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Googleshng - December 29 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, this is certainly a column of surprises. A couple people didn't pick up the fact Mistress Nightshadow was joking in that intro yesterday, and sent me some... colorful words. CN didn't get my little e-mail checking for an OK at the beginning of the week, but showed up to guest host anyway. To review, he gave Tomm, the creator of Mythri and guest host of the past two weeks, copies of PS2 and PS3, so now he gets to guest host until someone sends him... uh... The Journey Home. Then they get to guest host.

CN: Great to be here. I've wanted to guest host for a long time now, and all I had to do was sell my eternal soul! Mahahaha!
Er...give away Phantasy Star 2 and 3...
Anyways, I've never been big on intros, so lets get this jive thang going!

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In the PSX:
Disc 4... finally.
Translation is the good?
I'm surprised that more people haven't commented on the translation of FF9. Especially after the offensively horrible translations of FFT, FF7, FF5, and parts of FF8. I would think that more people would be happy to finally have a well translated Final Fantasy. What are your thoughts on the matter?


Well Gary,
My thoughts on the matter are,
I haven't really given it much thought. I've been playing RPGs for such a long time, that I tend to ignore bad translations, its just part of what you get. ( Or maybe my grammar and punctuation is so bad I don't notice it. -_-; ) Maybe its just me, but I've never really heard of people comment on bad translations. Of course there is Star Ocean 2... The first hour of that game is physically painful to me. "Mr. Claude! Mr. Claude!" Go to hell Rena. Gary, if you don't like the translations that much, send the companies a letter. It'll take up 2 freak'in minutes of your time, and it'll get results. Look what Working Designs does for all its games. But then again, they have a more liberal view on translations. Star Ocean 2 got the literal translation, and look what happened there. But then again, maybe the story was told better. In the end, I'll stick with my Lunar 2's translation. Still, I thought FF9 story was told very well, and Square did a fine job with it.

Many people have been mentioning how good FF9's translation is. Quite frankly I don't see it myself. Sure, it's error free, but so were FF8 and Xenogears. Honestly the translation if FF9 seems really dry to me. On the other hand, I'm comparing to Skies of Arcadia and Lunar 2 here, which are both translated in EXTREMELY lively manners. I'll have to play some more things with bland translations so I don't get spoiled. 8)

I'm not going to start this message with an introduction... unless you want to consider this first line as one... in which case I've just defeated my entire purpose... but I digress.

I wonder if other people are experiencing this odd sense of being totally out of place while being up-to-date. I've recently acquired a PlayStation 2, Zelda: Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy IX, and Valkyrie Profile, among others and in addition to the library of nearly 1000 games I already have... so what am I doing in the precious spare time I have? Either I'm chatting on IRC or playing games like Dragon Warrior I&II and Pokemon Silver. Whichever way I go, I'm likely to be listening to the same music and comedy that I've been enjoying for months now.

How out-of-date am I? I've yet to finish the first disc of FF7, but I've got five of the six FF games for PSX (not Tactics, and I don't want it either).

I haven't included a real question, have I? My bad. Here goes:

1) Do you own/have you seen Transformers: The Movie on DVD? If yes, what's your opinion?

10) Do you bother with the current lines of Transformers toys?

11) This might have been asked before, but I've not been paying attention: What is your favorite style of music? This applies both to games and otherwise.

100) Which recently-released movies (either in theaters or home videos) have you particularly enjoyed?

101) Previous question, this time ending in "despised?"

110) Have you heard of/listened to/watched the comedy of British comic Eddie Izzard? Or am I the only American fan of his humour?

111) Finally, an actual game-related question: In what order do you recommend finishing the following binary-numbered PlayStation RPGs (which I only list because I own them):

00000 Alundra
00001 Alundra 2
00010 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
00011 Brave Fencer Musashi
00100 Breath of Fire III
00101 Chocobo's Dungeon 2
00110 Chrono Cross
00111 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!
01000 Final Fantasy VII
01001 Final Fantasy VIII
01010 Final Fantasy IX
01011 Front Mission 3
01100 Grandia
01101 Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
01110 Legend of Mana
01111 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
10000 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
10001 Parasite Eve
10010 SaGa Frontier
10011 SaGa Frontier 2
10100 Shadow Madness
10101 Star Ocean: The Second Story
10110 Suikoden
10111 Tales of Destiny
11000 Valkyrie Profile
11001 Xenogears

