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TRC - August 14 '01- 00:00 am Eastern Daylight Time

My nome-de-rpgamer is TRC, which is pronouced TuRCe or Turkey. It's pronouced like that because of a discussion in #edscorner as to how to pronouce TRC. And before anyone asks, TRC doesn't stand for anything. As to who I am, I am a physics major currently on sabbatical from the University of Texas at Austin. My job at RPGamer is New media grunt. I find and post some of those lovely movies you watch. Anyway, on with the show.

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In the GBA
Dragon Warrior 3 Color

The first one

What would be your favourite RPG of all time? Personally, I like FF7 and FF8.Do you know of any good RPGs comong out in the near future for GameCube? Is it just me or does Pikmin look like one of the coolest games to come out in a long time? One more thing. When are some damn RPGs going to come out for GBA?!?!

My first letter. *wipes tear from his eye*
Truthfully I don't know, but the RPG I played the most and enjoyed the most would either be Crono Trigger or Dragon Warrior 3

Well PSO v2, even though it will be offline. It will still be cool, it's one of the few multiplayer console RPGs. Do you mean for just the GBA? If so we consider Castlevania: Circle of the Moon one, and it's a good one. Also you can go buy Dragon Warrior 3 Color, although not for the GBA it can still play it.

Monkey Lubin

Turkey, mon.
How are you?
That's nice...

But... but..... I didn't say anything yet. I am having fun with Q&A, lots of love.

Hey, dude-o... I'm just curious about something. Most staffers, I have noticed, were fans of the site before their big leap to job-holding residents. Well, in that case, what were you a fan of? What sections kept you coming back? Ever submit a fanfic? A heavy metal midi of Aeris' Theme? A Poll idea?

Heavy metal Aeris theme? *snicker*
That could work....
No I am a fan of the Editorials Secition. I even sent in a couple of eds. Then I started to hang in #edscorner, meet some staffers, and the rest ,as they say, is history.

Just trying to get a clearer picture of the staff horde. ^_^

Staff horde? I would say more staff swarm.... but then I've said too much.

tuinte. A lonely tuinte.
PS - Do you love the monkey?

Who doesn't?

No more Swallows

First off, what is the relationship between an allusion & an illusion?

WHAT? No dear turkey? Since you asked an allusion is an indirect reference, illusion is a false concept or belief.

Second, what is, in your opinion, the most underappreciated RPG in the US? (BESIDES Xenogears. Come on, I knew you'd say that...)

Robotrek for the SNES was a cool game not many people mention. I love building my own robot.

Third, what is the maximum air velocity of an unladen swallow?

Is it alive or dead?

Fourth, do you know what KoDT stands for? Bonus points if you can quote something from it

Thanks for giving me something to work with, is it book, movie or mineral?

Fifth, is it true that in the Japanese version of FF4 (FF2 in the US), you can see a nude picture of Rosa in Cecil's room? I heard you could and was interested in finding out. (Just curious, you know, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing at all...)

There is/was an item in the game called porno book, but if you believe you can see a nude Rosa in the game, I've got some nice beach front property in North Dakota I would be willing to sell for cheap.

Sixth, what do you think are the two game genres most closely related to RPGs?

Really it depends one how you define RPGs. Instead of defining RPGS though, I skirt the issue. I say stratergy and simulation.

Seventh, could you try asking the powers that be of RPGamer to please write a couple small summaries of the series kept in the Games section? Just for those of us that don't know what the heck the "Arc the Lad" series is all about.

All or most of the games listed on RPGamer have summaries, you may need to click on the link itself, but it is there.

Finally, status ailments in games: What could actually be done to make players WANT to use these against enemies? (I poison and slow my enemies all the time... yeah, right.)

The reason no one uses them is because in most RPGs the only battles you really need that kind of help is in boss battles and unfortantely those magics usually don't work against bosses. If they made it so you can get it to work on bosses, then more people would use them.

-Mike Lemmer
How come video game RPGs NEVER have any traps set? You'd think the monsters would be smart enough to set pit traps, at least

I know for a fact some monsters use traps. When you go after Kandar in Dragon Warrior 3, he opens a pit under you. I am sure there are other examples of that. It would make the game more challanging if players had to look out for traps, which is why I don't see that happening.

My boss says hi

Here's a fun one for ya ;)

Everyone always seems interested in my job when I do Q&A, so tell me this:
1. What do you find the most fun/easiest about
a. Doing New Media
b. Working for RPGamer
c. Doing Q&A

2. What do you find the most unfun/hardest about
a. Doing New Media
b. Working for RPGamer
c. Doing Q&A
-Paws =^^=

1A. Nothing really, I mean it's more grunt work then anything, although surfing Japanese sites to get Media before everyone else has a sorta "I'm better then others" feel to it
1B. Working for RPGamer is cool, since you get to meet all the people behind the place.
1C. Since this is my first true shot at Q&A, I'm not sure what to say, except I like getting all the email.

