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Black_Chocobo - January 25 '01 - 5:34 Eastern Daylight Time

Hi! Remember me?
What? "Where's Goog", you ask? Well, RPG fans, that's a good question... a fair question... and one that I intend to deal with.

It seems the slimey one isn't really feeling on top of the world (Note: understatement). Basically, this means that he won't be around for a week or two, so the rest of the staff are going to be filling in for him. What's bad for Googleshng is a good creative outlet for the staff, and an oportunity for you to get to know us a little better. Hey, where are you all going? Come back!

Anyway, since all this just happened tonight, there won't be much of a column today... It's kind of hard to put up a column without any Qs to A.

Now, let us all observe a moment of silence for the slimey one...


Well, anyway, I'll be filling in for Googleshng tomorrow, so if you sent a letter for today's column, don't hesitate to re-send it on over to me. And if you didn't send in a letter for today's column, don't let that keep you from sending one in for tomorrow!

Who you gonna call?
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Why does derive pleasure from making me wait even longer for my Escaflowne boxed set? Somebody WILL pay dearly for this foolish mistake...


You're not worthy. It's that simple.

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Get well soon, Goog!

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