--Jax "That which doesn't kill me is likely to really damn hurt." Mandrake

Wow Jax, thats a really, really long letter. Well, here I go! I used to feel like that, but I only think it happened to me because the RPGs I was getting were, well, sub-par. But with games like CC, FF9, and Lunar 2 out, I've been tearing through them. I wouldn't worry to much about it though. Just play the ones you enjoy.
1. No. I grew out of the Transformers when I was like 8. Sorry. Though I do have a bunch of their toys lying about... (CN had to pause for break while he enacted a epic battle between the Autobots and a bunch of cheesy Dino Rider toys, complete with cheesy explosions sounds.)
10. Not really, since I don't buy them. No, I pick spend all my free cash, (Read, None.), on gaming magazines. Really. I know I should just get a subscriptions but...
11. I listen to everything. EVERYTHING. Its kinda strange. Right now I'm alternating between my Lunar 2 soundtrack and Orbital''s CD, Middle of Nowhere. My favorite style is just singing. Not words mind you, but when its just kind of a background La la la.
100, 101. D&D. I mean, it was bad, but it was so bad that me and my friends laughed all the way through it. Say it with me everyone, NOooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!
110. Never heard of him. But I've never really like British comedy. 111. This question alone just doubled the size of the column. Woohoo. And I'm not going to rate them, gods no, that would require some thought, and my Lunar 2 is calling to me. Instead, I'll just tell you what I thought of it. 00000 Alundra- Like death by the metric ton? Go for it.
00001 Alundra 2- Haven't played.
00010 Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain- Groovy game, confusing maps.
00011 Brave Fencer Musashi- People with no noses rule.
00100 Breath of Fire III- Got a free summer? Spend it on this one.
00101 Chocobo's Dungeon 2- Its...its...go play Diablo instead. Trust me.
00110 Chrono Cross- Good game, go beat it!
00111 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!- They made games?! I just started reading Jingo for gods sakes!
01000 Final Fantasy VII- Just beat it. Its not THAT bad.
01001 Final Fantasy VIII- Throw this away. I hate this game. Hate hate hate it.
01010 Final Fantasy IX- The ending renews my faith in Square.
01011 Front Mission 3-Haven't played.
01100 Grandia- Looooooong. But fun!
01101 Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu-Go set fire to your hair. It'll be more entertaining.
01110 Legend of Mana- My rabite bit me. Its all good.
01111 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete- Excellent, go play now!
10000 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete- I'm playing it now. Its top notch.
10001 Parasite Eve- Its no FF, but I enjoyed it.
10010 SaGa Frontier- Its not THAT bad. Try it!
10011 SaGa Frontier 2- Ugh. Just ugh.
10100 Shadow Madness- Its like hitting yourself with a wrench. And that hurts.
10101 Star Ocean: The Second Story- Get past the first hour, and this game is very cool.
10110 Suikoden- Unless you race through it, this is another summer taker.
10111 Tales of Destiny- Fun and insanely hard.
11000 Valkyrie Profile- Haven't played. Time limits scare me.
11001 Xenogears- Summer taker, but deep!
There, are you happy?! My fingers are bleeding!

That is an AWFULLY long letter, and CN really covered it all... so, I'll just say I don't have a DVD player, DO have the remastered uncut version of The Movie, don't have any post-series transformers, and haven't seen a new movie in about a year.

Yesterday someone asked how to make pets gain in Legend of Mana, which, by the way, is a frickin awesome game. To get your pet to gain experience, you have to share the stuff you pick up. Do this by equipping anything with the "Fertility Goddess" Mystic Power in it, which can be infused by tempering in an Ear of Wheat in your armor. Or, since this is a bit of work, the ForbbidenRing that Daena gives you at the end of the "Wisdom of Geaus" quest.
Oh, and someone also mentioned Salamander being changed to Amarant in the American FFIX and Salamander seeming inappropriate. Amarant just has a whole "fire" and "red" thing going on. Lani calls the beatnik assassin "Red" (obviously for the red hair), he introduces himself as "The Flaming Amarant" and "Amarant" is a type of herb that produces a red dye and is a mythological flower that never dies.
Now, my question about the apathetic ninja/monk is: does the game give any excuse for why Amarant and Eiko have the same last name? Is there some ATE i missed or something?
Thanks and Happy New Year/Century/Millenium!

