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Googleshng - December 22 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hmm. I already introduced Tomm here last week. So, here he is again!
Tomm: Greetings once again, everyone!
This'll be my last time guest least for awhile :) So I hope everyone got a chance to have their Mythri questions answered. This is the last Goog column until after Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukah, or Festive Kwanza...or whatever. If Lunar hasn't reached you...I hope it does. Lunar2 at last proves that direct sequels are...far superior (in theory) over name sequels. Long live Lunar!
*ahem* Anyway...on a completely random note, whether you're a fan of Batman Beyond or not (I know I wasn't)--you must buy/rent/capture "Return of the Joker". The MOVIE, not the bad. Movie excellent. Everyone go see...after you read the column. Now that I've made strange and wonderful demands of you...on with the column!

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Gameboy coding
Hello, Google and Tomm...

If I recall correctly, our friend Tomm had a very good answer to those who wanted to make console games out of their PC- projects, learn asm. Could you please be a little more specific? Would I have to code *everything* from the start in Asm, or could I just run the disassembler and change some code? what else would I have to do/know to make a game that could be put into a gb cartridge, or maybe a PSX CD?? I probably *could* write a game in pure asm, but since I don't know asm as good as C, it would take time.

Oh, and just to keep goog busy. I'm on a rather limited budget, and If I want to play import games (in europe, that is), I have to get a mod chip. Meaning I would have to pay about 2=BD times the price of the game... Very few RPGs are released here. Would it be worth it to play, say CC and Lunar 2?

Thanks. and Excuse my english...


Well I'm not a programmer, so I really don't know the indepth specifics involved. However, every console uses different assembly (to my knowledge), gameboy uses Z80, for example. With the large storage capacity of CDs, a PSX game might be able to be written in C. The reason cartridge games can't is because C code takes up a helluva lot more space than Asm. Hope that helped a LITTLE. And yes...Lunar2 is worth rewiring your entire house for.

Playing US imports in Europe is actually a bit trickier than just modding the PSX. Have to deal with NTSC vs. PAL last I checked. There was a big long letter on it back in April. Hope it helps.

Googy and Tomm-
Don't really have a question, per se, but wanted to email Tomm and didn't know his address. I thought your name sounded familiar, I read your War of the Magi fanfic quite a ways back, and was quite impressed. Hope you do a lot of writing for Mythri, which I'm drooling over, by the way. Hope that works out for the better, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Oh, and Goog, have a nice day, or something.

Yay, someone who's ready my fanfics! Yes, I do all the writing for Mythri, so I hope you look forward to it even more now. And I'm glad you'd buy it in a heartbeat...someone needs to tell the publishers that :)
Speaking of which...I never finished answering Paws last week about my FAVORITE part of game development. My favorite part is doing the script (plotscene) dialogue, because it lets me reveal different twists at just the right times--to play with the player's mind. I love that.

Nothing for me to say... moving along...

Mythri stuff
Heya, Goog and Tomm--

Just two quick Mythri questions I forgot to ask last time.

1) What type of (I have no idea what the technical name is, so bear with me) screen-movement does the game use? A one-screen-to-one-screen type like they used in the original Zelda and the GB Zelda, or where it's one big screen you move around in like, well, SNES RPGs, Pokemon, and so forth? Just curious.

2) Tomm, please tell me you put a Griffin in Mythri because if you didn't, you should seriously think about doing so. If anything was tailor-made for use in a video game, that was it and you were the man to see for riddles.

Good luck finding a publisher. Y'know, I hear naming things "m3" in there helps. ;)

1) Mythri's scrolling (eh?) is, like most everything else in the game, like SNES games. One big map that you move around on.

2) There are Griffins in Mythri, but they're the mere monster variety. I didn't feel riddle-asking Griffins were very "at home" in the world of Mythri, but they'll show up sooner or later, no worries. Oh, and it sorta' was in a video game--I stole that idea (from a Zelda interactive story, those of you who don't know why he associates me with Griffins) from Shadowgate, and the Sphinx.

Again... moving along...

Sensing a pattern
Hey Google and Tomm,
First of all, for the guy asking about 2 people attacking at the same time, the newest one I can think of is Valkyrie Profile, and I think it was pretty much the same in Star Ocean 2. Now, a few questions for Tomm:
1.) What will the magic system in Mythri be like? Like how will you learn spells and abilities, and will the good old MP system be back?
2.) How many people will be able to be in your party at a time?
3.) How long will it take for the player to complete it?
Well, thats it. Good luck on the game, I'm really looking forward to it!

