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TRC - August 19, 2001- 0:23 Eastern Standard Time

As I write this my cable modem is dead, I hope it comes back before I have to post this. I really don't want to have to find a way to get it to Chad's computer and then figure out how to upload it. Why is it when I need the phone or the computer to work, that's when it decides to not work?

I think there are computer gods, and they are the Old Testmant kind of god. They have lot's of strange rules and like to test your faith for no reason.

*whew* after sacrificing Hot Rod to the gods, my cable modem came back. So, let's do this thing.

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King of the Mogs?
Hey (monks sing) TUR-KEY

I was wondering if you noticed that all HP healing numbers in RPG's are green. Also a good rule to know is that if you didn't see a character die, they most likely didn't really die. Also, to cut to the chase, beat up the nearest silver-haired prettyboy. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's odd to see the characters appear to come out ot the main character. Where do they go since it's really odd? It would explain how so many RPG characters have some form of mental illness. Also which RPG characters (both good and bad guys) are the most insane?

Imperial Mog

I think it's because in general green is considered healthy and good.

The rule is if there isn't a body, then they didn't die.

I'm begining to notice that trend. I want to dye my hair silver, so I can kill some stupid RPG heroes.

Naah, it's just that all RPG have really advanced technology, I mean, don't most monsters have cloaking devices?

What kind of insane? Kefka is the most entertaining. For just mindless insanity though I would go with any enemy in Dragon Warrior 3 color... I mean who in their right mind would try to hurt the female mage?

Seriously I would say... darn it... I tried not to say it, but I have to say Sephiroth. He is a walking psych book.

No Love for da Square
Hey, not everybody loves Square. I certainly don't. I've even gone so far as to wish they'd move over to the Xbox so I can just ignore one console, not Xbox and the Square games on PS2.

Square has really hurt themselves, IMHO, when they went mainstream. They've turned from playing an RPG, to presenting a story in an interactive movie format, with RPG elements.

I, however, am having a lot of fun with other games, such as Lunar 1&2 (not INCREDIBLE, but fun nonetheless), Valkyrie Profile, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Suikoden 1&2, etc. BTW, anybody interested in buying a copy of Chrono Cross, barely used, for $20? Just give me an email. -Daniel

*jumps and stretches out*

Okay how to say this....

This anti-mainstream idea that pervades all forms of geek media ( comics anime and games ) is moronic. It's stupid, if you don't enjoy the games, don't buy them. I mean where did Square go so wrong? If it wasn't for Square going mainstream, then you wouldn't be able to enjoy some of those games you are mentioning. I'm not saying we should love Square, I am saying let's not bash it anymore? How about we bash Microsoft instead? ( Hi Firemyst! )


Warning: Contains Xenogears Spoilers


I first got Xenogears before everyone knew what it was, so yay me. Anyway, I was just wondering something, *spoiler*, if Fei was created to free Zohar and Miang was created to revive Deus, where does Elly come in?

As to the whole Squaresoft thing... I don't complain about companies. I base the games on a game by game basis. Yes, I have bought a lot of Square games, and yes I have enjoyed them. But then again, Square also puts out a large amount of games. So I'm either lucky I got the good games, or I'm easy to please. Either way I don't care. I cried at the end of FF8. I've never had that happen with a game before (or since). If you don't like what a company sells on such a basis, don't buy it. Or if you must, rent it first, then hate it. I'm not defending Square so much as trying to stop whiners from saying, "Square used to be so good in the SNES days, and now they don't care." It's irritating.

And finally, Hail to the King, baby.

The Wandering God

Turkey god
From my view point a lot of people's problems with Square is either summed up with the letter above, or they believe Square doesn't put out quality games. The first is a unsupported opinion trying to be fact, the other is just an opinion. Now NOT liking a game just because it's put out by Square would really be stupid.

As for the Xenogears stuff I didn't play that game because Square sucks.

*looks around* What?

Seriously I am one of the few people who have yet to beat Xenogears, so no help there.

The Something Something

Hello Turkey...I think it is "The Reigning Champion"

Hey, and no it's not.

Well, since "the reins are being loosed" and I can write about anything, I might as well ask about Tactics Ogre.

I have never played the game, because my brother stopped playing video games right after Final Fantasy Tactics, and I didn't really start getting into figuring out my own games to get untill uh...FF8 I guess...

