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Googleshng - December 26 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Did you all have a nice happy Christmas? Evidently most of you did, judging by the letters I got today. Oh, and by the way, I did indeed post a Christmas Rant last night.

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Great game that.
FF9 in Europe
In reply to Clogan's letter yesterday, according to a local game store's website, FF9 will be released in February.

Thanks for that.

Speaking of FF9...
Hey Goog! Just a couple quick questions about FF9.

1)Eiko learns an ability called Guardian Mog, which, when looked at with Select, says, "Mog protects with unseen forces." or something to that effect. What exactly does that mean?

2)Certain characters like Dagger and Amarant, when they go into trance, have their normal abilities given a new name, like Eidolon or whatever Amarant's Flair gets renamed. Apart from this, nothing seems different. What exaclty do these two do when they go into trance? Are their attacks supposedly more powerful, because it doesn't seem like it...

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


OK, Guardian Mog I believe works something like Gamble Defense. It randomly boosts your physical/magic defense. I think anyway, I've never really noticed a specific effect either. As for the trances, here's what they do. The one time I had Amarant in trance, I used Chakra. It hit every party member. HANDY. Presumably the rest of his abilities also gain targets/become more effective like that. As for Dagger, aside from the enhanced damage and higher chance of getting the full summons, gets the ability to COUNTER with Eidolons. In the second-to-last round she has trance on, cast your biggest summon, then just keep skipping her turn. Every time something hits her, there's a pretty good chance it will get summoned again and counter for no MP cost. Very spiffy.

Lunar 2 questions
Greetings Goog,

A while back (Sega Saturn's time) I heard that when you beat Lunar 2, you could load your game and there'd be an another 3-4 hours gameplay/movie or something like that. Can you explain or confirm something about that? Unfortunenately, I didn't get Lunar 2 for X-mas, my parents got me BoF4 cause Lunar wasn't available at the time, but I figure I'll buy it sometimes later this week. (BTW, BoF4 isn't all that great yet, too many kiddie puzzle things and world's worst camera angles to the point of considering tossing it in my "games that suck pile" with Alundra and Saga Frontier).

Other question, what's Lunar 2 selling for? My bank account hasn't been this low since 1994 (Lotsa Everquest bashing lately, but I wasted my last 2 summers relaxing and playing EQ and Asheron's Call hehe, work?). Also, what kind of crap (soundtrack, book) comes with it and is it available in a Lunar 2: Eternal Blue none-complete without all the fancy stuff, only game and a price tag of 40$ or so.

Thanks for your time, Mat

Good anime: Rurouni Kenshin (NOT Samurai X!)
Bad Anime: Ping Pong Club

OK, according to my Lunar-obsessed aquaintance, after winning the Sega CD version, there was indeed a 3-8 hour long playable epilogue, complete with dungeons and stuff. Not sure on the remake, but I'd assume it'd still be there. As for the price, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is $60 and comes with the game, soundtrack CD, Making of CD, place to put the demo that came with VB if you want, thick hard shiny instructions, map, replica pendant, little cardboard versions of all the characters, and, if you pre-ordered, Ghalleon Punching Puppet. Plain ol' Lunar 2: Eternal Blue would be the Sega-CD version, and would come with whatever the guy you were buying it used from didn't lose. There is no version of Lunar 2 for PSX without extra stuff, and even if there was, it'd still be called Complete. Oh, and someone else asked if there's anything like Lords of Lunar. To my knowldge, there isn't.

Interesting solution...
To anyone with an old PS,

I believe that I have developed a method to fix an older PlayStation game console, that is, prevent it from skipping constantly. Now many people have told me to turn it upside down, sideways, and even with the case open, but for my console, this has not worked at all, so I did some fiddling around. Here's what I did:

1. I took the upper case off the console
2. I removed the plate which the laser lens sits on
3. I wrapped a hair band (not a scrunchy, kinda like a rubber band, approx. 1.5" in diameter, fairly thick) around the three gold pegs inside, forming a triangle
4. Then I put it back together

The hair band held the lens plate up firmly, and Final Fantasy IX ran flawlessly. I'd just though I'd share this discovery, because I know there are a lot of RPGamers that run the hell out of their consoles.

-Chris Gallen

Interesting solution... I might suggest that to my friend with the busted Saturn.

Hi Goog!

Ok, my main question is this: I got Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 9 for christmas (yeah I know, I'm a bit late on getting those, but I usually live in sweden! What do yo expect?), which one should I start playing? I also got a PLAYSTATION 2, so I'll be playing them both on my new PLAYSTATION 2.

Question #2: If Final Fantasy X will be partly online, how will this work? I understand that you will somehow connect the ps2 to the internet, but how? Through your computer or do you have to get some extra thing? Will it cost extra?

Question #3: Are there any good ps2 games out yet? I still have some cash to spare after all the christmas stuff and I don't know what to buy... (whats that you say? Save it? sorry, thats a new concept for me)

Question #4: Not really a question, but PLAYSTATION 2!

Well, hopefully you will post this and I get to tell everyone that I OWN A PLAYSTATION 2. Just thought I would mention that again...

There are many many conflicting reports when it comes to FF10. At this point, I'm not sure if it will have an online component or not, whether the plot and setting will be stolen from Skies of Arcadia, whether it will be PSX2 exclusive, or even on the PSX2 at all. I do however know how Square intends to impliment online components. It will eventually be possible to buy a modem or broadband addapter for the PSX2. In addition to needing an ISP/broadband provider, Square will charge monthly fees for any game with an online component. As for good PSX2 games, everyone I've talked to says there aren't any.

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
What goodies did you get. Me, I got some stuff I need for school in Florida but most I'll get when I'm down there. I also as a gag got legendary Q&A host Thor's hammer Mylonir since he's vanished and seems to of died again. You know what special power it has and I'm making it a hammer of justice since I hate injustices. I also got a small flying cat who has a voice like a guy who got hit in the groin. Also I saw some online comics that are a farce on RPG's where the cliches flow and I was wondering is anyone making an RPGamer comic where the cast past & present go on an RPG quest where the cliche's all happen? Here's your biggest mystery, how do you afford all of your stuff if you have no job? I have no job and all I can get is a game every month or so. But if I find some friends at school who have some that I don't that'd help me out in the wallet and I can be introduced to anime since I obviously can't afford it. Update your webside or an erotic Chu-chu will strike.
Imperial Mog (readying for leaving for school in a tropical climate)

I ran out of real letters. Oh, and I already updated my page.


The Last Laugh:

I see you're still all doing Christmas stuff. I think I will too later today.

Googleshng "WE FRIED SANTA!!!!!"
It's a Yule Tide!!!

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