1) It depends on the characters. Some learn abilities from monsters (though it's a bit more forgiving than Blue Mages in the FF series. For example, Flame Breath and Flame might both teach your character the Fire Strike (examples--not actual techs)). Other characters learn them from levelling up, and still others learn abilities from repeated use of abilities they already have. And most of them run off MP, yes.

2) You can have four members in your party at once, and they're plot driven like FF4, not tailor made like FF6.

3) We aren't really sure, since the game isn't completely implemented and all. At first I thought it'd be short like FF4, but then we added in extra quests and some additional plot. My original programmer said it'd be as long as Xenogears--but I don't quite believe that. It should be average length...30+ hours.


Oh, I talk now!
Yo Googy dude!
Is Googleshng God?
You're supposed to put THREE exclamation marks at the end of yesterday's title, Goog. THREE. Three exclamation marks stands for quality
Studies say yes
Questions for today:
They both begin with "Go", nobody knows their gender
1) What are some of your favorite songs from RPGs?
2) What's your favorite NON-ANIME TV show?
3) You play BoF4 yet? It's pretty cool. Especially if you liked the last one. (BoF3 for those of you who can't count)
4) What's your favorite NON-ANIME movie?
5) What's your favorite color? (Yeah, here comes that same reference to Monty Python again...)
6) Make sure you exclude anime from your regular choices when answering questions 3 and 4.
7) I can't get into THoR. How about you?
8) Did I mention the answers to questions 3 and 4 had to be non-anime?
10) Actual questions up to this point: 4
11) Seriously, how does the gun-slot-system-thing work in Parasite Eve? I'm completely lost...
12) What's some of your least favorite anime? (BWEEP BWEEP ANIME QUESTION)
Cows say moo
As an answer to that chicken question in Harvest Moon, I haven't played the Playstation version myself, but it looks the same as the N64 version so I'll answer that.
If you can read this, you are stoned
Nothing bad will happen to your chicken if you leave it inside. I have no clue why guides and booklets and crud like that tell you to leave your chicken outside, but trust me, IT DOESN'T WORK. I have never left a chicken outside that actually ate something. I have also never seen a chicken get sick from being inside, so go ahead and leave 'em in there. They're CHICKENS, they don't care! Cows, on the other hand, SHOULD be left outside. I'm guessing the guides and booklets mixed the cows and chickens up.

Surfs up! I think

Sabin "FOR INSPIRATION, I SHALL EAT VINCENT PRICE FOR DINNER" XIII I've noticed chickens don't lay eggs until three days after you buy them, the same period they go without laying eggs if you forget to feed them. Apparently Ann's dad just leaves 'em out to rot 'til somebody buys one.

This letter was...scattered...
1) Forever Rachel from FF6, Track 17 on the Lunar:SSSC selected soundtrack (Mysterious Cave?), and the overworld music after you get [vehicle of fast travel] in Lunar2:EB.
2) The Simpsons
3) I watched the first hour of it. It looks pretty cool. Any game where you can play as a certified badass within the first hour is worthwhile in my book.
4) Braveheart
5) Green
6) ...the hell?
7) It's the hidden fifth have to dive into the glowing blue water, and you'll appear there. Don't expect to enter without a fight, though.
8) No.
9) Phacia
10) 12
11) Check the map
12) Legend of that's related to Lodoss, I'll NEVER know.

The chickens might not be laying eggs if he's not feeding them properly. You have to stick the feed in that little feed box to the right of the chicken coop. Also, it's funny cause I've never brought my cows/sheep outside in Harvest Moon, because they're too freaking hard to locate and herd back in. You can make a small fenced area for the chickens, though, and manually throw them into it. Cows/sheep wont' get sick inside...I really haven't noticed any difference.

Ann's dad runs the bar now, get with the program :)

Favorite RPG songs? I like an awful lot. Off the top of my head, CC's intro, the Magitek factory music, and every track from Xenogears and Phantasy Star. Favorite non-animated show? Hmm... Farscape I'll have to say. Ooh, and 2 weeks even before new episodes! Movie's tougher. Am I allowed to say Transformers? That Labrynth, or Dark City probably. BoF4? No time. Favorite color? The color of the thing I'm pointing at right now. Oh right, Fina's SoA. In PE: use tools to move things from slots on guns you don't like any more to nice happy guns, like the PPK. Bad anime: Tenchi, Ninja Scroll, lots of stuff I refuse to watch in the first place, Ghost in the Shell (but the manga's cool).

Hey Google and Tomm.

Although I don't have any questions for Tomm, I'd like to say that I'm looking forward to Mythri. Looks pretty darn cool.

OK, now questions maybe one or both of you can answer.

- I'm having a hell of a time levelling up my Rabite in Legend of Mana. I know it's not exactly a great game, but it's been entertaining me. How do I get him to level up when I don't have him with me? I've been putting food in his feed box, and then sending him to graze... I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong.