Christoph, the last Groove Knight, master of the Funk

Thanks for the LoM help, and to answer your name question, I pulled out my FF art book, (Go buy it kiddies! Its groovy!) and they the answer is, they DON'T. Amarant's last name is Coral, and Eikos is Carol. It even says so in the booklet that comes with the game. Sorry, unless you read it in the actual game, you mistaked it, and made an ass of yourself in front of 6000 people. Though I hope that doesn't stop you from sending more letters in Christoph. =p

Hey, play nice. Anyway, thanks a lot for the LoM info, and for that matter, what the heck Amarant means. I'd been wondering on that. Speaking of Amarant, I find it VERY odd that someone can have all the abilities of a monk, a ninja, and even some samurai thrown in, yet be so unappealing. Maybe it's the lack of character development.

FF9 stuff
Hey Google,
Here's a few questions for you:
1.) I never got to play Lunar 1 when it came out, but everyone is saying Lunar 2 is good, so I was wondering if I would be missing out on anything in the second game by not playing the first?
2.) In Final Fantasy IX, there are two abilities that are confusing me.
What do "Healer" and "Reflect-Null" do?
3.) Not RPG related, but who is your favorite character in Super Smash Bros?
I usually use Link.
4.) Which game did you like more, Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross?

1. To be honest, I would have rather played Lunar 2 WITHOUT playing Lunar 1. One of the only problems with the game is that they reuse old enemy graphics and such for the battles, and its really a downer. You'll enjoy Lunar 2 without playing Lunar 1, just some moments won't be as surprising for you.
2. Healer, when used on someone, causes there attacks to HEAL what ever they attack. I had this when Dagger was going through her "Quiet Stage" and I thought she was just screwed up. So I stopped using her till the end of the game. Oh well, I know better know. Reflect-Null makes spells that bounce off non-elemental, that way if you reflect a fire spell back on a fire boss, he won't get healed from it. Pretty pointless to have though, I never used it.
3. Jiggypuff all the way. No one can touch that little guy, and I've won countless battles by simply floating to far away, and having my opponent jump to his doom. I love fighting as a wad of gum.
4. I liked Trigger best, if only because, at the time, it was one of the best among such a horrible selection. Nothing will ever beat the Glen Magus face off!

Healer is really handy to have when everyone's sitting around with Auto-Reflect. Everything else I see has been pretty much covered, except the Smash Bros. bit. I personally tend to use Samus for Stock (REALLY hard to kill, long distance moves), and Luigi for Time (That uppercut move is NICE if you're good at it).

Why is it that in FF8 and 9 that you never get exp after a boss? That was like my favorite part of beating them back in the old days, because you felt so rewarded. And if you don't know the answer, could you just make one up? thanks.


Um...well you see...uh... I guess to avoid having to decide how much you should get for it. I really have no clue, but it really didn't bug me in FF9. Here, have a tilde, maybe it'll stop you from asking such bizarre questions. ...Damn, I forgot I ripped that button off my keyboard. Have a sweatdrop instead. ;

That's actually a long standing tradition. In all the odd numbered FFs since 3, bosses give you no EXP, but a lot of AP/JP/whatever. 7 and 8 flip that for some reason though. Anyway, if nothing else, it makes it possible to try and win on level 1, which you have to admit is an interesting challenge.

Favorite hosts
Yo Goog, hopefully covered with letters... And CN, whatever that stands for...

I've got some kind of real question... Goog, what are your top three favorite Q & A hosts, yourself excluded? Mine would have to be Thor Antrim, Brad Lohr, and Joshua Reid... Probably not in that order... You answer too, CN. And Goog is allowed for your answers.

CN stands for, ***************. Happy?
My favorite would have to be...Thor, Brad, and Google. And no, I'm not trying to suck up.
Oh hell, is it wrong to love a genderless slimes? Hell yes, but that won't stop me from being the president of its fan-club.

Hmm... considering that I'm on really good terms with a lot of Q&A hosts, I'm going to disqualify myself from answering this one. I'm surprised neither of you mentioned C.C. though... or at least I would be if I hadn't left him out when I was going over everyone in my head, what with him being current and all. Anyway, since I can't answer your question, I think I'll spend this time giving C.C. a huge ego boost by pointing out that everyone I've talked to who's ever run this column thinks he's been doing a great job so far, myself included.