So anyway, now I want to play it. I looked at all the pawn shops and it's no where to be found, so I went on Ebay. How much do you think I should pay for it? most of the games there are a little over 40 dollars right now. I think I am going to wait untill 2 minutes left and bid $45 dollars and get it over with.

Also, about Final Fantasy Tactics...I had it and played it a lot, and then let someone borrow it. It was my brother's friend, and then he moved. He didn't give me it back. That rat bastard......I have to buy the green striped one now.

Bizen Boat

Well just what game are you talking about? Tactics Ogre is a series of games, not just one. If you are talking about Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together, then I would say go for it. I've only seen it *ONCE* ever. Now if you mean the rerelease of the SNES Ogre Battle, then no, I'm sure you can find it for cheaper. Dude, stealing FFT is an offense punishable by death in some places ( I mean just ask an aussie, they would kill for a copy )

Also let me welcome you to the fold!

Final Fantasy Woes

so, you wanted more passion in a response to square? well let me tell ya, they messed up big with that movie, first of all, they could have made the EXACT movie and slapped any name on it. My point? what exactly made that movie "final fantasy"? nothing, if you want to bridge from a playstion video game to a multi-million dollar movie, don't do something new, they should have made a movie based on something audiences were familiar with, like one of the more successful ideas they had before. However, even if stubborn square wouldn't "repeat something"(gasp), they should have AT LEAST set something into a fantasy-midevil setting to appease more RPG fans, personally, im sick and tired of the futuristic settings in my rpg's, i miss the sword-in-hand in a castle setting myself.

Anyway, even if you disagree, this is the point of a write in response, eh?


The other other white meat:
Well as I've said here and in other places, the Final Fantasy name is a brand name, and since this is the first movie Square has made, they are gonna go with a brand name. Also, the same applies to the games with Final Fantasy. From what people have told me, they consider it a FF7 redux on the big screen. I seriously doubt a fantastic setting would make the movie any more succesful. In fact, Sci-fi is a more readily accepted genre then fantasy when it comes to movies. Name a hit movie that has a fantasy setting. Well.... go play one with a fantasy setting. I mean seriously, there are many many many many rpgs set in that setting. Go find one, play it, be happy.

Cause it's Thriller night

Dear TRC man,

I need a new game. I have a dreamcast, and need something new. I have no idea if there are any other RPGs worth buying, cause i already have Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Shenmue, and PSO. I also have Time Stalkers but i havent started playing it yet. Your thoughts on this subject would be helpful, Thanks

And if the FF:TSW DVD has anything to do with Michael Jackson on it, im definatly going to buy it.


TRC Man... Man.... Man:
You've listed the few DC RPGs I have played, now if you just want an enjoyable game, I would go with either Tony Hawke's Pro Skater 2 or Capcom vs SNK. Although neither are RPGs, I enjoy both games. Some staffers say the Evolutions are fun, if you like dungeon crawlers.

Micheal Jackson + 3D women? That's comedy waiting to happen.

The Men of Thousand Arms

One of my favourite RPGs of all time was Thousand Arms. The characters were cool and had very unique personalities, the battle system is still one of the best in any RPG, the story wasn't the greatest, but it was still very compelling, the dating element was hillarious and the monsters and bosses were some of the most creative I've seen.

Do you know if this spectacular game is going to get a sequel on PS2 or GameCube? It sure as hell deserves one! Oh yeah,what is up with XBOX being so damn expensive in Canada?$460?

Good riddance!

Never played Thousand arms, and at this point, prolly never will. As far as I know there isn't a sequel for Thousand Arms in the works. And about the Xbox, I heard Microsoft was encouraging stores to sell the Xbox in 'packs', with games and stuff. Some cost an upwards of 1200 american. I am wondering who is gonna buy those.

Breath of Fur?

Eh, Free Topic, huh? Well, I have a few Q's that need A's...

Here at Q&A we feel there is nothing more tragic then a Q without an A, so people, if you see a Q off by itself, give it an A.

1. Vigilante 8... Does anyone play that game besides me?

I've played that game, a long time ago. It's an okay game. I wasn't impresssed though.

2. What's the best equipment for Rei in BOFIII?

Gooking Sword, Life Armor, Aries Gloves, Dragon Helm, Ivory Charm, Spirit ring.