- Will Rabite there always be a rabite, or is it possible for him to "evolve" into something more useful?

- Would you reccomend Skies of Arcadia or Grandia II for DC?

- I want more Zelda-type games! LoM did NOT do it for me... Can you suggest any Zelda/Zelda 64 - type games for PSX or Dreamcast? I already have Alundra, by the way, and I didn't like Alundra 2.

- What do you think of Lodoss War for DC? Oh, and is it out yet, or are we still waiting? I couldn't quite tell from the ads.

I think that's about it. Any answers would be sincerely appreciated.


I'm looking forward to Mythri coming out too...and yes, it's pretty darn cool :)
If I remember right (which I probably don't), I think feeding the Rabite only increases his stats or temperment or something. In order to give him more HP, you have to have him level up in battle... Oh, and I liked LoM. Why's everyone hate it so much? The battle system is still better than Seiken "I dare you to bring up the spell menu" Densetsu 3.

Why in the world would you want him to be anything OTHER than a Rabite? Hm?! If you had a FF8 save file on the same card, he woulda' been a Chocobo instead.

Yes, Goog would recommend Skies of Arcadia ;) No matter how hard we try to force him otherwise.

You might try Threads of's a bit more lighthearted and straightforward than any Zelda game...but it has two quests. That's two, two, two games in one! ::coughs::

We're still waiting until January, I believe. Doesn't the magazine ad make it look like a Working Designs game? I thought so. I've heard both really good and really bad things about it. The bad things were from a guy watching a video of the game, if that helps :)

Hey, getting a level 99 rabite is just plain cool. Oh, and you don't feed monsters AND have them graze. One or the other. Oh, and for REAL EXP, take it with you and make sure it gras crystals. Anyway though, SoA mops the floor with Grandia 2 based on what I've seen... and most other games too. Now, as for an Action/RPG on the DC, well, there's PSO!

Greetings Mythri guy and Goog,

About Mythri, do you think the graphics that remind me a whole lot of FF 1 will make some gamers think twice about buying the game for a hand-held, seeing as there's a whole lot of new games available on consoles. I don't know if this was asked last week (I couldn't check the column), but what's the lenght of the game in hours and how many items/spells are available (no need to give exact number or number of characters, wouldn't want to ruin any secrets).

Btw, In Star Ocean 2 and Tales of Destiny more than one of your characters can attack at once, theres also a little-known rpg on super nintendo about 2 ninja brothers where they both attacked at once and could both walk on the world map at once with 2 different controllers. Man that game sucked.

Also, was CT all that great?? It's been so long since I've played I don't remember. I personally want FF IV a lot more. Most fun FF ever.

Anyways, keep up the good work Goog and other column ppl, the column has vastly improved from that slump a few months back.

I don't think the graphics will lose customers to the consoles because they're...some of the best graphics on the GBC. Yeah, they suck compared to FF9--but most people don't think that way. There are a whole boatload of items and spells to learn, worry not. But not so many that you get useless ones. I made sure not to design useless spells.

Ninja Boy!!!! Or whatever it was called. I remember that game!

Was CT great?! WAS CT GREAT?!?! yes, of course it was! CT owns! It has a nifty storyline that actually does Time-travel without causing huge gaping plot holes. Not many, anyway. CT is the reason that other companies won't make games about time-travel--because CT already did it very well. If you're into traditional swords and sorcery (and space travel), then FF4 might be more your thing. CT also has a much better translation, though ;)

I thought FF4 was far too linear to be "more fun" than the other FF's...but again, that's an opinion. People can have opinions.

CT good. FF4... eh.

This is getting long...
Hello legendary slime and game dude (you really need somebody to draw a pic of you, like a dragon or a slime or a cat or a silver demon, etc.)....

Evolution of RPGs, your opinions? How much has the genre changed interms of fun? (sit down, play, turn down the sound and on the radio orsomething, ignore the plot)

Spoilers, your opinions? If you hate it, give a few good, rational reasons why it's so evil. How would it detract from your enjoyment ofthe game? I'm sorta tired of people saying "SPOILERS ARE EVIL!!!!" tome, without giving reasons.

Mythri, just how good is it? Will it make me go out and buy a GameboyColor right now? Or can I use my Supergameboy? :)

More Mythri! Is it so good I can pull it out of my sleeve and use it inarguments against Square's title of king of RPG making? Er, that onebelonged up there... When will it come out (after finding someone topublish it)? How expensive? Remember us people (and slime!) with no cashin our pocket-like devices!

To the infamous slime with no gender... Next predicted season of Q&A?You know, the next big game that everybody will flood you with questionson.