Sir G of Oogle:

Women in RPGs. Many people think that they're more liberated than in ther game genres, but I'm not so sure. Even in the most recent RPGs, you'd be hard pressed to find an independent woman who's not viewed as a bitch, not called "cold as ice" and whose primary role ISN'T that of a love interest. On that same note, in your search you would probably find yourself bombarded by sweet, ditzy, caring, clingy, annoying types -- much more than is absolutely needed, I'd say.

Example: FF7. Tifa, Yuffie, and Aeris are all out of the running, because they all fit into some of those descriptive words above. Scarlet? A bitch, obviously, but may be the closest thing to an independant woman in the game (which is sad). Jessie? Well, she's got potential -- but in the end she just falls all over herself slobbering over Cloud. One can just imagine her wringing her hands -- "I don't know what to do. I'm ever so shy and timid. Help me."

Your thoughts, Google?

--Nisty, who personally thinks Samus is the best female VG character out there

One word. Freya. A kick ass Dragon Knight, who doesn't need her man by her side to hold her up, (Hell, she drags Fratley even after his...mental problem.) Shes not a romantic lead, and shes IMO the coolest character in FF9. Shes not cold to anyone, but shes a knight, through and through.

Yes, Freya is definately a good example, and a real spiffy character... who also has the least dialog of anyone on your party it seems... even Quina and Amarant talk more. Then there's Valkyrie Profile. Plenty there. Come to think of it, there's a truckload hiding out on Sega systems. The biggest one though is the original Phantasy Star. Main character's a girl. Motivation is quite simply revenge against the person who had her brother killed. No romance anywhere... pink miniskirt though.

VP fun
Hey Googs.

Got another real question for ya... Although I don't think it has any particular bearing on the game itself, every so often, after I nearly kill a bad guy in VP, I get this "Special Technique Charged" or something (it's not there long enough for me to read it)... I can hit up or down to cancel, or X, O, Square or Triangle to do a killer attack with one of my characters. OK, it's awesome and stuff (I was particularly impressed with Freya's)... but does using one of the attacks or skipping it do anything? No, no, let me rephrase that... is there any reason why you would skip using this?

I'm still at the beginning of the game... just picked it up for X-Mas, along with FF9 and Baldur's Gate 2. I think I'm set on my RPGs for awhile. :D

Oh, by the way... would you mind easing up on the Everquest bashing? I'm an EQ player, and as much as I love the game, I'm nothing like the "typical EQ player" you seem to have an idea of... nor are any of the other EQ players I know. But I'm ranting now.

-Ranting Renidragon

Well, can't help you with your VP question, but probably no reason, they just wanted to give you a choice. And the EQ bashing is all in good fun, but if it really pains you, I'll make fun of UO for a while. UO suks! i ned regs u gona hep mes?!
Also, never sit in Lord British's chair. It makes the locals very mad. Though one guy asked for a fishing pole, and I gave it to him! He was all like "Thank you oh powerful one is a straw hat" It was groovy.

It's not from nearly killing something, it's from getting the combo meter past 100. Having everyone attack at once works with most parties. Anyway, the only drawback to using those special moves are that they bring up your CT gauge, which decreases every round and has to be empty to use specials again... so really, no drawback. Oh, and if you think it's impressive now, try it with a mage using an Ether Scepter.

Minor FF series spoilers

After recieving Final Fantasy IX for Christmas, I have been faithfully spending my days of vacation in the world of Gaia. I have found FFIX to be an awesome game, with many surprises and plot twists. But, once again, Square has used the most tired plot device in all of RPG-dom to fuel an important aspect of this game.

That's right, you know what I mean.

The patsy villain.

This one goes way back, beginning with (I believe) FFIV or maybe even FFIIjp.
While the idea of the true evil forces controlling a more huiman "host" worked a few times, it now seems that this idea is one of the FF series main cliches these days. I mean, look at the history:

FFIV- Zeromus turns up at the end of the game after you've fought Golbez as the "Main villian" for the whole rest of the game.

FFVI- After battling Emperor Gesthal for almost half the game, Kefka reveals himself as your true target.

FFVII- The evil Shinra Corporation, your main enemy, is toppled by Sephiroth, the truely evil force.

FFVIII- Edea and Galbadia kindly bow out to allow Ultimecia to be your final challenge

FFIX- Queen Brahne and Alexandria are manipulated by Kuja, and then destroyed.

