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Googleshng - December 27 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK! Time to do the column! "There are no new messages on the server." ... How odd. Either my mail server's acting up again or you're all still having holiday fun. After holding out a little, I believe I have one or two here for you.

Tomorrow, as a birthday present for her, Mistress Nightshadow from editorials will be doing a column. The following day, in theory, CN will be here guest hosting as a reward for donating Tomm his games. I need some sort of confirmation of life first though.

Now on with the... letter?

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Hi, I can't get past the second boss in Lunar 2, all my guys keep casting Demon Wraith and I get killed, is there some way to stop them from doing this? Oh and is there any cool secret stuff in this game? My friend says you can collect porno anime pictures but I don't believe him.

Also how do you find the Green Ribbon in Skies of Arcadia? My friend says you can get the Green Ribbon and use it to save Hansia after she gets killed on Disc 3. I haven't played that game yet

OK, where do I begin? Your Lunar 2 boss question flat out makes no sense, so I can't answer it. As for your other, like the first Lunar, there are bromides to be found, but I would hardly call them "porno anime pictures". Finally, regarding your Arcadia question, your friend was just messing with your head. Skies of Arcadia doesn't even have a 3rd disc.

Ooh, another last minute letter!
Hi Google! ^-^
Long time reader, first time writer, probably about the 37th person to use the 'long time reader first time writer' bit. Anyway, here's my question.

I'm what some of the people in editorials and sometimes here insist on calling a newschool gamer, for the most part. Why they need to satisfy their seemingly inconquerable desire to classify everything by seperating gamers into two groups is a fact which I shall never understand. I like oldschool games too! But a lot of them are rare and I can't find a place that sells very many used RPGs around here. The only two I finished were FF3 and The 7th Saga! (Where my nick comes from! ^-^) I found Wizardry V somewhere, but it was boring and I didn't get too far in it. Have I asked my question yet? ^-^;; here it is...

What older games do you recommend? I have an SNES, and an NES which doesn't work very well. And, oh, a second question, how should I get those games, since there's no good used game store around anywhere?

Thanks for listening, or reading, hahaha, to me babble! ^-^

-Lady Esuna

Well, I believe the reason people refer to "new school gamers" is that, quite frankly, the majority of people playing RPGs today started with FF7. There was a good ten years of RPG playing to be had before then, and it was a really different ballgame being a tiny little niche market. Oh, and of course there was a subsequent flood of "IS THER A TIFA NUD PACH SHE IZ HOT." spouting people all over the net. On the other hand, there's people like you who just didn't notice when RPGs were a little niche market. If you're restricted to those two systems, I'd say go for the DW series on the NES, and for the SNES, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, FF2 and 3 (SNES), of course instead of 3 you could just get FFA, then you get 5 too, and find it more easily. Let's see... what else? Ah yes, Lufia 2. As for where to get these, I'd say try used game stores, or places like Walmart sometimes.


The Last Laugh:

Well, unless my mail server ate some, that's every letter I got. Send MN some for her birthday if you please... and CN, if you're reading this, still on for Friday's column?

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