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Rebecca Phoa - August 10 '01- 1:28 am Eastern Daylight Time

Welcome to yet another exciting Q and A column. Though some of you may be confused as to who to send letters to (it was Chimerasame) or if there is a guest host for today (Khagani has a stomach flu), I'm sorry to say that you're stuck with me. That's right, you have a news reporter writing up the column with no experience at all! Let the crash course in Q and A begin!

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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal

Step Away From the Gear

Xenogears Spoilers

Hey, Chim:

Got a Xenogears question for ya. How do you make your characters learn more combos (or should I say skills)? I think I'm doing something wrong because my guys are at level 35 and they can only do one skill. The triangle X one. I look at the percentages and it doesn't seem to be moving.


Completing and getting all the deathblows in Xenogears doesn't really have a tried and true formula. All I can suggest to you is to alternate the button pressing. For example, try pressing a series of buttons, then try another (even if the percentages aren't rising). You could also equip a Wizardry Ring that can be found in both discs (after the defeat of Achtzehn, and in the first Anima Relic Dungeon). Another way to get the deathblows, (though people generally wouldn't do this), there is a screenshot of Fei's Deathblows in the Xenogears manual. For each combination, it shows what buttons to press so just tap in the buttons like you're doing the deathblow. Just persevere and you'll get them.

Working Designs and Lunar for PC

Hey Ki,

What's the deal with the Lunar SSS remake for the PC? I haven't heard anything about that in a long time and WD's website says it's getting a summer release. If it was, surely there'd be some news about it. You got any info on it?

Also, I heard that an Alex Punching Puppet will be a gift with pre-orders from EB. I hope that's true because my friend is getting a Ghaleon Puppet off ebay. If I get the Alex, then we can have battles :)


The last time, RPGamer updated on this story was way before I was hired. However, the only news I could find was a press release at Working Designs' Newsroom under the title "Working Designs Celebrates Tenth Year as Leading RPG Publisher". However I'm unsure about the Alex Punching Puppet.

Star Wars Episode 1000: Return of the Radical Dreamers

Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamers Spoilers

Heya, Omni-Animal thing,

I'm sure this has been asked before, but here goes: Do you or anyone who supplies your answers (read: IRC folk) know where I could find a good plot synopsis of the original Radical Dreamers game that came out long ago in Japan? I know it's text based, but surely someone found a ROM (boo, hiss, evil, yeah yeah...) and translated it.... Ever since the reference to that original game in Chronopolis in Chrono Cross, I've been curious about it, and who better to ask than RPGamer? Though you guys don't cover it as it's VERY obscure(though you should, IMHO), surely SOMEONE out there knows about it and can provide me with the information... I hope...

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work, ward away the evils of the Q&A, etc.

XeroZohar, who thinks that "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" sounds like an old B-movie.

Well I may not be an Omni-Animal thing but I found a nice article on the whole Radical Dreamers game at Gamefaqs which may shed light on your predicament. There is also a lengthy discussion on the whole Magus/Guile theory. Yes, I feel your pain over Episode II's title. It sure isn't the groundbreaking, epic title I was waiting for, but let's just hope it doesn't have a negative influence on the actual movie.

Star Trek RPG: Archer V. Picard - An Epic Battle Awaits

Behold Chimerasame! (In lieu of singing monks, we've got Duran Duran here, now, LIVE!)

The topics this week are Star Trek series, and this is an rpg site, rite? I'd pay good cash if a developer could bring a realistic Star Trek rpg to market. You could have a Klingon warrior, a Vulcan telepath, a Human medic, and a Romulan bandit. Now if said fictional developer put serious time into this, instead of shipping out a token product to meet a demands *cough* FFT Greatest Hits *cough*, we could have a sci-fi rpg to help balance out the fantasy-based ones. Mention of Trek favorite characters would be nice, as would voice clips, but I'd like ot see them push off into new territory, as did Voyager. For a mini-game, you could fight Borg against each other, a la BattleBots. Why do I feel as if I've sunk to a new level of Geek-dom? Oh well, keep on truckin'!

IceDingo, Purveyor of Fine Whines --[ What are you waiting for? ]--

Let me put it this way: a Star Trek RPG could exist in this world, after all Verant Interactive is creating a Star Wars online game, Bioware is working on a Star Wars RPG, and there have been several Star Trek strategy games. Of course, it would have to be a good game. No matter how crazy the hype can get, the game has to be able to stand on its own two feet and then some. Duran-Duran? Hmm...I can't seem to remember that far back.

What about the RPGamer Newtype Staff List Book?

Man, where have I been? Looks like there's all new staff at the site(or they have new names ha).

Anyway, I'm sure you get tons of e-mails, so I'll make this brief.

I'm looking for the Lunar SSS Newtype 100 Collection Art Book, which was released on April 30, 1997. Now, here's the thing: I used to see it *ALL* the time! AnimeNation had it, GK-World had it, I even think had it! And the last time I saw it online, wasn't that long ago! So I fire up my computer, thinkin' "I got PayPal. Might as well use it". I go to AnimeNation, to buy the book. They ain't got it. I ran searches, searches, and more searches. I turned up empty handed each run. :*(

PLEASE, Chime.... You just gotta tell me where I can find this book, man. I NEED it, man. I NEED It. :D


Sad to say, all I found was a brief translated article from the book, although I was unable to find out where you could purchase it. The article is the fifth link down, I hope it helps. You could also try E-Bay if you're very desperate. In answer to your question abou the site changes, all our regulars are still here. The only people that are new are most of the news team and David Looney who works in New Media.


Hey, in response to the guy who couldn't find SotN, I picked up mine for $14.99 at Meijer. It was a Greatest Hits title. *shrug*
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While I pitifully have no knowledge of the many retail stores out there, this should help. Don't forget to say thank you.

Hey Chimmy,
Canada will NEVER be the 51st state!! Canada will conquer the U.S.A. with our mad skillz, and it will become the 11th province, or the 4th territory (we'll leave the choice to you). After that, we will conquer the rest of the world, and we will force feed all of you unhealthy amounts of curling, until all you will be able to say is SWEEEEEEEEP and HAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!! Ha... Ha ha.... Ha ha ha ha.... MMMWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
Canadian Freak

-Starts mad Canadian rant-
Hey! Leave the country out of this! I am ashamed that you would even involve Canada in such schemes! We LOVE peace remember! And beer! And... why did I say that! I don't drink! ...Curling is awesome though. *takes a deep breath*
-Finishes mad Canadian rant-

Lazeron? Never seen you around these parts before. Anyway, I loaned my Lunar 1 soundtrack to one of my friends so he could put one of the tracks on a CD. He had it for a while and when I asked for it back, he said he gave it to one of my other friends (who lives closer... the first one lives half an hour+ away), but said other friend denies it. Any idea where I could get another soundtrack for a reasonable price?
$$Vash$$ (Do YOU have any idea why Google won't answer my letters?)

Well due to my lack of knowledge of import stores, you could buy the Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PSX and get the soundtrack that way. It's not the most economical way, but it'll get you the soundtrack. To answer your question about Google not answering your letters, the happy slime was on a well-deserved hiatus as of Saturday, July 28. Don't worry though, it won't be much longer.

The Last Laugh:

So what did you think of the column? Not a lot of laughter though, I find it hard to be witty. In any case, Lord Brian will be doing the column tomorrow, so send your humidity filled letters to him.

Rebecca Phoa "Back to News I Go"
I wonder if anyone's confused about my nick and my habit of not using it?

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