As you can see, along with Cid and chocobos, this weak plot device has also apparently become a Final Fantasy mainstay. Now, don't get me wrong, FFIX is currently the highlight of my holiday season. In my book, it ranks with FFVI and FFT as best Final Fantasies in terms of environment and likeability. But, today's RPG market is more competitive than it has ever been. If Square hopes to maintain it's market dominance, it's going to have to invest in new thinking when it comes to the overall plot of it's games. Plot twists that worked 5 years ago don't have the same affect on today's audiences.

You got yourself in a Catch 22 there, buddy. Square is going to keep using these plot twists because, (and I hate to say this) we like predictability. Yes its been used, but as long as the villain is fresh, we still love. Look at the ending, we all knew who was on stage but, didn't you just jump from your chair, when he made that announcement? Sorry, your stuck with your predictable plot twists till everyone gets bored of them, and even then, I'm sure some people were surprised with Kuja.

I agree with CN up to a point. Nostalgia is all well and good, but FF9 seems like some weird attempt at making a "by the book" FF. It's not so much that I know what every plot twist is going to be, but I know WHEN every plot twist is going to be, and the exact degree of shock they'll be designed to provoke. Then there's the fact that every single scene in the game stirs up memories of some of the coolest scenes in earlier FFs. Simply put, I'd rather see something as fresh and exciting as the Opera Scene was when I first saw it than a cute little hat-tip to the Opera Scene.

As per Mistress Nightshadow's request, questions, and lots of them :

1- Mistress Nightshadow is Sailor Pluto?

2- Does the hammer and "Save the Queen" (both items) serve any purpose in FF IX?

3- Quick comment: Freya is a giant rat, do you really want to see her face? and Amarant can do 9999 damage every throw if you give him power throw, pretty damn good I tought.

4- if one of you has played BoF 4, how long is the game and where in the freakin' ocean is the dragon (sea serpent).

5- Any news on the Ard the Lad release in this side of the world?

6- Was Vanguard Bandit ever released?

7- In FF IX, where's the "Magical Fingertip"?

8- The Cartoon Network is going to show "Outlaw Star" you lucky Americans, to bad it's probably gonna be edited.

9- Anyone you know play Tourneko and did they say it was good? I haven't even seen it at rental stores.

10- Who's CN anyways?

11- Why does Vivi's most powerful spell kill my entire party when I use it?

12- I read in the FFIX walkthrough (after I beat it) that if you get to Hades(?) and beat him in less than 12 hours, you get a sword called excalibur II? Think that's even possible?

13- Back to BoF4, I was playing earlier and there's this guy called Rider and I hit him for 17 hit points, then he healed for 20 000 at the end of the round, Any comments?

14- Are you going to post those 12 quotes(?) that we need to enter the contest?

15- What are yours and CN's pick for best and worst Rpg of 2000? Mine are :
-Worst : Saga Frontier 2 (I think it was released in 2000) -Best : Now that I think of it, no Rpg's really stick out this year. The only game I played lately that stuck with me is Grandia, but that was released in 1999.

16- Back when the N64 was released, the Super Nintendo had the best games out there, but I can count the good N64 games on one hand. Now, the Psx has great games, but most of the psx 2 games released up to now suck, even the so-called Rpg's. What are the odds that the same thing that happened with the N64 will happen again and that by some crazy turn of events the X-box gets all the good games?

Well, that's all the questions I can think up, was trying for the most questions in one letter record, but I don't know what it is, so screw it. If ppl listen and flood your in-box with letters, good reading and answering to you both.


1.Yes. That's it. She's Sailor Pluto. -_-;
2. The hammer will trigger a hidden scene at the ending, or can be used to make some groovy armor from Hades. Save the Queen? No idea. But I bought it anyways.
3. You see Freya's face in the ending, and shes kind of a rat-human mix. ...hell, maybe she really is a giant rat. Still cool though. Amarant never made it through one damn boss battle without dying on me. I hate him, even though his throw attack is pretty neat.
4. Can't help you. Regular RPGs are about 60 hours.
5. I hear March, but you know Working Designs. Just play Lunar 2 for now!
6. Yes, and I still have to get a copy. I'm hearing good things about it.
7.Okay, listen to me. Buy all the cool rare items at the Treno auction, sell them to the different buyers. ALL OF THEM. I think theres 4, but I'm not sure. Head back to the auction house, make sure your in disc 4, or it won't work. Magical Finger Nails and now being auctioned, at a really high price. Now just give it that old dude in Dag, and you have yourself the Excalibur!
8. Yes. Lucky us. Considering how I don't have cable, this doesn't include me.
9. A friend of mine bought it and returned it, saying it was awful. So, uh...staaaaaaaay awwwwwaaaay.
10. First of all, don't question what you can't comprehend, mortal. =p
I'm 16, and I make RPGs on OHR, and other RPG Makers, review games constantly, (Though never posted, I'm always trashing them.) write, and play lots of RPGs. And I love Guest hosting! Its so much fun!
11. This dates back to the summons in FF6, where Square liked to mess with people by having the most powerful spell in the game kill you. Um...just don't use it.
12. Well, you don't have to get to Hades, just the balcony in Memoria, and frankly, I don't know if it is possible. Care to try?
13. Level up, weakling. =p
Its probably just an all-purpose healing spell, taken from another enemy.
14. No, hes not. How the hell would I know?! Oh wait, its not for me... -_-;
15. Worst: Parasite Eve 2. I really dislike this game. But Saga Frontier 2 is a close second. FF9, for now. Lunar 2 may beat it...
16. Of course it COULD happen. But it probably won't. Just pick the new system you like best and hang on.

