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Googleshng - December 25 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, it's Christmas, and you know what that means. Chances are each and every one of you has FF9 and Lunar 2 now, and hopefully a good chunk of you have Skies of Arcadia too. Have fun with'em. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here scarfing down Toblerone from this huge box and writing a column for you to read when you get around to this sort of thing.

Now then, moving along, this Friday, CN will be guest hosting, as a reward for giving Tomm a couple games from the Phantasy Star series. As you may know from the last couple weeks, this means any one of you can have a shot at guest hosting by sending CN a copy of The Journey Home, a very obscure SNES game. More on that later though.

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Vandal hearteo!
Merry Christmas.

me again.

Ok, just some questions (of course)

1: I bought Vandal Hearts 2 and was wondering if there are different endings and a Vandalier-like quest in it. I couldn't find a FAQ anywhere. wierd.

2: What's your toughts about the game?

3: Oh, and maybe I've asked this before, but do you know if FF9 is coming to europe in Jan, Feb or Mars? Or 2032? I hate this continent.

4: Ok, this isn't a rpgamer question so you might want to ignore it, but I'm in love with two girls. What should I do? I'm going steady with one of them, should I keep to the first or go for the second one.

Ok, I just want to tell you of an Rpgamer loss, my PC went to hell and my fanfic on over 70 pages went to hell. I was going to send it in.

Well, thanks for you're help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year.


I've played VH2. I seem to recall that there IS a Vadalier type quest, but I don't remember the specifics. As for my thoughts on it, well, if it wasn't called Vandal Hearts 2, my thoughts would probably be quite different, but I consider it a travesty in light of the original. The simultanious initiative concept is cool, but falls flat in light of the AI. As for the rest, the customization isn't done well, and the great level design from VH1 is nowhere to be found. I know FF9 is coming to europe, but I'm not sure when exactly. Check our releases section or the news archives? The girl question is entirely beyond my field of expertise. I have no experience at all when it comes to love lives, and the people I know all have weird Rumiko Takahashi polygons going. Finally, sucks about the fanfic.

Anime buying
Hi Goog! This isn't for you, but for the readers: is there anyone in the Eastern Tennessee region who knows where to buy some decent Anime? Not the crappy Fox dubbed ones, but some subbed DVDs and such? Cuz I really want some but, hey, Redneck Central. Hard to find good stuff here. Email me at

~Casey Edwards~

Strangely enough, I find that the cheapest place to get anime, for me at least, is They deliver fast too.

What is the purpose of the Aloha T-Shirts and the other gear? It doesn't teach any skills or raise any stats. Is there any purpose at all to these items?

Well, there's something to be said for bringing your defense down to 0. For starters, there's the bragging rights. Haha! Stupid boss! I can beat you wearing hawaiian clothes! Then of course there's the effects of having 0 defense. If you character build a lot, that's pretty much the only way you're going to go into trance. On top of all that, there's the treasure hunter rank bit.

Hey Goog-myster. Merry freakin'...uh..."Holidays".

Just thought I'd toss you over some questions for a lonely christmas day.

1) Which do you think I should grab first? Slayers, or Slayers Next? 2) *gloats* Mwhahahaha.... I can proudly say that I am one of the 10 people in the country with a PS2. It's fun. But no good RPG's....:( 3) FFIX. Think it's worth the money? I've lost some of my faith with the FF series since 7 and 8... 4) If it get's below freezing and you went out side, could we play soccer with a frozen slime ball? 5) Oh Lunar 2, where art thou!!! The post office is evil. They lost it....*sniff* All right. That ended up being, uh...maybe 2 actual questions. Have a Happy Holiday everyone! B'hala

OK, you should definately watch Slayers before Slayers Next. All anime seres are at least a little serial, so watching seasons out of order just plain doesn't work. Oh, and skip the OAVs/movies entirely. I laugh at the whole PSX2 thing. People are so rabid for a $300 rock. Wonder how low the price will get before there's a decent game. FF9 is DEFINATELY worth the money if you aren't yet sick of the series. If you've played 4-6 an average of 5 times or so like everyone I know though, you honestly won't get much out of it. I believe frozen slimes shatter if you kick them, so don't.

Figured you wouldn't get a whole bundle of letters, so I'd send a little bit of joy. 1) Why do people insist that you are a slime? Last I checked you were the androgynous humanoid thingy. You just happen to be a slime tamer. 2) Is it just me or is sony trying to cash in on Sega? I mean PSO (Phasntasy Star Online) PSOne.. hrmm... But seriously though, why would someone want to buy one of those little things? Sure they look kinda neat, but a standard PS costs less and is no less portable. 3) Every time I see the FF movie trailer I'm more enthralled.. and yet it annoys me that they called it FF. To me it seems that they are uncertain that the movie can succeed on it's own without a recognizable name, I find this to be a shame, any thoughts? 4) I know I sent this to you before but you wanted wacky pics so here they are. 5) Shenmue movie, cool or not cool? I think that about wraps it up. Male or female, Goog rocks!

I agree with you on the slime concept. I guess the logic goes something like this. People don't know my gender. People know I like slimes. Slimes don't have genders. Therefore, I must be a slime. I've heard weirder theories. The PSO/PS1 thing is an interesting observation. FF has been tacked onto more than just movies to sell'em. Mystic Quest and the SaGa series for example. The movie actually looks pretty darn cool though, while the Shenmue movie, I'm told, is just a recording of someone playing the game... funky concept. Oh, and I already had those pics. Thanks anyway though.


The Last Laugh:

Short column. Guess you're all doing family stuff. I'll have to wait a day on that myself. Enjoy things which are enjoyable!

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