3. BOF or FF-Which is better?

Hmm, for over all enjoyment I would go with the Final Fantasy series, but the Breath of Fire series is very good at redoing basically the same game over and over again ( I mean that in a good way, I loved BOF 1 and 2 )

4. BOF is Breath of Fire

I know.

5. Yum, Turkey... I wish it were Thanksgiving ... heehee...

Xuelian-"Yay! Hyperness! Coolness!

*pulls out the Sword of Light* Do it and lose a limb.

Brodie Man

Warning: May Contains Minor Skies of Arcadia Spoilers

Hello oh mysterious one. ( TRC to me means The Right "Couch." No I didn't misspell cough, it's a play on words. I think. )

Questions, please answer.

1. What do you expect from Jay and Silent Bob SB? From the trailor it kind of looks too fast paste with a slew of cameos that will beat you in the head senseless. Is this the last Kevin Smith movie? If so, will we never see Jay and Silent Bob again??

2. In Skies of Arcadia, an awesome game, why did they hint on a love triangle between Vyse, Aika, and Fina? And since they hinted on it, why didn't Vyse develop a solid romantic relationship with at least one of those fine chicks? When you've completed the game you kind of get a sense that a threesome was in the future somewhere. Who do you think Vyse ended up with? And who did you want him to end up with?

3. Did you happen to get Final Cupil? If so, was his attack and power worth the work? It was too hard for me to get all the darned chams. Curse that little floating freak...

4. I'm barely starting Final Fantasy VII. I believe it is my first Square rpg altogther. I plan to work on all the FF's in order from this point. . Now, do you have any words of wisdom (that won't spoil the game) about FF7 as I begin my journey of perhaps the greatest fantasy of all time?

Hikaru - "Where are you?" "Somewhere...where I'm free.:"

Never mention the word 'grammer' and we are cool.

1. I expect to be entertained, and to laugh, a lot. This is not the last Kevin Smith film, he says it's the last to feature these characters, so no more Jay and Silent Bob.

2. Well since I am trying to finish SOA right now, I will say it does hint at nothing. Unless there is either subtext I am missing or is further in the game. And since I am a male, I will say.......... both. Bet you didn't see that coming.

3. See the last answer

4. Just play the game for yourself, THEN ask others their opinions. I can't think of any really big hints, except try to kill the Sepernt before you go into the mine, since it will net you EXP goodness.

Time will tell...

Straight to the info:

1. In the latest issue of Konami magazine, you can find an ad for Suikoden III.

2. Not only did I find the two songs from Xenosaga that they gave away at the press conference, I also found five movies. Each one is a group of movie clips involving each of five of the characters. If anyone wants the music, they can visit I'll be glad to let RPGamer have the movies for the media section, provided they acknowledge where they get them from.

3. I got a Dreamcast for $72, a VMU for $10, and Skies of Arcadia for $15, everything brand new. God bless Best Buy and their slow-witted employees for letting this treasure trove go for a mere $97.

4. Isn't FFT more fun when your party consists of Vormav, Izlude, Kletian, Elmdor, and Balk? I always thought it was.

5. People have been calling FF:TSW a total disastor. Isn't it a little early to say that? The movie hasn't even been released in Japan yet! Whatever they haven't made back yet, they will when the Japanese release comes. Since FF has become a culturaly icon there, it will be greeted with open arms. Why did Americans not like it? Because FF fans avoided it because they knew it wasn't based on the games, and non-FF fans avoided it because they thought it was based on the games. I disliked it because they took a story that could have been told in a 40-hour game, and crammed it into a 2 hour movie. Square's stories need time to be told, and just don't seem to work when they're shrunk to fit a set period of time. It's too bad, I would have liked to see more from Square pictures in the future.

The Crusader
"The Kakumei Card, the only credit card with the ability to revolutionize the world" (Download it, it's funny stuff)

1. Okay, good to know

2. I'm sure who asked for the music is thanking you. We already have the movies, and since they come from the company itself you don't have to credit anyone.

3. Fight the Power! Skies is worth 3x that atleast.

4. I am assuming you used a gameshark to do that...

5. Well a lot of movies that do bad in the theater, end up doing great on video. Mallrats is an excellent example of that. *ignores the rest since he hasn't seen TSW nor does he care to see it*

Enix GOOD, Square BETTER?

