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Googleshng - December 21 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. I just spent the last 2 hours giving a tech support operator step by step walkthrough on how to fix my ISP's e-mail server. What fun. Then, once the mammoth file choking the server was deleted, I check my mail. Whee. When I go to look at half of these, I get an Unknown Error whenever I go to read a new message. So basically, my mail server's dead, and my mail client's dead. This is not my week. I have a little web mail setup right now. I don't trust it that much though, so hold off on the attachments.

On a MUCH lighter note, tomorrow, Tomm Hulet of Mythri fame will be back for another round of hosting, so if you missed him last week, now's your chance to ask questions on those lines.

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Lunar 2
Now THAT'S packaging!
OH Mighty Lord of Slime

I have a question OR two,

1. Has there ever been a Rpg that actually has a real Time battle system where two or more people can attack at the same time?

2. Which is your favorite Roger Zelanzy Book? Mines "Night of Shadows".

Anyway Thanks for your time oh great lord of slime,


Well, there's Chrono Trigger. I assume that's what you meant. As for a favorite Roger Z book, too hard to say. They're all great... except maybe his first couple.

Erg, sorry about that power failure. I dunno what I'd do without power. On a side note, you have a G4, right? *drool* Anywho, the question... In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, how exactly do you get your chicken to lay eggs? I've looked at the manual, the in-game help, the FAQs, everything. They all say feed it, pick it up, and let it flap around outside as long as it's not raining. But no eggs. It's supposed to lay an egg per day. What's the problem? --Eggless Akram (Props to any Firanites who understand the deeper implication of this)

No, I don't have a G4. I have a relatively old iMac. As for the chicken problem, in all the other harvest moons, it takes a few days for them to get started, especially after growing up/getting sick.

Wassup? anyway , i just want to know if you really liked FF9. To me it seemed rushed and there was absolutely no story at all. I actually fell asleep playing it. I really don't see how everyone can claim FF9 as the best FF every and all that. I mean I enjoyed FF8 sooo much more than FF9. Anyway, just a little note from someone who DIDNT like FF9. Bet you dont get alot of those.

Well, all I really have to say on the subject of FF9 is this: I've played this game about 15 times through over the last 5 years or so. I'd rather have had a new game.

Hey Goog,

Look everyone, I'm still alive! As soon as I get new pens I'll make more funnies. Anyways, onto RPG matters...In Grandia, who are the last four people to be on your team by the end of the game, I don't want to uselessly character build certain team members. Thank ee.


At the end of the game, your party consists of: [Justin, Fina, Rapp, and the BIG spoiler who starts with 4 mana eggs already] Select that there obviously. There's plenty of eggs to go around though, and people's weapon and spell levels get turned into items when they ditch... well, 1/3 of them. Oh, and have Gadwin stand in the corner. He's so obviously temporary that you know he's just stealing your EXP.

Bad thoughts
Hello Miss-ter Goog!

You said clothes are required for the scary pics...Do the people have to be wearing clothes, or can clothes be in the background or on the floor somewhere?

Grrr... So far I only know 5 of the 8 days of RPGs!

-Ranklchick, the lonely lactose intolerant ghoul from Europa

Uh, they have to be wearing them.

Hey Goog. Just sendin in some Questions to fill your (temporarily) empty Q&A page.

1) LUNAR: SSSC -Ive heard rumors bout "Ghaleon's Tear" What is it? Where do I get it?
2) I've heard you live in Connecticut. Where in CT? I'm a freshman at Tolland High.
3) Which do you think was better: FFVI or Chrono Trigger?
4) Who's better (in your opinion) in Threads of Fate?
5) What're your 3 all-time favorites for N64? (Loved Perfect Dark and Super Smash Bros myself)
6) Do you think Chrono Cross and LoD were as bad as most people thought? I think they're both pretty cool (and VERY addicting).
7) Where'd I get my quote (shown below)? The answer is on my site (link below).

Hope these questions give you somethin to do OTHER than finals. I should go study myself. I need to raise my 48 average in Science...

Master Margie "That settles it. You're mental."

People keep asking me that tear thing. I haven't played Lunar in a few years myself, but I don't recall anything like that. We have good walkthroughs though, you can double check there.


The Last Laugh:

Woo! Fate may be kicking me in the ribs all week, but here's the column, up on time!

Above is a Lightsoul comic. I'm sensing a pattern. Below is something I can't accept as a scary pic because, well, I said I wouldn't. From Paganus Max.

Oh, and I'd just like to point out that I now have THREE pictures of Ramza as a girl. Three. I don't have any of anyone else though, except Sonic... and Sonic doesn't really count.

Oh yeah. Some really common questions lately: Will PSX FF4 be watered down? Square hasn't decided. Will I post titles you missed for that contest? If I'm allowed to, I'll post the whole list at the last minute. I have Lunar, and it is good. Tomorrow, Tomm's guest hosting again, so let's get the rest of your Mythri type questions.

Googleshng "´´´´´ODDQUOTE´´´´´"

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