2A. it's very very very time consuming, the average update takes 2 hours total to do, from downloading and uploading the media and making the pages.
2B. Nothing really. Except waiting to get FTP access, which wasn't fun.
2C. Lot's of writing, lots and lots of writing, and trying to be funny isn't easy, obviously.

I ate Final Fantasy

I would like to know why they keep using the overly used tittle Final Fantasy if they are in almost no way (story & charaters) related? Since most people will buy Squaresoft games just because its made by squaresoft why don't they just start anew? Not that I am tired of Bauhmat, black & white mages, and all that. I guess xenogears and chrono trigger just got me wondering.

Ps I hated that movie (alot) also hated ff8, ff2, and that stupid card game Ugh!!

Okay first off, please spell check and grammer check your letters.

The Final Fantasy games aren't sequential at all. They just used continued themes. All Square has to do is to slap the Final Fantasy name on anything and watch it sell. Beyond that it frees them up from explaining just where everyone went and how what happened happened. Which is good to an extent, I like the fact that moogles and chocobos show up in multiple games.

Second, try to be more coherent with what you mean. How did Xenogears and Chrono Trigger get you wondering?

I have yet to see the movie, so I can't comment on that. I loved Final Fantasy 4 and sorta liked Final Fantasy 2j. Final Fantasy 8 is a whole other thing, I thought it was a great game, but lots of people didn't enjoy it because it was too different from previous Final Fantasys. Had it been called something else then most people wouldn't have a problem with it. Of course that's just my opinion . To steal from Dennis Miller, I could be wrong.

My boss says hi

Hey there TRC,

I keep hearing what a great game Skies of Arcadia is. Now, I don't have a Dreamcast, and I don't plan on getting one at this point. Besides SoA, the only other game that interested me was Grandia II (Grandia I was an *excellent* game!)... but of course Grandia II is on its way to the PC now, as is Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

1. With Sega itself developing for other consoles now.. Do you think there's any chance SoA will ever make its way to another platform? (Even though I believe SoA was a third-party game...)
2. If Grandia II is coming out for PC, wouldn't it make sense to also port Grandia I? ("Huh, I better not buy this game. Why, I haven't even played its prequel!")
3. Does anybody know if there's been any word about what platform SoA2 will appear on?

-- DevNall

The Dreamcast is only $80 right now, and I'm sure you could find SOA for cheap, so just sell some PSX games.

1. I doubt it, though the sequels will make it to other systems.
2. It's because Sony owns the rights to Grandia 1
3. The system is unannounced at this point.


What do you think of the all the media coverage of RPGs?

It's a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because we get more people playing RPGs, so we get more games. Also we get more people playing RPGs, so we get more stupid people. It's cool though I would rather have more RPGs than it be a small niche.


What do you think of Valkyrie Profile?


I've yet to play it. Chief Ug from IRC says that it's a great game, and the way he raves about it, I would think it might be good. I hear though it's not for everyone.

Hello, TRC.

Hope you can help me. You see, I've been playing Final Fantasy VI for PS1, and have run into a little problem. I'm in the world of Ruin, and have most of the characters. Among these is Cyan, but this is where the problem arrises. You see, I seem to have no weapons for him. I've looked around in towns, but none sell weapons he can use, apparently. Where can I get a weapon for him? He's pretty worthless without a weapon. Any sugestions? I'll await an answer


Well I know for one, you can find one in Doma, if you want to fight Wrexsoul. Also you should be able to buy some in Maranda. It's one of the cities close to Kefka's castle. Also he can equip Atma, and some dirks or daggers.

What's 2 plus 3?

5 times infinity?

What happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object?

Can god create an object so heavy, even he cannot lift it?


Er, good enough for you?



Since infinity is a concept and not a number, it is just 5xinfinity

The force goes around the object, although an immovable object is just an unstopable force. Wrap your mind around that :)

Well it matters, if god wants to limit his/her power, if so then yes, if not then no. A cop out? You bet.

Hello TRC,

I was wondering what do u think of 'Xenosaga' as in what its based on so far. Personally im dissapointed on what they based the story on and characters. I was all about mad Lacan action and being able to play him and Krelian during the war that took place before Xenogears. What are your thoughts?

I have yet to finish Xenogears, and I don't own a PS2, so I doubt I will play Xensaga, nor does it interest me in the slightest. Though from what I have heard people that liked the first one, are pleased with what they see in Xenosaga, your mileage may vary.


wha? I can't hear you?

Hey, TRC!

I was just wondering how many people remembered these two editorials. They certainly sparked a lot of debate back then : ) I wonder what ever happened to their authors?

Bart, being silly and liking it

Silly billy, I think both of those are joke eds.

The Last Gobble:

Well that was fun, my second time trying. I was supposed to do this last week, but because I couldn't use a computer I didn't get to answer the letters. I don't know when next I will do this, it was fun though. Aegis will be here tomorrow, so send him any hate mail. Later

Update: Actually, Aegis is on vacation and can't do Q&A this week, so I, Chim, am back earlier than you might have expected. My apologies.

TRC "Gobble... GOBBLE. Go...bble?"
Chimerasame is the wind beneath my wings

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