...are there such things as a Googleshng doll? As a Dollmaster, I needbetter dolls to attack with! My Gallant doll only gives me +5 str, +4 vit, +4 dex, +4 int, +4 men, and +4 agi at the moment! Hmm, I wonderwhat a Tomm doll would give me...

Turn down the sound on an RPG?! I had a friend who used to do that on all his games. We'd all talk about how good the music in FF3 (american) or CT was, and he didn't have a clue. "Game music blows" he'd say. I think RPGs have changed from games where the main point was to make a badass character ("Bwa ha ha! I'm more charismatic than you are! Peon!!") to following a plot. I prefer a good balance, where there's plot, but the challenge is still there so the entire purpose isn't to let you win. Lunar is good. Let's all play Lunar.

Spoilers are evil. Here's the example I gave Keith when he was further in FF9 than me (the bastard). Let's say he told me that in the ice village, character X was going to kill character Y...but he didn't tell me WHEN. Some would say "so where's the harm?" Maybe it's a minor point in the plot or something. The HARM comes in that EVERY SINGLE TIME I enter the ice village, I'm going to wonder "is THIS when he's going to die? Is it going to happen now?" Every time character X interacts with character Y, I'm going to look for the motive, small hints "yeah, I see it coming". You aren't supposed to read a plot like this before you find out the ending (if it's written well)'re supposed to "go into it cold" the first time. That way surprises are actually surprising.

You can't use your super gameboy...Mythri uses too many colors and too much processing power to run on a normal Gameboy. Sorry :)

Mythri will make you rip off your sleeve and...what? Sure, yeah, it's that good ::shrugs::. :)

A Tomm doll would give you a nice hefty complex and a long stay at Arkham Assylum. Warden!

The only real change to RPGs is that, well, more people are making and playing them now... plus there's funky things like Koudelka. The mainstream's pretty much the same as always though. Spoilers are bad. Games are much more enjoyable when you don't know what's coming.


1. What's your take on the Gameboy Advance (upcoming games, the technical specs, etc.)?

2. Will you be developing for the GBA when Mythri is finished?

3. Have you tried to send your game to magazines to be previewed (or has it already)? The guys at EGM love RPGs (well, at least their reviews would suggest as much), and they have previewed publisher-less games before. It would be a great way to stir up some interest, which would hopefully nab Mythri a publisher.


1) I love the GBA. All the games on it so far look really awesome (though Megaman looks odd and I wonder why all the screenshots of Castlevania have the player character being TWO COLORS). I can't wait for Golden Sun. The specs on it look great. It's the machine I've been waiting for.

2) Seems so. So you say you want innovation? ::rubs hands together::

3) Magazines, as far as we've been told, never ever feature games that don't have publishers. Then again, neither does RPGamer. Thanks guys! :)

I'm very much looking forward to the GBA. I'm also looking forward to what Tomm has planned for it, but I digress.

Have you unfortunately received a great number of scary pictures that did not fit the ::ahem:: clothes requirements?

Oh, and hi Tomm. When do you hope to have Mythri completed?

Insanerest of AOL

That's actually how I got this guest host spot! Er..wait...we're not supposed to talk about that *coughs*

I hope to have Mythri completed sometime between now and the GBA release. But we need a publisher. ::whistles:: Here publisher...'ats a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!

Hmm... well, one person lately has been sending me what I assume is hentai in some obscure format my mail program thankfully doesn't recognize, but as far as scary pic submissions, no... except that time... and that time... and that time. Oh, and don't lie. You got this guest host spot through bribery, not seduction!

Bishonen power!
Wouldn't a picture of Ramza not looking like a girl be a bit more original?
I've never seen him like that....

Christoph, I got a good feeling!

That's from the alternate ending. Affected from the bad blood running through his family (let's all get together for Thanksgiving and start KILLING EACH OTHER!!!), he snaps and starts crossdressing. "Ramza taught us to live our own way" and all...yeah.

If it's any consolation, he doesn't ACT girly... no wait... I make him dance, which is normally a females-only ability... Mimes rule.


The Last Laugh:

Tomm: Well guys, it's been fun! I hope I can talk to y'all like this again sometime. Until then...have a good holiday, stay in school, get 8 hours of sleep, drink your milk, and don't do drugs. Keep playin' games, and buy Mythri! Laterz Tomm "Unofficial Scribe of Riddles and Haggis" Hulett

Googleshng: Hmm. Chris gets Christmas Eve AND Day. Lucky bum. I need to put up a Christmas rant this weekend. Look for it on Christmas or so. Have a good weekend everybody!

Googleshng "Sanatos"
Imagine Dark Lich with a santa hat. DO IT!

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