Maybe I missed something, At least I hope I did. Has the whole RPG gaming community gone anti-square? Square is doing just fine by me. Their games have never been better. I love all of their SNES games and love their PSX RPGs even more. I played all ofm Square's PSX RPG offerings and even liked Saga Frontier and Legend of Mana.

As for DW, competition for Square? Not in this country. I love DW. DW4 was my first RPG ever but all the nostalgia in the world won't help Enix topple Square. Square has been delivering quality to us Americans constantly since the NES days. Yeah the movie kinda sucked, but who cares? You can't forget about Xenogears, FF, CT. Enix has nothing on Square.

I am soooo tempted to be evil, since this is the last letter, but alas, goog scares me. You had me until the second paragraph. I seriously doubt anyone agrees with you about Enix vs Square. Though Enix has been out of the USA RPG market for awhile, a lot of people remember them from the NES days, and remember them fondly. Not only that, they have showed square just how to do a rerelease with DW1+2 and DW3. And finally, have you seen the screens from DW4? Enix has a lot on Square, Enix obviously cares enough to take time to localize their product right. Also Enix takes time and REDOES a game instead of just throwing some FMV on a cd. I'm not bashing Square as much as I am standing up to Enix, I mean, they gave me the joy of the female mage.


One question my good man. Man right? I'm new to this site so I don't know what TRC stands for. Nootch.

1. I read on a site that you can get a date with Tifa if you don't talk to Aeris except when you need to. Is this true? When does it happen if it is true? And is it worth it? What's the date like?

Hikaru "Why? Why do this??"

What is this 2 for 2 Saturday?

Very few people knew what it stood for.

Yes you can, all you do is never have Aeris in your party and always be nice to Tifa. I don't know the difference, but if you get the date, I heard it makes a later scene more interesting. Also if you are wondering you can get a date with Barret or Yuffie too.


I went to the store to get Final Fantasy Tactics because everyone on here said that it works now..and it wasn't there. I asked the workers at Best Buy, and they said they weren't getting it until the 27. Then I called Electronics Boutique and they didn't even have a date for when they were getting it...what the hell? is my town stupid or something?

Either a very unlucky town, or a very smart one, depending on the reason why they are sold out.

In the game Eternal Ring for the PlayStation 2, I am in the Secret Labrinth and I am looking for the large bird on level 3 that gives out magic rings eternaly. If you can give me a hint to where it is I would be most appreciative. I have been looking for quite some time now.

Thanks, Angel

From what I read in the faqs, there isn't one that gives infinity rings, the one that gives the ring is on the far west of the level, so good luck.

Ok, If you want a ja go ^_^

Who's your favorite TMNT? Leo, Don, Mick, or Raphael? =) You want a RPG Q...what's a good RPG, ancient Tokyo/Japan based?


Dude, Leo, all the way.

I am having trouble finding one, Slimely says Sukara Wars ( I mean come on it has mechs in it, some one needs to teach Slimey what ancient means ). So I will just cop out, and say there aren't any.


Kidding, I am sure there are some, but I haven't played any of them.

Hey TRC,

Did you see the new Aerosmith video? It reminds me of ZOE with the robot fighting and all. What do you think?

-Princess Sara, live from the realm of nothingness.

Aerosmith is still around? Are they robots like Dick Clark? To answer your question: No, and what is ZOE?

( the subject is what I want )

....Is Vagrant Story. It sports the deepest battle system in an RPG(too hard to explain), has a New Game+ feature, has only ONE FMV( the opening sequence, which isn't even part of the game!), and STILL poses an awesome medieval story and great graphics.

What I want is a woman dressed as the mage from DW3 feeding me grapes, in liue of that, I will take Valkyrie Profile. If I don't Chief Ug threatened to do very bad things to me, which doesn't sound fun.

The Last Gobble:

Not even a week later and already finished with my second time, I rule. And so you know I missed Jay and Silent Bob Strike back to do this column, so all 5 of you better be grateful. I don't know when I will do this next, so I hoped you enjoyed me, as much as I enjoyed you. Whoa... that came out bad.

When I start making jokes like that it's time to go. Chim will be here tomorrow. Slimey will return from his 'vaction' monday, so prepare all those lovely flam.... love letters.

TRC "*explictive deleted*"
*you will buy Valkyrie Profile, you will buy it*

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