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Googleshng - December 19 '00- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday was not the best of days for me. It was 72 hours long and I was without power for 6 of those. I'm told if I'd stayed up 5 hours longer than I did, I'd have been declared legally insane. Won't bore you with the details. Oh, also I spent all day yesterday upgrading Netscape to version 6. If you're using NS 4.x, take my advice. DON'T UPGRADE. After being bought by AOL, Netscape has become a nasty shiny bloated monster... plus I may have lost some mail in the switchover... yet I have all my spam... and actually a few other people's spam... HEY!

ANYWAY though, just in case you missed him last week, I'm yanking Mythri's Tomm Hulett back in here again this friday for another round of questioning. Meanwhile, business as usual!

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Hiyee Google and Tomm :)

Okee, I'll cut to the chase because I want this dilemma over quick! I just hope you're nice and fluffy enough to help me out *help-me-eyes*

Okay, just three questions:

1) Where do I find the dolls to get through Vigna and Vagna in Koudelka so they'll let me have the green key?

2) Do I _have_ to fight that stinkin' gargoyle?

3) In Vagrant Story, how come my weapons started being worth SMURF against the bosses? I only hit them for like 1 - 10 points at a time!

I want these games over ASAP because they are dark and dreary and they are messing with my happy sunshine mind. (Flowing blood and guts in a sunny field are okay. Flowing blood and guts in a dark murky dungeon is not). I'm tempted to leave the games right then and there, but I have this little RPGamer disease where I'm unable to sleep right if I just give up on a game. I think someone cursed me to keep playing the games I start until I finish them. That and my uncontrollable lust for Sydney *trembles* ooouuuhhhh..... Syd... ney....

Thankies *bounces on some rabbit corpses*

Have a happy

In Koudelka, whine one of those dolls can be found pretty early on, the other you won't see until somewhere near the end of the game. As for the gargoyle, no, you don't HAVE to kill it, but if you do, you get the best sword in the game. You also, you know, don't leave a horrific demon running around loose at the end of the game. If you do decide to kill it though, do it as soon as possible. The later in the game you fight it, the harder it is. On disc 4 it's worse than the last boss, and that's saying a LOT. Finally, in Vagrant Story, well, you have to properly balance monster type, weapon type, and element to do any noticable ammount of damage. Doing so is next to impossible since that's... 108 combinations, and you can only carry what? 8 weapons at a time? What's really sad is that I'm told the game isn't really that much harder if you just pay the whole game using 1 weapon. The balancing in that game is really just terrible.

Greetings Googleshng,

Not much to ask, but here goes:

1) Have you ever beaten Saccubus in the Governor's Mansion in Phantasy Star? I did once, by saving up enough money to get everyone their best equipment at that time. Takes forever to save up enough for diamond armor at the beginning of the game!

2) Did you ever get your Game Boy back, or did your cousin force you to get a new one?

3) Is it not nifty?

4) Doesn't it royally suck to lose your Sega Master System in a flood? Impossible to replace it now :*(

Bart (helping the world go insane, one person at a time)

Ah, someone who has played Phantasy Star. I never did beat Saccy no, but I'm told it doesn't change anything. Have to love the little hat-tip to that scene they stuck in 4... except of course for what it results in. My cousin still has my gameboy, and I'm holding out for a GBA. Letting him just keep the thing as a Christmas present. Is it not nifty you ask? Yes, it is nifty. By the way, I'd never seen that until this weekend. Read every single strip in the span of two days. Burp. Finally, I feel your pain on the loss of an SMS. Did you try looking for a new one on eBay?

I got Lunar 2 last saturday. How come no one else has it?

Well, the day Lunar shipped out, from Chicago, a massive blizzard struck. A couple trucks got out and delivered their payload of goodness more or less on time. The rest didn't. So, Lunar 2's been slowly trickling in store by store. The one near me JUST got it in, so I should be finally getting it today. Everyone else, just keep watching your stores and mailboxes.

Santa's stats
What level of experience is Santa at? I don't want him to miss my house because he got destroyed by an Ultima spell or a Dragon Slave or anything like that, so I need to make sure he's strong.

-Esquire J

Well, I suppose that depends on which version of Santa you mean. The one in Secret of Mana is quite the wimp. One of the easier bosses. The one in the Chronicles of Narnia on the other hand is pretty darn cool! I mean, he gives out broadswords as presents! Then there's The Tick's Santa. He's kinda wimpy, but HE has Santa's Little Secret Service.

Hey Goog,

This sucks. I'm practically at the end of FF9; the only thing i have left is sidequests if I want and then the final dungeon. I also have Lunar 2 sitting right next to FF9, untouched for now. I refuse to be playing two different games at once, so I need to know something... Is the whole chocobo sidequest worth it? I want to know whether it's worth the (reportedly long) time to go through. Mognet too.I want to get to Lunar 2, so unless it really helps out in the final dungeon, I'll skip it so I can get to Lunar sooner.

~Odin, who thinks that Square should start including Gungnir in my summons

The Chocobo mini-game is pretty fun, not that long, and yields a ton of very very very nice equipment. Do it.


The Last Laugh:

Column's a tad on the short side today. I've always wondered why the day after host-swaps are always so dry. Oh well, hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have Lunar 2.

Googleshng "Snow"
Never stay up for 65 hours straight. Trust me.

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