the Esca boxed set situation... I just cancalled my order, launched an array of nuclear warheads towards's main server, and ordered it from instead.


Shouldn't Animenation have to pay for this sort of thing?

will final fantasy X be on the PC? FFXI?
this has really been bugging me, is Kuja a man, or a woman?

Considering Square's current trends, I don't see any reason why FFX and FFXI wouldn't both eventually make it to PC. As for Kuja... well, you go tell him he's a nancy-boy, and I'll prepare an urn for you.

If you dont post this I will cry, defecate myself, and collapse into a moaning fetal ball.

Tell ya what... you do all that, and I'll post your letter. Deal?

Throughout out the whole ad campaign for FF9 I still can't figure out how the crystals fit in. Everywhere I look for FF9, "The crystals are back!" BUT HOW?!?! Its driving me mad........ MrKite

The crystals referred to in the ads are the crystals you use to equip your characters with special abilities. Duh.

Hey BC,
Since its your name and I'll assume you've said it verbally before, is it pronounced "Cho ko bo" or "Ko Ko bo"? Or possibly "Sho Ko bo"? Everyone seems to have there own little way. What's yours?
Next I'd like to say that everyone should buy Breath of Fire IV. There.
"It's time for some pyrotechnics BANG-ZOOM!" - Blade Mackenzie

Personally, I don't think it matters as long as people know what you're talking about. Or if it's a formal noun. Phonetically in English, it would be "cho-ko-bo", but as long as you don't say anything stupid like "sho-ko-bo", you should be fine.

The Last Laugh:

Wow! That was a really satisfying second round. Seven letters and six quickies. Almost makes up for getting this responsibility too late yesterday to be able to do much with it. I hope that I was able to answer your questions and bring a smile to your face. If not, I'll just have use my handy dandy razor-sharp talons to give you a permanent smile. At any rate, it's back to the Cheshire one tomorrow, and Aegis will be filling in for Goog on monday.

Well, kiddies, that's all from me. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street, don't take candy from strangers, and shun the fruminous bandersnatch!

Black "Indigo"
I spend more time creating characters in PSO than I do using them.

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