Nice try for the most letters, but you have to ask youself, who the hell would care?

OK... that's a lot of questions, and it's 5 AM... good thing CN took out most of them. Nobody on the RPGamer staff has BoF4... it's just not a very popular series with us... maybe you'll get your answer tomorrow though. Vanguard Bandits was released way way back when, like a month after FM3. For the record, it's a great game. If Parasite Eve 2 is a valid choice, it is hands down the worst RPG of the year... but then it's not really an RPG at all, just a terrible Survival Horror game, which I normally love may I add. Otherwise, I think I'll actually have to say LoD. It was just so unbelievably generic... still fun though. I actually loved SaGa Frontier 2... up to the end of the game when it becomes impossible and makes you very very bitter. Besides, I'm pretty sure that was actually last year... too lazy to check the date. Best RPG of the year by the way is Skies of Arcadia. Every single person I know of who's played it agrees... and that's quite a few people... I can be pretty persuasive with the guys I hang around with.


Are slimes carbon or silicon based?
-Balbanes Beoulve, the Inquisitive Knight

CN: It is not up to you to question your enemy! You must fight these powerful and cunning foes to the death! For they are a crafty lot, who know the secrets of warfare and fight like ten men! So go brave knight, go! Fight for your honor, your kingdom and your life!
Google: Carbon. Long weak carbon chains.

Dear Google,
You're still alive? Well, I guess you are if you're reading this. I'd just like to say that you're such a cute little sexless slimy thing and that present, as much as I hate to admit it, was really REALLY sweet of you, to let me have a shot at Q&A and all of that.
[And I think we can stop picking on him now, I think we had enough fun tweaking his slimy nose. :)]
Just a thought
Mistress Nightshadow

Translation: "I was just kidding when I said Google forced me to do a column with no forewarning. I'm not actually mad, and you shouldn't be either." There. That's all taken care of now.

The Last Laugh:

CN: Tut tut. Well, I know most of you didn't ask for me by name in the letters, and I didn't get any questions asking for my life story. Oh well. I hope you decide to find out who the dude behind the letters is next week. A fine bunch of letters, and I hope that you loved me, as much as I loved all of you! (I'm aware how uncomfortable it is to tell anyone that you love them. Try it on someone at school, if they don't run from you, there...uh...different.) But remember! Its okay to love ice cream, but NOT okay to love Lunar 2. The mean kids will laugh. Even though I do. Also, I'm giving a shout out to Liz, I think the world of you girl!
Have a great day everyone, and don't forget to stop and play 15 hours of Lunar 2 straight.
C "The dude of Groove" N

Google: Well, that was fun... took a while though... it is now 5:30 and well below freezing. Anyway, a couple quick notes before I hide from the cold under a mountain of blankets and cats. C.C. is en route back to college, so Chimerasame will be filling in this weekend. Play nice. Meanwhile, I'm going to watch all of Slayers Try, finish FF9, and uh... something else... involving family and friends or something.

Oh, and since I just realized that both Christmas and New Year's are on weekends this year, I miss out on another holiday column. Oh well, play nice with Chim, don't shatter anyone's eardrums, and I'll see you all next millenium! (Seeing as THIS New Year's is the actual end of the millenium, so now all us sticklers get to party harder than you people who flipped out last year... except sticklers don't party very hard as a general rule)

Googleshng "Last column of the year"
Chocobo! Cobocho! Bochoco! Cochobo! Choboco! Bococho!

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